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“I’m coming, stop moving about,” said An Xiaoning, on the brink of climaxing.

“I haven’t been moving about. You were the one who misbehaved and kept abusing me. Should we turn on the lights?”

“Okay, since you asked, I will turn the lights on.” Just as An Xiaoning landed on the other side, Jin Qingyan let out another piercing shriek.

“My back…” Jin Qingyan sighed in pain before getting up. “Oh god, stop moving please. I’ll turn the lights on. Let me do it.”



Jin Qingyue had been tailing closely behind Shi Shaochuan’s car ever since he left the house that morning.

She discovered that he had gone to visit the other woman before driving away shortly after.

Jin Qingyue did not leave even after Shi Shaochuan had left.

Jin Qingyue then decided to hire a private investigator to work round the clock and find out who the woman was.

She grew into an uncontrollable rage that did not dissipate even after she arrived home.

The strong sense of betrayal she felt made her tremble uncontrollably in anger.

Deeply hurt and agonized, she could not help but feel like her life was overly dramatic.

She finally understood the saying, “A leopard never changes its spot.”

Staring at her reflection in the mirror, she realized that the 35 pounds she had put on throughout the course of her pregnancy had really begun to show on her now chubbier and stockier frame. Since she was only five months pregnant, she would definitely go on to gain even more weight in the upcoming months leading to full term. She had given up the pursuit of a perfect and svelte figure all for the sake of their child. Besides, she had also settled for less when she decided to marry him back then. Yet, how did he treat her in return?

He lied to her, betrayed her trust, and hurt her deeper than ever.

At this point of time, she was no longer in the mood to do anything at all.

She could only bottle up her sorrow and misery.

She refused to eat or drink the entire day, which she spent crying.

Soon, the private investigator managed to find out detailed information about the woman.

Jin Qingyue then instructed the private investigator to send the data to her email address.

She turned on her computer and opened the email to see that there were indeed detailed information and high-definition photos of the woman.

She continued to stare at the photos for an extended period of time.

The woman exuded a coquettish and sultry aura and was nowhere as pretty as Jin Qingyue.

Clearly, men are animalistic creatures who would take any woman regardless of appearance, as long as she could fulfill his sexual desires.

With a heavy heart, Jin Qingyue picked up her phone to make a call to someone.

It was a member of the triads, just like Ling Ciye. However, Jin Qingyue refrained from looking for the latter, since her brother would definitely find out about Shi Shaochuan’s affair in no time if she were to do so.

She was determined to show Shi Shaochuan and his mistress that she was not one to be trifled with!

After making the call, Jin Qingyue proceeded to take a shower and change into a fresh set of maternity clothes before putting on some makeup, which made her look much more radiant than before.

She then carried her purse and drove to the estate Xu Jingwen was living in.

After some waiting, the gang member arrived in his car.

“Ms. Jin.”

“Let two of your men follow me upstairs while the rest of them wait here.”


Jin Qingyue made her way upstairs with the gang members. She stood in front of the door, covering the peephole with one hand and pressing the doorbell with another.

Soon, Xu Jingwen could be heard scurrying towards the door.

“Who’s there?” asked Xu Jingwen, who found that she could not see anything through the peephole.

Jin Qingyue gave the man beside her a nudge, motioning for him to speak up.

Acknowledging her signal immediately, the man quickly said, “There’s a parcel for you, please sign to accept it.”

To her astonishment, Xu Jingwen opened the door to see the two gang members and Jin Qingyue standing in front of her. Her instinct was to close the door immediately, but she failed to do so in the nick of time.

One of the two men kicked the door open immediately. “What are you trying to do?” Xu Jingwen exclaimed, retreating backwards in fear.

“What do you think? Do you know Shi Shaochuan?”


“Shameless whore, how dare you have the cheek to feign ignorance?” Jin Qingyue hissed as she stepped forward to give Xu Jingwen a slap across her face.

Jin Qingyue slammed the door shut and began walking towards her. Shocked out of her senses, Xu Jingwen tried to threaten, “I’m going to call the police if you still refuse to leave.”

