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Lin Mingxi was taken aback by his crude words. Reminded of what her mother-in-law said to her earlier that afternoon, she retorted bluntly, “Are you trying to use the rest of your life to prove to me that the person you care most about, at the end of the day, is that very woman who committed suicide?”

Ye Xiaotian was enraged and agitated upon hearing the words, “committed suicide.”

He sprung up from his seat immediately. Sensing that they were about to break out into a heated argument, Gu Beicheng hurriedly tried to calm them down. “Xiaotian, let me send you home.”

Ye Xiaotian gestured to turn Gu Beicheng down. Glaring at Lin Mingxi, he said, “You’re right, Lin Mingxi. You’re the daughter of a wealthy, upper class family. Very pretty indeed, how many times have you gone under the knife? No matter how outstanding you may be, I’ll never fancy you.”

Which woman would be happy to hear her husband say such a callous thing on their wedding day?

Lin Mingxi flew into a rage out of humiliation and gave the drunk Ye Xiaotian a kick, causing him to fall back unsteadily onto the couch.

Noticing that she was about to attack him again, Gu Beicheng hurriedly intervened. “Do you wish to make the headlines tomorrow?”

“Hmph! Send him home,” Lin Mingxi instructed, pointing at Ye Xiaotian.

“Sorry, but I’m not your bodyguard who’s at your beck and call,” Gu Beicheng retorted as he helped Ye Xiaotian up and supported him towards the door.

Lin Mingxi followed closely behind his car, only to realize that Gu Beicheng was bringing him to his personal mansion in Jiangnan District.

Lin Mingxi had no choice but to hurry back to the Ye family mansion.

Upon sight of her returning home alone, Mrs. Ye asked, “You haven’t found Xiaotian?”

“I did, but he had gotten drunk and was brought home by Gu Beicheng.”

“How insensible of Gu Beicheng, he should’ve sent Xiaotian back here,” Mrs. Ye groused with a frown on her forehead.

“Whatever, your son said he would be making me live a virtual widowhood for the rest of my life anyway. I’m heading upstairs to get some rest.”

“Alright, go ahead.” Lin Mingxi’s words had greatly upset Mrs. Ye, though Ye Xiaotian was indeed the root cause of it all.

Mrs. Ye could already imagine what their married life would be like in the future – practically almost non-existent.

She felt vexed and troubled at the thought of it.


An Xiaoning was jolted awake from her sleep at three o’clock in the morning by a phone call from Mrs. Gu. Something urgent must have cropped up for her to call at such a late hour , An Xiaoning thought to herself.

She quickly answered the call. “Mother.”

“Xiaoning, Dongcheng’s son is running a high fever which wouldn’t go away, even after taking a trip to the hospital. It’s been going on for an entire day. I’m really worried that his brain would be damaged, should the fever continue to go on. Could you come take a look and see if he had met with some harmful spirits?”

“Sure. Mother, what are his birth characters?”

“I remember his birth characters very clearly. We rushed to the hospital immediately the day Chi Rui’er went into early labor,” said Mrs. Gu as she read out the child’s birth characters.

Sleepy-eyed, An Xiaoning sat up and read the child’s fortune before answering, “Mother, bring the child to me.”


Just as An Xiaoning was about to put on her pajamas after ending the call, Jin Qingyan grabbed her by her waist and asked, “Where are you going?”

“The child of your old flame seems to have encountered some unholy spirits. I’m about to go take a look.”

“There you go spouting nonsense again. You’re the only old flame I have. Don’t you hate her to the core? Why do you still bother helping her?” said Jin Qingyan as he reached a hand out to pinch her lips.

“My mother called to ask for my help. Besides, I’m helping the child, not her. The child is innocent. Furthermore, he belongs to Dongcheng too.” She pushed his hands away from her waist and got out of bed.

Gu Dongcheng drove Mrs. Gu, Chi Rui’er, and the child to An Xiaoning’s place for her to have a look.

Upon sight of Chi Rui’er, An Xiaoning completely ignored her presence since she did not even wish to see her at all.

Carrying the child in her arms, Mrs. Gu sat down beside An Xiaoning and said worriedly, “Xiaoning, quick, have a look. What is wrong with this child?”

After taking a glance, An Xiaoning stood up and said, “Mother, wait for me here while I go upstairs to get something.”


An Xiaoning made her way upstairs and returned soon after with a small piece of amulet in her hands. As soon as she pasted the amulet on the infant’s forehead, he stopped crying and his face, which was initially flushed red, returned to normal. “How incredible,” Mrs. Gu exclaimed in astonishment.

Gazing at the infant, An Xiaoning let out a sigh before instructing, “Don’t bring the child to places full of spirits or supernatural beings, such as temples and stuff like that. Those places aren’t good for children. Refrain from bringing him to the temple, unless instructed. Mother, let Big Brother carry the child, I have something to tell you about privately.”

Mrs. Gu quickly handed the infant over to Gu Dongcheng before gesturing for Chi Rui’er to leave as well. “Wait for me in the car with Dongcheng.”

Chi Rui’er agreed abidingly, showing no signs of gratitude to An Xiaoning at all. In fact, she was rather curious about what An Xiaoning had to say to Mrs. Gu.

“Mother, I will tell you the truth. The child is not going to live for long,” An Xiaoning broke the news to her mother with a heavy heart and a somber expression.

“What! Xiaoning, what do you mean?” Mrs. Gu gasped in utter shock.

“The child is here to get revenge, he’s not going to live for long. Chi Rui’er had an abortion once, and this child now is the very one she aborted back then. She’s destined to only have two sons in her life. Thus, she’ll remain childless for the rest of her life after this one dies. Mother, do you understand what I mean? This child is the reincarnation of the one she aborted previously,” An Xiaoning said without hesitation.

“But she fell pregnant shortly after she got together with your eldest brother. According to the flow of events, the child she aborted previously mustn’t have belonged to your brother then. I’m not sure if I understood correctly, but if this child is the reincarnation of the previous one, does that mean that this one doesn’t belong to your brother too?” As soon as she realized what she just said herself, Mrs. Gu covered her mouth in shock and continued, “No wonder this child looks nothing like your eldest brother at all. Okay, don’t tell anyone, I’m just making a wild guess.”

“The soul and body of the fetus are two separate entities. I can only predict the child’s soul, I can’t deduce if it belongs to Big Brother or not,” An Xiaoning explained softly.

“Xiaoning, could you then tell me how much longer this child might live for? One to two years? Or more than five?”

“Not that long. A few months, at the very most.”

Greatly taken aback, Mrs. Gu instructed, “Let’s keep this between us two. We definitely can’t let your eldest brother and Chi Rui’er know about this. Chi Rui’er is a scheming one, let’s not allow her the chance to blame us for her son’s death in the future. My lips are sealed for sure.”

“I was just about to tell you that. Mother, how are you so intelligent?” An Xiaoning said with a smirk.

“Of course. Okay, sorry for waking you up in the middle of the night. I’ll get going,” said Mrs. Gu as she rose from her seat.

An Xiaoning walked her to the door and watched as their car left before heading back inside.

“Mother, what secret did Xiaoning share with you?” Chi Rui’er asked curiously.

“She’s my daughter, can’t we talk about other matters apart from secrets? Look how capable Xiaoning is, she managed to solve your problem so quickly. You’d better take good care of the child and avoid bringing him out unnecessarily, especially to places like temples. You hear?” said Mrs. Gu.

“Yes, I also realized that the child began to feel unwell after the visit to the temple,” Chi Rui’er answered, feeling slightly at fault.