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“Tianze, what did your mother say?”

“Nothing much, she just wanted to know if I finished the soup she made,” Long Tianze answered, exceptionally thrilled as he placed his hand onto her bosom beneath her clothing.

However, they did not advance further than just touching for the rest of the night.

Mei Yangyang fell asleep before she even realized, whereas Long Tianze could not fall asleep.

He was frustrated at the fact that they did not progress to the next step, despite being a couple and alone with each other.


Shi Shaochuan left for a total of three days, during which Jin Qingyue stayed in her maiden home.

Jin Qingyue was looking forward to her husband’s return and decided to give him a surprise.

What surprise should it be?

To doll herself up and pick him up at the airport, of course.

Being five months pregnant, Jin Qingyue had put on a significant amount of weight since the start of her pregnancy.

She weighed only a hundred pounds when they got married and 110 pounds when she was two months pregnant. Since then, her weight had gone up by another 15 pounds, which makes her 135 pounds now.

She was the chubbiest she had ever been in her entire life.

She could barely fit into all her old clothes.

Shi Shaochuan informed her over the phone that he would be arriving at the airport in the afternoon, though he did not give her an exact timing. However, Jin Qingyue had already made her way to the airport at about 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Clad in a hat and shades, she sat down somewhere to play with her mobile phone while waiting for Shi Shaochuan.

She thought to herself that he must have had a tiring three-day business trip.

She waited for a total of three hours. Yet, he still did not show up by the time it was four o’clock.

Being the impatient person she was, Jin Qingyue began to feel her patience wearing thin. However, she urged herself to calm down and continued to wait for him while playing with her mobile phone, reassuring herself that he must have turned his phone off since he was on the plane.

Soon, it was almost five o’clock.

From a distance away, she noticed a group of people who seemed to have just alighted from the plane walking towards the exit.

Jin Qingyue sneakily hid in a secluded spot that would easily go unnoticed, planning to jump out and give Shi Shaochuan a scare when she saw him.

Jin Qingyue began to get a little excited just at the thought of it.

Two minutes later, Shi Shaochuan finally appeared with a mask on his face, though Jin Qingyue had managed to recognize him from his figure right away.

Strangely, he did not have his secretary with him and instead went to collect his baggage alone.

Just as she was about to step forward to give him a surprise, she was puzzled to see him dragging a bright-colored luggage.

It was a bright pink hue.

How could such a feminine luggage actually belong to him?

Jin Qingyue could not help but find it puzzling and peculiar.

Noticing that he was walking towards the exit, Jin Qingyue quickly chased after him. However, another woman who was also wearing a hat and mask beat her to it, before she could even catch up to him.

After all, Jin Qingyue was pregnant and she would understandably be slower in her steps.

Shi Shaochuan was walking rather speedily and soon disappeared out of sight.

Not wanting to ruin the surprise, Jin Qingyue did not call his name and scurried forwards instead.

Jin Qingyue stood rooted on the ground in shock upon exiting the airport.

Just what did she witness?

The masked woman who passed her earlier had gotten into a cab together with Shi Shaochuan.

Could it really be a coincidence?

Jin Qingyue hurriedly hopped into her car and chased after them.

Her hands trembled uncontrollably while holding onto the steering wheel. She prayed fervently that they did not go on the trip together and merely happened to board the same cab.

However, the truth proved otherwise.

Following behind the cab, Jin Qingyue arrived in the city where the cab proceeded to drive towards the entrance of a luxurious estate. Shi Shaochuan alighted from the cab together with the woman before proceeding to collect their luggage from the trunk of the car. Although they were both wearing masks, Jin Qingyue could tell that they were elated.

From the looks of it, he had definitely gone on a vacation instead of a business trip.

Jin Qingyue refused to believe her eyes.

She was going through the pains of being pregnant and carrying their child.

Yet, what was he doing?

He was having a scandalous affair with another woman.

It turned out she should have trusted her instincts all along. Yet, she often gave in after being sweet-talked and coaxed by him, time and time again.

Jin Qingyue began driving slowly and followed them into the estate. She shrank back and cringed at the sight of them entering a lobby.

At this point of time, she could not bear to abort the child and divorce him.

Besides, his mistress would be the one benefiting from it.

Jin Qingyue was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions.

A woman would naturally become more magnanimous once she has a child.

She did not want to abort the child, and she could very well raise it on her own. However, she was too disappointed to even enter.

She decided to drive home.

Jin Qingyue did not know who to air her grievances to, for she was too ashamed to even tell her family about it.

Besides, she was the one who’d insisted on marrying Shi Shaochuan in spite of their strong disapproval.

She was just talking to her mother about how happy she was and how much of a caring husband Shi Shaochuan was.

Yet, everything had gone to nothing.

At this moment, Jin Qingyue was suddenly reminded of the fact that An Xiaoning had once read her fortune.

She was grief-stricken.

To the point that she wished she could just end her life.

She was not in the mood to even pick up Shi Shaochuan’s call.

She went straight to bed without even having dinner.

Jin Qingyue had suffered a major blow.

Shi Shaochuan returned at night to see that she was sound asleep.

He placed the present he had gotten her onto the table before leaning forward to kiss her chubby cheek. “Honey, your dear husband is home.”

Jin Qingyue opened her eyes to look at Shi Shaochuan, who felt strangely unfamiliar all of a sudden.

“You’re back?”

“Yes, I know you missed me.”

“When did you come back?”

“It was supposed to be an afternoon flight but it got delayed, which is why I arrived home so late. Look, I bought you a present,” said Shi Shaochuan as he handed her the present, acting as if he ought to be rewarded.

Jin Qingyue accepted the present and stared at it, filled with sorrow and agony.

“It looks beautiful, thank you, Hubby,” she said calmly, calmer than she had imagined herself to be.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why did you thank me all of a sudden?”

“Nothing, I just found it very thoughtful of you to have gotten me a gift despite how busy you were during your business trip. I’m tired, I’m going to bed.”

“Alright, go sleep if you’re tired,” said Shi Shaochuan, placing the present back onto the table.

Jin Qingyue laid down in bed with an icy-cold stare in her eyes.

While Shi Shaochuan was in the shower, Jin Qingyue decided to ransack his bag, but did not find anything else except a few condoms.

That explained why he had begun losing interest in her ever since she got pregnant.

Turned out he had long been having an affair.

She trusted him with all her heart, yet he still let her down. How utterly disappointing.


After blow-drying her hair, An Xiaoning came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe to see that Jin Qingyan was sitting cross-legged on the bed with some poker cards in front of him.

She could tell his intentions right away.

“You’d like to play poker with me?”

Staring at her chest, Jin Qingyan taunted, “Why? Are you too timid?”

“Of course not, I’m just scared you’ll be pressured by how great my skills are.”