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“It’s merely a test. Of course, it’s best if you both are my biological children – that just means I haven’t raised you for nothing. If both or one of you isn’t my biological child, then I’ll definitely chase you out of the Jin family. The reason I’m doing this is because it greatly concerns your grandmother’s death!” Mr. Jin exclaimed, staring at Jin Qingyue.

“What? Father, what do you mean?” asked a confused Jin Qingyue.

“I spoke to your grandmother privately last night, she said…” Mr. Jin answered slowly.

Suppressing his emotions with all his might, Mr. Jin continued, “Your grandmother said, the person who murdered her… is someone within our family.”

Jin Qingyue finally understood what he meant. “Do you mean Mother did it!?! How could that be? Mother has always been respectful towards Grandma, why would she do that?” Jin Qingyue exclaimed in astonishment.

“Xiaoning is considered a part of our family. Since it’s only a matter of time before you and Qingyan get married again, I won’t hide it from you. This is a piece of scandalous news which would greatly affect our family once it spreads to the public. Your grandmother is still deeply concerned about our family and our reputation even though she’s already passed. She made sure not to allow the press or media to hear of this,” said Mr. Jin. Agony was written all over his face, which he covered with his hand.

Jin Qingyue was dumbfounded as she gripped onto the couch tightly, feeling as if it was all just a dream.

Having already guessed the situation, Jin Qingyan asked, “Was Grandma killed because she found out about the scandal?”


“Who was the perpetrator? Was it the butler?”

Staring at the ground, Mr. Jin answered, “Yes.”

“Father, where’s Mother?” Jin Qingyue asked as soon as she recovered from the shock.

“She was locked up by me early in the morning. So was the butler. Once the DNA test results are out, I’ll get her to sign the divorce papers. She’s not allowed to take anything with her.”

This was only to be expected.

“Has she admitted to it?” asked Jin Qingyan.

“No, she denied it. But your grandmother has already said that your mother was the one behind it. Does it still matter whether she admits it or not? She killed your grandmother, yet she still tried to frame Xiaoning and make her the scapegoat. I have nothing left to say about your mother. Last night, I really wanted to kill her. But I decided to endure it at the thought of the fact that she was your mother and that your grandmother said to spare her. Thus, I’ll only be making her leave the family like your grandmother had instructed.”

A deafening silence filled the air.

Jin Qingyan was speechless because he too found that his mother’s actions were unforgivable.

Jin Qingyue was overwhelmed with anxiety and fear that she might not be a part of the Jin family.

It would be disastrous, should that really be the case.

Pangs of panic engulfed her.

She was thrown into a state of confusion and emotional turmoil.

At this point, she could no longer be bothered about washing up or having her breakfast.

They then continued to wait for the test results.

The clock struck 12 noon.

When the two medical professors showed up at the door, Jin Qingyue was so nervous that her legs turned to jelly as she sat on the couch, unable to move an inch.

An ominous feeling filled her heart.

Holding the test report in hand, one of the professors spoke up, “The test results are out. We were afraid of making the slightest mistake, thus we conducted multiple tests with the hair and blood samples repeatedly, over and over again. Here are the results which are of the highest accuracy. There are a total of six matches.”

“What do you mean there are six matches?” asked Jin Qingyue.

“Before collecting the hair and blood samples of the three of you, we’ve already done so for Mrs. Jin and the butler. We then conducted the tests by matching the samples belonging to you and your brother against those of Mr. and Mrs. Jin, as well as the butler,” the professor explained.

“Professor, please tell us the results,” Mr. Jin requested eagerly.

“Alright.” Looking at the test report, the professor continued, “The test between Mr. Jin and Jin Qingyan’s DNA shows that there is a 99% match, and thus, Jin Qingyan is confirmed to be your biological son.”

Mr. Jin heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing the first result.

Although Jin Qingyan had kept a straight face throughout, An Xiaoning knew that he was relieved as well because he had loosened his grip on her hand.

“Jin Qingyan and Mrs. Jin are also confirmed to be mother and son, and Jin Qingyan has no biological relation to the butler. These are the test results for Mr. Jin Qingyan’s samples.” The professor picked up the other set of test reports and continued, “Ms. Jin and Mrs. Jin are also confirmed to be mother and daughter. However, Ms. Jin is not biologically related to Mr. Jin. The paternity test shows that there’s a 99% match in the DNA samples of Ms. Jin and the butler; thus, it is confirmed that Ms. Jin is the biological daughter of the butler.”

Jin Qingyue was thrown into a state of frenzy as soon as the professor finished speaking.

“Bullshit!” Jin Qingyue exclaimed as she sprung up from her seat and quivered in shock and perturbation. “I belong to the Jin family! I belong to the Jin family!”

“Ms. Jin, if you have any doubts about our test results, you may feel free to bring your samples to a different DNA Diagnostics Center for another test. In order to ensure maximum accuracy, we’ve run the test multiple times,” said the professor.

“I refuse to believe this! I refuse!” Jin Qingyue snapped, losing control of her emotions as she ran outside.

“It’s snowing heavily outside. I’ll give you a lift later,” said Jin Qingyan as he rushed forward to stop her.

“Let go of me!” Jin Qingyue burst into tears, in disbelief of what had happened. “Why is that the test outcome! I don’t believe it, Brother, tell me it’s not true.”

“Bring it to another Diagnostics Center to test it again. Alright?” said Jin Qingyan.

“Why are you Father’s biological child but I’m not? We’re biological siblings, why have we become half-siblings all of a sudden!?!” Jin Qingyue cried, tears streaming down her face like a tap.

Jin Qingyan picked her up from behind and carried her onto the couch. Jin Qingyan refused to let her leave alone because he was afraid that she would meet with a mishap, particularly since she was heavily pregnant.

Mr. Jin was just as perturbed and astounded to find out that the daughter he raised did not belong to him.

If even his son was someone else’s child, he would’ve lived his life in vain as an absolute failure.

Fortunately, thankfully…

“Well, Mr. Jin, we’ll be taking our leave then,” said the professor, handing him the test reports.

Mr. Jin agreed with a nod. “I will transfer the fees for the test to your bank account.”


After walking the medical professors out, Mr. Jin returned straight to his bedroom.

Jin Qingyue bawled loudly while covering her face, unable to accept the truth.

She was the daughter of the glorious Jin family. How did she suddenly become the butler’s daughter overnight?

It was akin to a princess being reduced to a pauper.

Absolutely unacceptable to her.

What was this?

All of a sudden, she developed a strong sense of resentment and hatred towards her biological parents.

She was right in her maiden home, yet she felt like she had just become an outsider without warning.

Her brother had become the sole proprietor of the Jin family.

She would no longer have a share in the Jin family assets.

Was Heaven playing a joke on her?

How could something so ridiculous happen?

Mr. Jin returned to the living room from his bedroom with two documents in his hands. It was the divorce agreement papers between him and Mrs. Jin.

“Son, take a look,” said Mr. Jin, handing him the documents.

Jin Qingyan was slightly taken aback, not because of the divorce agreement, but rather because his father rarely called him “Son.”