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Jin Qingyan snorted and said, “This just reminds me of when I lost to you previously and you poured chili water on me. You were rather ruthless, eh? I get the chills just thinking about it. Do you know how much I felt like I was in a living hell that night?”

“Do you still dare to play against me?” An Xiaoning said with a smile.

“Of course, we shall have a bet this time too.” Squinting his yes, he continued, “If you win, I’ll cook and do the dishes for three months. If I win, you shall do the same.”

An Xiaoning was surprised to hear that he did not suggest a complicated bet and thus agreed right away, “Sure.”

Having gained the upper hand in the first round, Jin Qingyan boasted confidently, “I’ve lost to you the previous times we played, but this time, I will show you what I’m made of. You’re just about to have an eye-opener. Call me… King of Poker.”

“Don’t rejoice too soon, we’ve yet to see who the true winner is,” An Xiaoning said nonchalantly.

Thinking that he was going to win for sure, the overjoyed Jin Qingyan said, “You go first.”

“I was supposed to go first anyway. Don’t you belittle me.” An Xiaoning then drew a card from her set. “Three, small.”

“Four, small.”

“56789, straight.”

“10JQKA.” After drawing a strong set of cards, Jin Qingyan said, “Not drawing any, eh?”

“I’ll pass, your turn.”

“Hold on, let me visit the bathroom,” said Jin Qingyan as he put down the cards and zoomed towards the bathroom.

After taking a look at his cards, An Xiaoning swapped out one of his cards with hers and continued to sit there in a serious manner.

Realizing with just one glance that his cards had been swapped, Jin Qingyan exposed her. “Don’t try to fool me, my memory is superb. I know you swapped my cards.”

He put down the cards and pounced on her.

An Xiaoning let out a shriek and jumped off the bed.

However, Jin Qingyan caught up with her in no time and dragged her back onto the bed.

After playing with each other for a while, they proceeded to reshuffle the cards and restarted the round.

Just as they were in the midst of having fun, they heard a knock on the door.

“Ms. An, someone is looking for you,” 002 informed.


“It’s Mr. Jin’s mother.”

An Xiaoning and Jin Qingyan turned to look at each other in puzzlement. Why did Mrs. Jin turn up at such a late hour?

“Your mother is definitely here to look for you. Quick, hide yourself. I’ll tell her that you’re not around.”

“My car is right outside, isn’t it obvious that I’m here? Silly!” Jin Qingyan mocked, giving her a poke on her forehead.

“That’s true. Why is your mother here?” An Xiaoning groused in dismay. She absolutely resented seeing any of his family members.

“I don’t know, she’s not going to eat you up anyway. Let’s go down together. I’ll still be in charge of cooking and doing the dishes from now on,” said Jin Qingyan as he tidied the cards.

They then proceeded downstairs in their pajamas.

While seated on the couch, Mrs. Jin looked up to see that they had come downstairs together. However, she was not too surprised since she had already sensed that something was going on between them.

“Mother, why did you come at this hour?”

“Nothing, I just came to see you. Good that both of you are here. Let me ask you then, since you two have already gotten back together, when are you going to get married? I want an answer,” said Mrs. Jin, staring at her son.

“We don’t have plans to get married as of now. We’ll play it by ear,” An Xiaoning answered.

“Okay, putting that aside, I’ll stay out of your decision to get married if Xiaoning can conceive. But if she can’t, your father and I are not going to sit back and allow you to do whatever you want.”

“Mother, who told you that Xiaoning cannot conceive? We just don’t want children now. We’ll give birth to one when we decide that we want to. Even if she doesn’t wish to have any children at all, I still want to be together with her,” Jin Qingyan scoffed.

“Does that mean you’d like to put an end to our bloodline?”

“Mother, I’ve already said that Xiaoning can conceive. Why do you keep thinking that she can’t? Besides, if it weren’t for the fact that you and Father decided to save Qingyue instead, our child would’ve already been born by now. Yet you’re still spouting nonsense. Shouldn’t Xiaoning be the one blaming you guys? Why have you put the blame on her instead?” Jin Qingyan retorted.

Feeling embarrassed, Mrs. Jin answered, “I know we’ve let Xiaoning down greatly regarding this matter, but anyone else would’ve done the same if put in our shoes. I’ll give you one year to get pregnant. I will keep my mouth shut if you manage to. Otherwise, I’m going to start finding a prospective wife for you. I came here with the main purpose of telling you these.”

As soon as Mrs. Jin finished speaking, she picked up her purse and left.

Their spirits were dampened by Mrs. Jin’s harsh words.

An awkward silence arose between them as they made their way upstairs.

“Don’t get angry.”

“I’m not angry, I just feel really pressured. I want to have children too, but it’s not up to me to decide.”

“You don’t have to listen to my mother.”

“Qingyan, I’ll do my best in order not to face such troubles,” An Xiaoning said slowly.

“Xiaoning, don’t be too hard on yourself, I just want you to be happy. Let’s just care about our own happiness, just like before.”

But, how could things go back to before?

An Xiaoning felt as if there was a boulder on her chest. She yearned dearly to have a child of her own.

An Xiaoning took a book out from her cupboard, and Jin Qingyan took a look to find that it was a Kama Sutra.

“You want to learn some new positions?”

“No, I’m just trying to see which positions would increase the chances of getting pregnant.”


Upon hearing her words, Jin Qingyan began to mimic a commander and said, “This one and that one. However, it seems tough. Looks interesting, shall we try it tonight?”

“Let’s try a few.”


Jin Qingyan was perturbed. Did she plan to stay up all night?

“Are you planning not to sleep tonight?”

“You’re reading too much into it. I was just planning to try a new one every day. Qingyan, if we work hard and do it every day for two months straight, what do you think are the chances of getting pregnant?”

“I think you will get pregnant for sure,” he said confidently.

It was two months, not two days! However, Jin Qingyan had utmost faith in his stamina as well as the potency of his sperms.

“Alright, it’s settled then.” Putting the book away, she continued, “Let’s try this one tonight. I’ll be on top.”

Ever since Jin Qingyan began spending every night in her bedroom, there was practically no need for her bodyguards to keep watch outside.

However, the soundproofing of the walls of her bedroom were not exactly great. Jin Qingyan’s loud moans and shrieks never failed to send chills down the spines of the bodyguards on duty in the living room and backyard.

The sounds coming from her bedroom seemed to be those of a whip.

Reminded of the fact that their Ms. An was well-trained in martial arts, they could not help but tense up.

“Why are you making so much noise? Everyone can hear you from outside!” An Xiaoning warned.

Jin Qingyan grimaced in pain as he placed his hands on his crotch, which she had stepped on. “You’ve stepped on my crotch, my testicles are going to be crushed!” he exclaimed in pain.

Laying beside him, An Xiaoning dared not get up to turn on the lights, lest she accidentally step on him again. They then began touching and fondling each other in the dark.