“Go ahead,” Jin Qingyue taunted without fear.

Xu Jingwen zoomed towards her bedroom immediately to grab her phone while Jin Qingyue followed closely behind. Realizing that Xu Jingwen was really about to call the police, Jin Qingyue quickly instructed the gang members, “I will grant you two a privilege. You guys are allowed to have your fun with her however you’d like.”

Upon hearing her command, the two gang members immediately rushed forward to pin Xu Jingwen down.

They then snatched her mobile phone away forcefully.

Fearing that they would really hurt her, Xu Jingwen pleaded in fear, “Sis, let’s talk things over nicely. Don’t do this, Sis…”

“You don’t deserve to call me ‘Sis’. Don’t you enjoy being screwed by men? I’m rewarding you with two young and muscular men at once, yet you’re still so unwilling? Well, thank me later,” Jin Qingyue sneered coldly.

“Give the men downstairs a call and ask them to come up. I want you guys to rape her one after another!” Jin Qingyue ordered the gang members.

“Yes, Ms. Jin.”

Soon, three other men showed up at the door.

After locking the door from inside, Jin Qingyue sat down on the couch and began filming them with her mobile phone.

Every now and then, she would zoom in on the scene before her.

Xu Jingwen was brutally raped by the five men all at once, who were rough and vigorous with her.

Bawling non-stop, she continuously pleaded for them to spare her, but to no avail.

Jin Qingyue did not allow them to stop even after she was done filming.

Instead, she continued to scrutinize her surroundings in the bedroom, where she noticed some used condoms in the rubbish bin.

Tears began to well up again in Jin Qingyue’s eyes, which were already red and swollen from all the crying she had done earlier.

Xu Jingwen was continuously raped for a whole one and a half hours, ’til there was barely any breath left in her.

She could not even close her legs.

She had no more tears left to cry.

Staring blankly at the ceiling above her, Xu Jingwen felt as if she was on the brink of death.

“Xu Jingwen, this is only a minor warning for you. If you still refuse to leave Shaochuan out of your own accord, then I’ll make sure you die a painful death the next time around. Try me if you dare,” Jin Qingyue warned.

She then left together with the gang members as soon as she said her piece.

Xu Jingwen had developed a strong hatred and resentment towards her.

Yet, she could not call the police.

If she did that, Shi Shaochuan would definitely find out that she was gang-raped and thus leave her for good.

He would find her filthy.

She did not register Jin Qingyue’s warning in her head at all, though she was terrified.

Xu Jingwen struggled to get on her feet and slowly made her way to the bathroom before taking a long shower.


Three days later, it was old Mrs. Jin’s 70th birthday.

The Jin family prepared an extravagant celebration.

Surprisingly, Mrs. Jin had also invited An Xiaoning via a phone call.

An Xiaoning accepted the invitation.

She picked out a special present and headed to the Jin family old mansion together with Jin Qingyan.

By ten o’clock sharp in the morning, all of the guests, who were associated with the Jin family, had turned up on this sunny and splendid morning.

Dressed in a suit, Jin Qingyan greeted the guests politely and welcomed them in.

Due to the fact that An Xiaoning was no longer the daughter-in-law of the Jin family, she did not have to worry about the formalities and was thus exceptionally at ease. As much as everyone was bewildered to see her there, she continued to remain in a calm and relaxed mood.

“Ms. An, old Madam would like to see you,” said a servant.


An Xiaoning glanced at the servant before following her to old Mrs. Jin’s bedroom on the first storey of the house.

Upon arriving at the door, the servant gestured for her to enter before taking her leave slowly.

An Xiaoning stood by the door and knocked politely. “Old Madam Jin, it’s me.”

The room was silent.

An Xiaoning opened the door gently, only to see that old Mrs. Jin was lying on the bed with her eyes shut tight.

Did she fall asleep?

An Xiaoning approached the bed slowly. To her astonishment, there was a knife placed near old Mrs. Jin’s neck.