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After saying her piece, An Xiaoning closed her eyes and got down on her knees to kowtow a total of three times.

As soon as she stood up, a sudden gasp filled the air, adding to the spookiness of the night.

Xu Yang’s forehead creased into a frown as he frantically grabbed onto Pan Zhenghui’s arm, causing the latter immense pain. However, Pan Zhenghui did not dare to shake him off and had no choice but to bear with the pain.

Not afraid at all since her conscience was clear, An Xiaoning kept her eyes fixed on the grave.

“Little lass…”

“I’m here, Old Madam,” An Xiaoning said agitatedly.

“Are you not going to call me ‘Grandma’ anymore now that you and Qingyan are divorced?” old Mrs. Jin’s spirit asked in disappointment.

“No, Grandma. I’ve always treated you like my own grandmother. I was just afraid that you would be upset if I went against the rules and formalities,” An Xiaoning eagerly explained.

“Why would I? I’ve always been supportive of you getting back together with Qingyan. It’s been hard on you, little lass.”

“Nothing of that sort. Grandma, who was the one… who did such a ruthless thing to you? Could you tell me?”

“Xiaoning, I’m sorry, but Grandma can’t tell you. However, I’d like to see Qingyan’s father and tell him the answer personally. Don’t worry, I will help prove your innocence. To all the police officers present, Xiaoning didn’t murder me, don’t accuse her falsely,” said old Mrs. Jin.

“Old Madam, we’ve always felt that she didn’t do it, but we just didn’t have the evidence to prove her innocence. Xiaoning has constantly been accused by your son and daughter-in-law, so…”

“Call my son here.”

An Xiaoning turned towards Ma Jianguo and instructed, “Give Qingyan a call and get him to inform his father. Quick.”

“Got it.” Ma Jianguo proceeded to call Jin Qingyan immediately.

After informing Jin Qingyan, An Xiaoning and the rest continued to wait for their arrival.

Noticing that the incense stick was about to finish burning, An Xiaoning quickly replaced it with a new one.

The sky was pitch dark, and gusts of cold wind were blowing strongly.

Twenty minutes later, they finally heard footsteps approaching quickly.

Jin Qingyan arrived with his parents, as well as the butler.

“Uncle, Grandma said she’d like to see you alone. No one else is allowed to go near,” said An Xiaoning.

Mr. Jin had a stern expression on his face while Mrs. Jin insisted, “I want to be there too.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Jin, but you weren’t asked to be here.” An Xiaoning then instructed Zu Dong and Gong Le, “Bring Madam away.”

Thus, Mrs. Jin was brought away forcefully while the rest of them waited patiently a distance away from the grave.

Mrs. Jin appeared rather jittery and ill at ease as she continuously paced back and forth.

About half an hour later, it was almost 12 midnight.

Mr. Jin walked towards them slowly with a grave expression on his face. “Your grandmother would like to see you and Xiaoning,” he said to Jin Qingyan.

Jin Qingyan held An Xiaoning’s hand and entered the graveyard.

Both of them then got down on their knees before old Mrs. Jin’s grave. “Grandma,” Jin Qingyan sobbed, tears in his eyes.

“Don’t cry, I just think it’s a pity that I left too soon and too abruptly. I didn’t get the chance to live my life to the fullest. I’ve yet to even see you two give me a grandchild,” old Mrs. Jin lamented with a sigh.

“Grandma…” Jin Qingyan bawled loudly.

“Grandma has faith in you two. Technology is so advanced nowadays. Besides, it’s not like Xiaoning is infertile. Xiaoning, I’ve never seen Qingyan so uptight and protective over a woman before. I can tell he really wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Since you two have decided to reconcile, you must remember to love and cherish each other,” said old Mrs. Jin.

“Yes, I’ll remember your words dearly. Rest assured, Grandma, Qingyan and I will bring the child to see you should we have one,” An Xiaoning answered.

“Alright, I’m looking forward to that day,” old Mrs. Jin said in relief.


