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He was genuinely full of sincerity.

An Xiaoning was deeply moved, to the point that she wanted to agree right away.

However, her rationality got the better of her.

“Qingyan, I understand where you’re coming from. But, I’ll have to be prepared to spend the rest of my life together with you before I can agree to marry you. The agreement we had cannot be nulled.”

Although Jin Qingyan was rather disappointed to see how persistent she was, his determination and resilience got even stronger.

He was determined to cherish her even more dearly in the days to come, for if he were to lose her, he would never be able to get her back again easily.


Shi Shaochuan had not visited Xu Jingwen in days. Neither did he return her calls or text messages, causing her to panic.

Throughout her relationship with Shi Shaochuan, she had been rather blissful, apart from the time that Jin Qingyue found out about their affair.

It had always been her dream to live a life of luxury. In fact, she had even considered bearing him some children in the future, so as to give herself some sort of reassurance that the rest of her life would be taken care of.

However, it was apparent that he was now trying to cut off all ties with her.

Although Xu Jingwen greatly feared what Jin Qingyue could do to her, she still refused to give up so easily.

Thus, she decided to make the first move and came up with a solution to deal with Jin Qingyue. That is, to first seduce Shi Shaochuan all over again, and then to move into another rented apartment situated near a police station and install surveillance cameras around the house. If Jin Qingyue were to turn up again with some gang members, Xu Jingwen would then upload the surveillance camera footage online and expose her, so as to tarnish her reputation even further.

After dolling herself up, Xu Jingwen put on a pair of black stockings in spite of the cold, followed by a long feathered coat and a pair of heeled boots. She then began driving towards Shi Shaochuan’s office building.

Instead of going in straight away, she parked the car in the carpark and waited inside the car.

Due to the fact that she had arrived just before he got off from work, he soon appeared.

“What brings you here?” asked Shi Shaochuan, shocked at the sight of her.

“You didn’t answer my calls or reply to my messages. You didn’t come to visit me either, so I decided to come look for you myself,” said Xu Jingwen as she leaned closer towards him.

Shi Shaochuan frantically opened the car door and pushed her into the back seat.

“My wife already knows about us. Don’t come looking for me again from now on.”

“Shi Shaochuan, are you dumping me now that you’re sick of me?” Xu Jingwen snapped, infuriated to hear that he wanted to put an end to their relationship.

“I already bought you a car, and I’ve been giving you a generous amount of money all this while. How about I transfer you another 100 thousand dollars tomorrow? Will that do?”

Xu Jingwen stared at him and said, “But I love you. I don’t want money, I just want to be with you because being with you makes me happy.”

Shi Shaochuan let out a sigh and pulled her into an embrace. “But we can’t go on. Jingwen, take the money I’m giving you to set up a small business or something. Or you may go look for another man instead. Okay?”

“Shaochuan…” Finding that her first move did not work, Xu Jingwen decided to switch tactics and play cute instead. Spreading herself on top of him, she said, “Don’t do this to me, I genuinely want to be together with you.”

Shi Shaochuan was already feeling a little repulsed by her after watching the video of her being raped in the morning. No matter how many women he had fooled around with, he would always want a clean and untouched woman.

Noticing that he could not shirk her off, Shi Shaochuan had no choice but to say, “Let’s wait a while before we contact each other again then. How about that?”

Xu Jingwen was dejected to see that he did not intend to continue their relationship. “Well, could you give me more money? Life would be easier for me then.”

At the thought of the severe treatment Jin Qingyue had subjected her to, Shi Shaochuan decided to take pity on Xu Jingwen. Caressing her head gently, he said, “I’ll give you 200 thousand dollars. Find a good man to live with in the future.”

“Alright.” Xu Jingwen gave him a peck on his cheek before alighting from the car.

She returned inside her car and looked out of the window to gaze at Shi Shaochuan’s car.

Initially, she thought that she could seduce him again. Little did she expect that things would turn out this way.

Xu Jingwen then drove away from the building.

After having her dinner outside, she drove towards Black Genie Bar, in hopes of finding herself another wealthy man to sponge off of.

To her dismay, she coincidentally bumped into Mei Yangyang as soon as she entered.

Mei Yangyang almost could not recognize her.

Within just months, Xu Jingwen seemed to have become a completely different person. Her initial pure and innocent demeanor had transformed into a mature sultriness, thanks to her heavy makeup and revealing clothes.

“Wow, I was just wondering who’d entered, turns out it’s you,” said Mei Yangyang as she took a glance at her from head to toe.

“Yeah, didn’t expect to see you here.”

Not wishing to go about an idle chat with her, Mei Yangyang said, “Do as you wish.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she proceeded to the counter top.

Long Tianze was sitting right by the counter.

Xu Jingwen scanned her surroundings in the bar.

She caught sight of a few men sitting alone. With just one glance, she could tell from the way that they were dressed who was wealthy and who was not.

Without delay, she walked towards a wealthy man right away.

Uncoincidentally, she happened to lay her eyes upon Ling Ciye.

Ling Ciye was sitting on the couch alone and playing with his mobile phone. Sensing that someone had sat down beside him, Ling Ciye looked up and said coldly, “Get lost.”

From his hostile attitude, Xu Jingwen knew right away that he would not be easily seduced. She had long managed to recognize him to be Ling Ciye, due to his outstanding features and dashing good looks.

“Mr. Ling, will you allow me the chance to buy you a drink?”

“I don’t need you to buy me a drink. I’ve never had to pay for alcohol here,” Ling Ciye dismissed her coldly before standing up to walk away.

Xu Jingwen had initially wanted to chase after him. However, she decided to forget it upon seeing that he was walking towards Mei Yangyang.

She had made several attempts to strike a conversation that night, but to no avail.

At last, she had no choice but to head to another nightlife entertainment spot.


“What did Xu Jingwen say to you?” asked Mei Yangyang.

“Who’s Xu Jingwen?” Ling Ciye asked in puzzlement.

“The one with heavy makeup who sat beside you.”

“She said she wanted to buy me a drink. One look and you can tell she’s a whore.”

Long Tianze immediately burst into hysterical laughter upon hearing Ling Ciye’s words. Confused by his huge reaction, Mei Yangyang nudged him and said, “Why did you have to let out such an exaggerated laugh?”

“Bet you didn’t know, but Ciye has a penchant for trashy women who look like whores,” Long Tianze answered.

Mei Yangyang hurriedly got him to shut up; even though they were close friends, he might offend Ling Ciye, she feared.

However, Ling Ciye did not take offense and instead said calmly, “Tianze is right, I do like women who dress like whores. But, just because they look like one, doesn’t necessarily mean they are one. There’s a great difference between looking like a whore and actually behaving like one.”

“What do you mean?” asked Mei Yangyang, confused by his play on words.

“What he means is that he fancies women who look like whores, but aren’t actually promiscuous or trashy,” Long Tianze explained.

“Women who look like whores? That’s actually someone’s type? Wow, I really learned something new today,” Mei Yangyang remarked.