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“Am I forbidden from seeing any outsiders?”

Handing her a chopstick, Pan Zhenghui answered, “Yes, it’s an order from the higher-ups. The political leader has already heard about this matter. The Head of the police office has also been trying his best to keep this matter under the radar. Thankfully, there are no news reports about it.”

An Xiaoning picked up the chopsticks and stared at the sumptuous spread before her. However, she did not have an appetite at all despite having eaten very little the past two weeks.

“What’s the detailed progress?”

“Mr. Jin has buried old Madam Jin’s body in order to keep the situation in control. However, his parents are still insistent on pursuing the matter and even requested the higher-ups to sentence you to death.”

An Xiaoning’s hands trembled in fear at the thought of a death sentence.

How could they be so quick to insist on taking her life just after some superficial investigations?

Besides, they were once her parents-in-law.

She had once looked out and cared for their family, after all.

“What did Xu Yang say?”

“Head Yang is currently keeping the situation under control. He hopes that it would be settled soon. He too doesn’t believe that you would do something like that. In fact, we all find this utterly ridiculous and unbelievable. It’s not like you to murder someone at all. But, things don’t seem like they can be settled so easily,” Pan Zhenghui said with much disappointment.

An Xiaoning looked down at her food and continued to eat silently.

Moments later, she said, “Actually, the only solution I can come up with for now is to obtain old Mrs. Jin’s birth characters and perform a ritual for her at her grave. Maybe then we can summon her spirit. Otherwise, I really can’t think of another way to prove my innocence.”

“I thought about that too. But I took a look at her household register and only managed to get her birthdate. I don’t know the exact timing she was born. I wonder if that’ll work?”

After pondering for a while, An Xiaoning answered, “Chief Pan, I would like to give it a shot.”

“Alright, I’ll inform Head Xu and see if he agrees.”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting for your news.”


Jin Qingyue was barely affected by the somber situation in her family.

She was too preoccupied with her husband’s affair.

Several days after receiving the warning, Xu Jingwen had yet to be discharged from the hospital and even hired some bodyguards to protect herself. Shi Shaochuan would visit her at the hospital occasionally.

However, it was apparent that Shi Shaochuan and Xu Jingwen had yet to completely cut off ties with each other.

Jin Qingyue had been holding off executing her next move on Xu Jingwen for a while, mainly because she could not find the right opportunity to do so.

She decided to wait and observe the situation. If they still refused to break up, she would then teach Xu Jingwen another lesson once and for all.

The sky had already turned dark by the time she arrived back from the Jin family home. She entered to see that Shi Shaochuan had already begun eating while seated at the dining table.

Upon seeing her, he quickly stood up and welcomed her home, “Honey, how’s the matter with your grandmother going?”

She shrugged his hand off and answered coldly, “You don’t have to worry about that since you’re already so busy yourself.”

Shi Shaochuan was puzzled by her recent aloof and hostile attitude towards him. However, he continued to put on a smile and said, “What’s the matter? I know it’s tough being pregnant and you’ve been emotionally unstable for a while now. Why hasn’t it gotten better though?”

Jin Qingyue took a seat. Suppressing her unhappiness, she said slowly, “Did you know? My brother has been waging a cold war against my parents for more than half a month. This is the main reason why the matter has yet to be resolved. I haven’t been envious of anyone before, but now, I really envy An Xiaoning.”

“What’s there to envy about her?”

“I’m envious of how much my brother loves and trusts her. Unfortunately, I’m not as lucky as her to meet a man like my brother,” Jin Qingyue answered begrudgingly, feeling the urge to vent her pent-up anger and frustration.

Before she found out about his affair, she had already warned him repeatedly that she would divorce him if she were to find out that he was unfaithful towards her. However, she realized that it was easier said than done, now that he had actually committed adultery. Thus, she decided to tolerate it further.

“Although I may not be like your brother, I still treat you rather well, don’t I, Yueyue? I let you have the say in everything, and I give in to you all the time. I always try my best to be a dutiful husband too,” Shi Shaochuan answered.

Staring at him in the eye, Jin Qingyue sneered, “Do you know what it means to be a dutiful husband? I can’t believe you have the cheek to say that you’re almost one.”

“Of course I do. Yueyue, what’s the matter with you lately?” Shi Shaochuan asked in bewilderment.

Staring at the innocent look on his face as if he had done nothing wrong at all, Jin Qingyue could not stand it anymore and handed him her mobile phone. “See for yourself what this is.”

“What’s that?” Shi Shaochuan asked apprehensively while holding the mobile phone in his hand.

“Watch the video.”

Shi Shaochuan tapped on the video to play it. His face twisted into a frown upon hearing the moaning sounds coming from the video, which lasted several minutes. He continued to watch it until the end.

Clueless as to what to do, he stared at Jin Qingyue and proceeded to delete the video from Jin Qingyue’s phone right away.

However, she had kept spare copies of it.


“You actually have the cheek to call my name. Shi Shaochuan, do you have any idea how hard I’ve been struggling lately?” Clutching her baby bump, she stood up and picked up the bowl of porridge on the table, which she then splashed at him. “How dare you deceive me and lie about not having an affair? Why? Upset to see her getting gang-raped?” Jin Qingyue rebuked.

Wiping the grains off his face, Shi Shaochuan stood up and defended himself, “Yueyue, she and I are just friends. There’s nothing more between us.”

“You’re still lying at this point of time?” Jin Qingyue decided to just expose him. “You said you went on an overseas business trip for three days, but in actual fact, you went on a vacation with that hussy, didn’t you? I was tailing you two after you landed at the airport. Shi Shaochuan, I went there happily to pick you up, yet this is what you surprised me with.”

Shi Shaochuan began to feel guilty and stepped forward to hug her. However, Jin Qingyue pushed him away and hissed, “Don’t try to fool me with those tricks of yours.”

She turned around and headed upstairs.

Shi Shaochuan hurriedly chased after her. “Honey!”

Jin Qingyue locked him outside the bedroom.

The more he tried to coax her, the more enraged she was.

In her opinion, she felt that he was not sincere in admitting to his mistakes and was merely trying to placate her just so she would stop reprimanding him.

“Yueyue, open the door!” Shi Shaochuan pleaded, still attempting to deny his affair.

Jin Qingyue sat on the bed and began to feel extremely sick and tired of his nonsense all of a sudden.

What did she get in return for being selfless?

Was it really worth giving birth to a child for a jerk like him?

Did he really deserve to spend the rest of his life together with her?

Was it worthwhile at all? A million questions began to flood Jin Qingyue’s mind.

Shi Shaochuan managed to open the door with the spare key. He sat down beside her on the bed and said, “Honey, hear me out.”

“What’s there to hear out? Your pack of lies and gimmick-y tricks? Shaochuan, you only manage to deceive those who trust you. Why? Do I really seem like such a fool to you? Why don’t we just abort the child and get a divorce?” Jin Qingyue retorted.

Shi Shaochuan got on his knees all of a sudden and began begging for her forgiveness, “Yueyue, please forgive me just this once. I promise I won’t see her again. She was the one who seduced me first. During the time when I was on my way to my classmates’ gathering, she stopped my car and insisted on getting it on. I did reject her at first, but I simply could not help myself and gave in to temptation because you were pregnant.”