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“Rui’er, you have to take good care of the child. Dongcheng is very busy with work, so you’d better take care of everything at home and don’t let him worry,” Mrs. Gu instructed. Although Gu Dongcheng was her stepson, she had done her duty as a mother duly and wished for peace within the family.

“Yes, I understand.”

An Xiaoning closed the bedroom door, no longer sleepy after she got woken up from her sleep.

Noticing that Jin Qingyan was awake too when she laid back down in bed, she asked, “Do you still remember the time you asked me to read Chi Rui’er’s fortune?”


“Remember I mentioned that she was destined to be married once and have two children, one of which she had already aborted?”

“Yes, what about it?”

After a brief moment of hesitation, An Xiaoning continued, “The son she has now is the reincarnation of the one she aborted previously. The child is here to seek revenge from her, and he thus won’t live for long. Soon, he would be called back by Heaven for another round of reincarnation.”

“You mean this child won’t live for long?” asked Jin Qingyan.

“Yes, he only has a few months to live. Every child reincarnates for a reason. If it was the child who wanted to leave this world out of his own accord, then the child wouldn’t seek revenge from his parent. However, the parent is bound to get punished if she chooses to abort the child,” An Xiaoning explained.

“Chi Rui’er has indeed committed many acts of misdeed. In my opinion, this is Heaven’s way of punishing her by making her spend the rest of her life childless. Well, Heaven is fair indeed,” Jin Qingyan remarked.

“Actually, I’d really like to see how your fate would turn out. I want to know your destiny, but unfortunately, I can’t tell your fortune,” An Xiaoning lamented as she held his chin in her hand.

“I think I’m an ordinary person though, why couldn’t you?”

“No, I don’t think you’re an ordinary person.” After some thought, An Xiaoning continued, “I can tell the fortunes of ordinary people, but I can’t for extraordinary people, like myself.”

“That’s what makes life meaningful and interesting. You never know what tomorrow may bring.”

“I can’t sleep,” said An Xiaoning as she turned the lights off.

“Let me tell you a story then.”

“Not those twisted fairytales of yours again?”

“This time, it won’t be about Snow White. I shall tell you about Cinderella instead,” Jin Qingyan answered, pressing his face against hers.

“Can I reject your offer to tell me fairytales?”

“Yes, you may. But since you can’t sleep, I’m going to have to do something to your body. Ms. An, please make your choice.”

“Mr. Jin, didn’t we just do it before bedtime? It’s only been a few hours and you already want another go at it. Aren’t you afraid of depleting your semen?” An Xiaoning said in astonishment.

“I don’t mind depleting it on you. Quick, take your pick. We went to bed too early last night, now I can’t sleep too,” Jin Qingyan urged.

An Xiaoning picked up the remote and turned on the heater.

Before she could even put the remote down, he picked her up in his arms.

An Xiaoning threw the remote onto the bed while he carried her to the window.

With the lights still off, An Xiaoning drew the curtains open to see that the night sky was full of stars and the moon was shining brightly like a luminous pearl.

Jin Qingyan hugged her from behind and began kissing her neck.

An Xiaoning felt her breath shortening while she supported herself against the window.

Meanwhile, Jin Qingyan was greatly aroused by her faint, coquettish moaning.

He could feel his blood gushing through his veins with burning desire. At this very moment, he wanted nothing more than to conquer her.

He hoped that she could fall pregnant again soon, after which he would do everything in his power to keep the child. As long as the child was born, they would definitely get married again. He would never agree even if she asked for another divorce. He was determined to be the best husband she could ever have and knock the idea of a divorce out of her head.

She had been painstakingly downing bowls of medicine every day in order to nourish her body and nurse herself back to health.

He also discovered that her health had greatly improved compared to before.

He had never once yearned so much to have kids before, nor had he ever looked forward to the arrival of their child as much as he did now.

Although he had always disliked children, he desperately wanted to have a child with her at this very moment.

The temperature in the room began to rise slowly as their passion continued to burn endlessly.


Ye Xiaotian sat up all of a sudden due to an acute headache.

“Why are you here?” he asked in astonishment upon sight of Gu Beicheng.

“If it weren’t for me, you would’ve been dragged home by your new wife. I took a great risk to bring you back here. You ought to thank me,” Gu Beicheng retorted.

“Thank you, indeed. I had a dream,” said Ye Xiaotian, rubbing his temple.

“What did you dream of?”

“I dreamed that Mo Li didn’t die and she had given birth to our child.”

Gu Beicheng gave him a smack on his forehead and jested, “You’re still dreaming, keep sleeping.”

“My stomach feels unwell, let’s go out for breakfast,” said Ye Xiaotian as he got out of bed.


They exited his house and headed to the breakfast bistro within the estate. “I haven’t had the steamed buns from these bistros in years,” Ye Xiaotian said with a frown.

“Obviously you haven’t, you’ve been living in luxury. Put it down if you don’t wish to eat it. Are these buns too cheap for your expensive taste?” Gu Beicheng chastised in disdain.

Try as he might, Ye Xiaotian could not get used to the food and had only a few bites. He planned to have a proper breakfast at home.

“Let me tell you something. The movie Xiaoning invested in is currently in the midst of production. Inform the TV station to help advertise it,” said Gu Beicheng.


“I knew I could count on you, buddy. I gotta get going, there’s a pile of work for me to do.”

“Wait, I didn’t drive. Send me back to my home,” said Ye Xiaotian as he threw the steamed bun away.


Gu Beicheng drove Ye Xiaotian to Ming Yuan Estate and caught sight of Mrs. Ye in the villa.

To Ye Xiaotian’s surprise, his mother did not chide him as soon as he alighted. Instead, she held the door of the passenger seat open and said to Gu Beicheng, “Last night was Xiaotian’s wedding night. How dare you bring him back to your place? Do you know that you guys made it into the news?”

“Sorry, Auntie, but Xiaotian insisted on going to my place. I can’t reject my friend,” Gu Beicheng apologized, pushing all the blame to Ye Xiaotian.

“Do you know what kind of news are spreading about you two? The media reports are claiming that you two are in a homosexual relationship and that Xiaotian had gotten himself drunk because of you. They even speculated that you must be cohabiting, saying that you two slept with each other because you were seen leaving together this morning,” Mrs. Ye grumbled angrily.

Gu Beicheng could not help but burst into laughter. “Oh, I see. It’s up to them to fabricate any nonsense they’d like. I only fancy women anyway,” Gu Beicheng said calmly.

“Of course, I know you two are innocent. Remember to clarify things when the reporters come looking for you for an interview.”

“Rest assured, Auntie, I will. I still want to get myself a wife in the future. Bye, Auntie, I’ll be on my way,” Gu Beicheng waved them goodbye.

Mrs. Ye closed the door shut, after which Gu Beicheng left quickly.

An idea struck Ye Xiaotian’s mind upon hearing his mother’s words. “Mother, how about I become a couple with Beicheng from now on?”