After exiting the graveyard, An Xiaoning did not return to the police station with Xu Yang and the rest. Instead, she left together with Jin Qingyan for the old mansion.

On the way home, Mrs. Jin continuously pestered Mr. Jin and asked about what old Mrs. Jin had said to him.

However, Mr. Jin remained tight-lipped and did not respond to her at all.

Although the lights were off in the car, An Xiaoning could tell clearly that Mr. Jin had been trying his best to hold back his emotions throughout the entire journey home.

Jin Qingyan was still holding onto An Xiaoning’s hand when they alighted from the car.

“All of you, come here,” said Mr. Jin as he took the lead and walked towards the living room.

Everyone except Mr. Jin took a seat in the living room.

All of a sudden, he bowed down to An Xiaoning.


“Xiaoning, I’m very sorry and guilty for what I’ve done towards you. I’ve wronged you for everything from the start, including the time we chose to save Qingyue as well as this murder case. I hereby express my deepest regrets and apology.”

An Xiaoning was taken aback by his sudden apology. Although she knew that he had indeed accused her, she did not expect him to be so frank and sincere in apologizing.

“I accept your apology, please take a seat.”

Mr. Jin straightened his back slowly and turned towards Mrs. Jin. “It’s your turn.”

Unable to swallow her pride like her husband did, Mrs. Jin refuted, “But you’ve already apologized on our behalf.”

“We’re two separate individuals. Hurry up,” Mr. Jin urged with a straight face and an aloofness in his voice.

Mrs. Jin strongly refused and cocked her head towards the side, away from him.

Trying to smooth things over, An Xiaoning said, “Uncle, let’s forget it, if Mrs. Jin is unwilling to do so.”

Glaring at Mrs. Jin, Mr. Jin bellowed, “No! I’m giving you one last chance. If you’re still not willing to apologize, I’ll have no choice but to get the servants to force you to kowtow.”

“What are you trying to do!?! It’s your own decision to apologize. Why do you have to force me to do the same?” Mrs. Jin snapped.

Unable to tolerate her outrageousness any longer, Mr. Jin released his anger and gave Mrs. Jin a hard slap across her face, causing her to be robbed of her senses. It was a long while before she managed to recover from the shock.

Jin Qingyan seemed to have sensed something and continued to remain silent while holding onto An Xiaoning’s hand.


Realizing that there was no way she could retaliate, Mrs. Jin had no choice but to do it. “Xiaoning, I’m sorry.”

Before An Xiaoning had even responded, Mr. Jin chided, “Apologize sincerely like I did. I know you weren’t apologizing with your utmost sincerity.”

Suppressing her anger, Mrs. Jin rose from her seat to give An Xiaoning a bow. “Xiaoning, I’m sorry,” she apologized yet again.

From An Xiaoning’s perspective, there was nothing much she could really say since they were both Jin Qingyan’s parents.

If she were to marry Jin Qingyan again in the future, she would still have to address them as her parents-in-law. Thus, she had no choice but to forgive them.

“You were right to have insisted on getting to the bottom of the matter. If it weren’t for Xiaoning’s help, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to speak to your Grandma again. Fetch Qingyue here when daybreak arrives. Make sure she’s here by nine o’clock in the morning. I have something to speak to you guys about,” Mr. Jin said to Jin Qingyan.


Mrs. Jin appeared to be completely flustered and flabbergasted. Noticing that Mr. Jin was walking towards the bedroom, Mrs. Jin frantically chased after him.

Jin Qingyan pulled An Xiaoning up before giving Fan Shixin a call. “Bring some bodyguards to surround the entire mansion and keep it on lockdown. No one is allowed to leave here tonight.”

“Why?” An Xiaoning asked after he ended the call.

“Because I don’t want to allow the murderer a chance to escape. My woman is so capable and outstanding indeed. Not only did you manage to prove your own innocence, you’ve even uncovered the truth,” Jin Qingyan complimented her while draping his coat over her shoulders.

“The truth?”

Jin Qingyan gave her a peck and said, “You’ll know tomorrow. You ought to take a cleansing shower tonight.”