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“Xiaotian! Are you trying to drive me to my grave!?!” Mrs. Ye snapped angrily.

Ye Xiaotian stepped forward to give her a hug before answering, “Mother, you’re the only mother I have. Why would I want you to die? Haven’t I abided by your wishes and married a socialite as soon as I could? What else are you unhappy about? Are you asking for another grandchild? Mother, quit playing. You’ll only be more frustrated with another grandchild, given how much you detested having one. I’m famished, I’m going to go have my meal.”

The smile on his face vanished at the instant that he turned around.

Staring at his figure from behind, Mrs. Ye felt a sudden tinge of regret for the very first time.


Mo Li was perplexed upon reading the news on her phone screen.

She was surprised to read that Ye Xiaotian had spent the night with Gu Beicheng instead of returning home.

She put down her phone and began caressing her baby bump. “Although you won’t have a father in the future, Mother will give you all my love,” she said to her child tacitly in her heart.

“Time to eat,” said An Xiaoning, who brought the dishes down to the basement.

“I still think I’m imposing on you and giving you too much trouble by staying here.”

“Nothing of that sort. Quick, sit up and eat. Don’t think about the rest.” Placing the tray on the table, An Xiaoning asked, “Does it still get chilly at night?”

“No, the heater helps a lot.”

An Xiaoning nodded and instructed, “Feel free to let me know if you need anything. Don’t force yourself to suffer in silence. Your baby is currently in the stage where it’s growing rapidly. You’ll definitely have to eat a lot throughout the day. Don’t let yourself go hungry. There are servants at home, you may call for them using the intercom when I’m not at home.”


An Xiaoning exited the basement, only to discover that Jin Qingyan had yet to leave for the office despite having already had his breakfast.

“Why haven’t you left?”

“I’m not going to the office today.”

“Didn’t you already take a day off on your birthday? Why have you decided not to go again today?” An Xiaoning asked in puzzlement.

“That’s a separate occasion. I’m bringing you to our home to have a look today,” he answered, grinning from ear to ear.

“Our home? The wedding home?”

“No, Wei Ni Estate.”

“I’m not going,” An Xiaoning refuted right away.

“I know you’re a germaphobe so I’ve renovated the entire villa and swapped out everything Chi Rui’er had used during her stay. Everything is new and the refurbishment is complete. Let’s go have a look, shall we?”

“When did you start renovations?”

“A few months ago.”

“You really did it for us?”

“Yes. How dare you doubt my intentions,” Jin Qingyan jested, his chin slightly raised.

“I didn’t. I just never thought you’d renovate the house secretly behind my back.”

Standing up to grab her hand, Jin Qingyan answered, “I knew you would return to my side. When we first got married, we didn’t have any actual feelings for each other, which was why I didn’t let you move in to Wei Ni Estate. I actually feel rather guilty for that, even until now. That will be our home from now onwards. I’ll marry you again in the future and that’ll be our bridal chamber.”

An Xiaoning was moved to tears by his words. “I will go have a look then,” she conceded, touched by his sincerity.

“Let’s go.”

They hopped into Jin Qingyan’s car and embarked on a journey towards Wei Ni Estate.

The entire estate was Jin Qingyan’s territory. The main gate opened slowly to allow his car to enter.

An Xiaoning alighted from the car to find that the backyard seemed different from the previous time she was there.

An Xiaoning was taken by surprise when she arrived at the living room.

The interior of the villa had been largely renovated.

It was extremely luxurious and extravagant.

Photos of her and Jin Qingyan were spread across the walls of the living room.

Due to the fact that most of the photos were taken in the past, they could not help but reminisce about the past and recall the memories they shared.

Jin Qingyan held her hand in his and entered.

An Xiaoning adored the place instantly.

There was a living room, kitchen, bedroom, study, bathroom, walk-in wardrobe, gym, nursery, etc.

The villa consisted of everything they needed.

There were a plethora of bonsai and potted plants on the rooftop, along with a couch, some tables, and a telescope.

An Xiaoning was overwhelmed with an inexplicable feeling as she stood on the rooftop and gazed at her surroundings.

Conquering his heart was akin to conquering the entire universe.

Wasn’t that so?

“Do you like our new home?”

“Yes, I do.”

Jin Qingyan opened his hands to reveal the red ruby necklace he had gifted her previously, on the eve of the Lunar New Year.

“I’ve been safekeeping this necklace ever since you returned it to me back then. I’m putting it back on you again. Promise me, you will never return the the gifts I give you back to me again in the future, regardless of whether we’re going through an argument or other issues.”

“I’ll never return to you something so valuable again,” An Xiaoning joked smilingly.

He then put on the necklace for her.

“Where’s the wedding band?”

“I’ve put it away. We’ll buy a new one when you marry me again.”

“The previous ones will do, actually. You don’t have to get another pair.”

“No, I bought the previous pair myself without asking for your opinion. When we get married again in the future, I must bring you to pick out something you like.”

An Xiaoning turned around and looked up at him. “You treat me really well now.”

“That’s because I love you.”

Leaning her head against his chest, An Xiaoning reciprocated, “I love you too.”

“I didn’t hear you, repeat yourself.”

“I love you too.”

“Remove the ‘too’.”

“I love you.”

“There are secret passages and chambers in our home too. Let me take you to have a look,” said Jin Qingyan, hugging her tightly.



Long Tianze had been having a rather hectic work schedule of late, with voice-dubbing for the film to do right after he was finished with work. Fortunately, he had finally completed all the voice-dubbing together with Mei Yangyang.

The voices were all dubbed by the actual actors instead of voice actors.

When he returned from the production center, his secretary handed him a lunchbox.

“Who sent this?”

“Madam did. She instructed me to tell you to finish drinking all of it. She said you needed some nourishing, due to how busy you’ve been recently.”

He reached out to grab the lunchbox before placing it on his table.

After settling some work matters, he finally had the time to open the lunchbox. The pleasant fragrance of the soup immediately wafted up to his nose. Owing to the highly-effective thermal function of the lunchbox, the soup was still boiling hot by the time he opened it.

Long Tianze decided to allow the soup to cool down before drinking it.

At this juncture, Mei Yangyang entered.

“Tianze, let’s go have lunch.” Noticing the lunchbox on the table, Mei Yangyang asked curiously, “What soup is that? It smells heavenly.”

Long Tianze chuckled. “I don’t know, you may have some if you want.”

“Let me try some,” said Mei Yangyang as she scooped a spoonful of the soup into her mouth. She found that it tasted delicious.

The two of them soon finished every last drop of the soup, which they shared between themselves.

Long Tianze and Mei Yangyang were greatly taken aback when they reached the bottom of the flask.

Mei Yangyang was unsure of what it was. However, Long Tianze was well aware that it was ox’s pizzle soup.

He instantly felt sick and uneasy.

Pointing at the lump of dregs in the lunchbox, Long Tianze exclaimed in disgust, “Yangyang, dispose of that in the rubbish bin!”

After taking a closer look, Mei Yangyang asked, “Tianze, what’s this? It looks like dried-up feces.”

Long Tianze was on the verge of throwing up. Extremely nauseated, he refused to stare at the remnants of the soup in the lunchbox. “Quick, dump it in the rubbish bin. I really feel like throwing up everything I had just drunk.”