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Noticing that he was getting impatient, Mei Yangyang hurriedly cleared the contents of the lunchbox and proceeded to wash the utensils.

She returned to Long Tianze’s office after she was done washing, only to see that he was sitting on the chair, appearing extremely disgusted and infuriated.

Mei Yangyang walked towards him and tried to comfort him, “Tianze, if only we knew earlier. We shouldn’t have drank the soup. I really couldn’t tell that there would be something that resembles poop at the bottom of the soup.”

“Mei Yangyang!”

“Huh? Yes? What’s the matter?”

“Are you trying to upset me further? Do you know that that’s ox’s pizzle?” Long Tianze grumbled as he stood up.

Upon realizing that that’s what it was, Mei Yangyang was instantly overwhelmed with nausea as she let out a barf.

Noticing how disgusted she looked, Long Tianze burst into laughter. “Lass, you find that revolting too, eh?” he said in amusement.

“Who made you the soup?”

“My mother.”

“Oh, she must really love you.”

He opened the windows to catch some fresh air. He could not help but feel queasy in the stomach at the thought of the scene earlier.

“What are the functions of this soup?”

Long Tianze cocked his head towards her and said, “Do you have renal deficiency?”

After some thinking, Mei Yangyang answered, “I don’t think so.”

“That’s for nourishing the kidney. Yangyang, I’ve yet to even get intimate with you, yet my mother has already begun worrying about my renal deficiency,” Long Tianze teased as he walked towards her and cupped her face in his hands.

“I doubt she’s worried about that. She probably just thinks you’ve been overly exhausted.”

Holding onto her hand, Long Tianze suggested, “I’ve been too busy lately. Yangyang, let’s go for a hot spring.”


“This afternoon.”

“Sure,” Mei Yangyang agreed as the image of them enjoying a hot spring popped up in her mind.

Long Tianze was secretly delighted to hear that she had agreed.

The two of them then proceeded to a renowned hot spring on the mountains that afternoon.

They had an entire room to themselves.

Soaking in the hot spring tub, Mei Yangyang’s cheeks had turned rosy from the hot steam in the bath.

“This is a very popular hot spring attraction. Qingyan may have a hot spring at home, but me and him used to come here together during winter, mainly for the majestic and picturesque view from the peak of the mountain,” said Long Tianze, who was sitting beside her.

Flapping her hands in the water, Mei Yangyang said, “The hot spring is so comfortable that I’m almost getting a little sleepy.”

Long Tianze turned to the side to gaze at her doll-like face. “Baby, you look so beautiful from here,” he complimented with a kiss.

Mei Yangyang remained silent and stared at him dreamily.

All of a sudden, he pulled her into an embrace and began kissing her passionately.

Due to the fact that they were scantily clad, they could not help but feel a strong urge as their skin touched in the warmth of the hot spring.

However, they managed to resist their urges in the end.

After bathing in the hot spring, they proceeded to go sightseeing before finishing off with a delicious meal as a treat for themselves.

Wishing for a chance to get intimate there, Long Tianze had a meticulous plan up his sleeves. Besides, they were two young people with raging hormones that needed an outlet for release after all.

“Tianze, aren’t we driving back now?”

“We’ll leave tomorrow. Let’s spend a night here.”

“There’s no need to stay for the night, it’s not too far away from the city,” said Mei Yangyang.

“Didn’t notice the gloomy weather? It looks like it’s going to rain tonight. To be safe, we’d better stay here tonight,” Long Tianze insisted, pointing at the sky.

“That’ll do too.”

Unlike what she had expected, Long Tianze did not book a separate room for her.

His reason was, “Yangyang, ever since you and Sis Xiaoning were attacked by Xi Bolai the previous time, I’ve been very worried and concerned about your safety. You shall sleep with me tonight.”

“But, Tianze, I can protect myself.”

Long Tianze had no choice but to say, “I promise I won’t do anything to you, we’ll just go to sleep, alright?”

Thinking that he was her boyfriend anyway, Mei Yangyang agreed.

During bedtime, they laid down beside each other in bed, tucked beneath a single duvet. Although they were both wearing pajamas, Mei Yangyang felt exceptionally warm.

They interlocked fingers while snuggling up to each other.

“Yangyang, I really adore you.”

“Me too.”

Long Tianze tried to resist his urges, but to no avail. He began touching her sensually around her body.

He began to harbor inappropriate thoughts as a result.

Both of them were startled at the moment he placed his hand on her bosom.

Long Tianze kept his hand there, not daring to move an inch.

Soon, he began to feel pins and needles in his hand, which started getting numb.

Mei Yangyang did not smack his hand away and instead allowed him to keep it there while they both remained as still as a statue.

After a long silence, Long Tianze could not hold it any longer and began to move his hand.

He was rather perplexed at the thought of having touched and teased the female models around him inappropriately before.

Yet, he was still a virgin.

He had managed to suppress his urges very well.

However, it simply felt different this time, with his girlfriend.

His heart began to race and palpitate against his chest.

He felt just like he did when he first fell for Jin Qingyue in his younger days.



“I’m dating with the intentions of getting married. How about you?”

“Me too. Otherwise, you definitely wouldn’t be my girlfriend.”

“But your mother doesn’t seem too pleased with me.”

“She may not be pleased, but she’s not the one marrying you anyway. I’ll handle her myself. If she ever looks you up to say some callous and crude things, you don’t have to take it to heart. All that matters is that I want to be with you.”

Clearly, Mei Yangyang was extremely pleased with his answer.

Crossing his leg over hers, he turned to the side and began caressing her while moving his lips near her ear.

“Yangyang, I’d like to touch you.”

Such crude and brazen words.

“Didn’t you promise that you wouldn’t do anything?”

“I can’t help it… I wasn’t sure if you’d be angry, that’s why I decided to ask,” he explained while nibbling her earlobe.

“Jerk, you’ve already touched me, is there still a need to ask?” Mei Yangyang rolled her eyes at him while blushing red like a tomato.

Long Tianze was delighted to get the green light from her. Just as he was about to reach beneath Mei Yangyang’s clothes, his phone rang all of a sudden.

He turned to the side to take a look at the caller display and saw that it was his mother who had called.

“Hello, Mother.”

“Did you finish the nourishing soup I brought you today?”

“Yes I did. Mother, stop making me such soups in the future, they make me sick in the stomach. If you ever send me such soups again, I’m going to pour it away,” Long Tianze said bluntly.

“If you don’t like it then I won’t make it anymore in the future. I was just concerned about you because you’ve been so busy lately. Where are you now?”

“I’m enjoying a hot spring.” Afraid that his mother would probe further, he quickly said, “I’m hanging up.”

“Who are you at the hot spring with? Is it that girl again?”

“Yes, I’m hanging up.” Long Tianze ended the call without even waiting for Mrs. Long to respond. In order to avoid being interrupted by his mother’s calls again, he decided to just switch off his mobile phone.