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“I’m sorry, but you’re in for a disappointment. I’m going to start work now, please refrain from disturbing me during working hours,” said An Xiaoning before hanging up confidently, without a care about what he thought.

Jin Qingyan had been patronized by his wife.

She actually hung up even before he was finished with his sentence.

It was definitely an insult to him, in the 20-odd years of his life.

Better yet, she actually switched off her phone when he tried to call her again.

She did not have that much of a backbone when she pleaded for him to pick her up from the mountains, though.

Jin Qingyan cast his phone aside, only to see Long Tianze making his way in as the doors of his office opened.

“Upset to see me?” asked Long Tianze. He had cocked his head to the side to look at Jin Qingyan while leaning against the desk.

“Do I have to hold a welcoming ceremony to greet your arrival? Like a parachute show, or a bungee jump, or perhaps even a deep dive?”

“Damn, why don’t you just send me straight into space?”

“I’ve thought of that, to be honest. You don’t have anything good up your sleeve, whenever you visit. Quick, shoot. What’s the matter?”

Long Tianze chuckled and answered, “Will you just trust your best friend? There really isn’t a particular reason for my visit, other than the fact that I miss you…”

Getting goosebumps, Jin Qingyan almost threw his pen at him as he shot Long Tianze a glare.

“Why are you staring at me like that? I’m not finished yet. I just want you to organize an outdoor camp, since we haven’t gone out for some fun in quite a long while. What do you think?” Long Tianze continued.

“Why do I have to organize it? Can’t you do it yourself?” asked Jin Qingyan. As soon as he finished his sentence, he seemed to have realized something and said, “Do you want me to invite Qingyue along?”

“Well, you said that yourself, not me,” answered Long Tianze frantically.

“That stubborn personality of yours. You were obviously implying it, yet you’re still refusing to admit it. If the weather’s fine tomorrow, we shall go watch the sunrise.”

“I’ve already checked the weather forecast. The weather’s going to be great tomorrow.”

“I’ll hand my work for the evening over to my subordinates. Go get ready, I’ll say that I’m the one inviting her.”

“Sure. But I’ll have to bring along another woman, to show how popular I am,” exclaimed Long Tianze.

“Do as you please.”


An Xiaoning bumped into Sun Weiwei and her assistant while getting off work. The duo had detested the sight of her during the day. Little did they expect to see her again in the evening.

“Great, you actually have someone to back you up, impressive for a lowly assistant like you. I heard you found your way to the director’s bed?” scorned Sun Weiwei with a strong tone of sarcasm.

“No such thing. I hope Ms. Sun won’t hold it against me,” said An Xiaoning as she quickly turned around to leave, not wanting to talk much.

“Then how did you manage to persuade the director to let you keep your job?” asked Sun Weiwei as she followed her closely.

“I have no comment,” uttered An Xiaoning coldly.

“I’d like to advise you, Ms. Sun, stop finding trouble out of nowhere. I’ll leave you alone if you leave me alone. However, if you choose to continue bothering me, I’ll be sure to retaliate. You’d better know your limits,” she added.

Watching An Xiaoning’s figure recede, Sun Weiwei broke into an uncontrollable rage. “She actually raged at me, atrocious!” she hollered.

Noticing how angry she was, her assistant hurriedly tried to placate her, “Sis Weiwei, lower your voice. There are a lot of people around.”

“Did you see how outrageously obnoxious she was? I’m going to look for the director, to make things clear,” Sun Weiwei stomped off while her assistant hurriedly chased after her.

Jing Tian was dog-tired from an entire day of work. Sun Weiwei had appeared just as he was sipping on some tea and finally getting some rest.

“What’s the matter? Why are you so angry?” he asked with a laugh upon seeing the exasperated Sun Weiwei.

“Director, why did you let that An Ning stay? I absolutely detest the sight of her, she gets on my nerves every single time. So I especially got the co-director to sack her. ”

Jing Tian answered, “I have my own reasons, which you don’t need to know about. She’s merely an assistant. If you don’t like having her touch up your makeup, you can simply get the makeup artist to do it himself, can’t you?”

“But I don’t wish to see her around.”

“Why? Give me a reason,” Jing Tian asked, sounding rather serious. Despite how, deep down, he already knew her reason, he still had to ask the obvious.

“No reason, I just don’t like her.”

“There should be a reason for that too. You can’t just get irritated at the sight of her, for no rhyme or reason at all.”

Sun Weiwei took a seat and replied, “Perhaps she’s too ugly. She’s just like a thorn in my flesh.”

“Too ugly? She’s not, though. That’s enough, Weiwei. Stop making mountains out of molehills. I’m tired, I need some rest. You two may leave,” said Jing Tian as he stood up.

Sun Weiwei and her assistant had no choice but to leave helplessly.

Having returned to her own room, Sun Weiwei still felt ill at ease as she voiced her thoughts, “What if she tells the matter to others? If she’s no longer in the production unit, no one is going to believe her words then.”

Trying to placate her, the assistant consoled, “Sis Weiwei, people might still not believe her, even if she belongs to the production unit. Let’s not worry too much, she’s merely a makeup artist’s assistant, no one’s going to take her word for it.”

“That’s true. But we have to be vigilant and cautious too. I really feel like giving her a tight slap,” Sun Weiwei snapped, regretting her actions that day. She would not be plagued with the woes of this issue if she had been more careful.


Just as An Xiaoning reached home, Jin Qingyan informed her that they were going to visit the peak of a mountain to watch the sunrise, and thus, they would be camping there that night.

“But it’s going to be cold at night,” she voiced her concern.

“Don’t worry, we can hug each other for warmth. It’ll only be cold and lonely for singles,” said Jin Qingyan. As soon as he ended his sentence, he received an incoming call from Long Tianze, whom he told to wait at the door.

“How many of us will there be?”

“Five or six.”

“Who are they?” she asked while changing into a fresh set of clothes and placing a camera into her bag.

“Apart from us, Tianze and his female friend would also be tagging along. I’ve also invited Qingyue over the phone, she’s coming over now.”

The couple left the house after they were done with packing. Donning a pair of shades, Long Tianze leaned against the car and waited for them. Upon seeing them, he complained, “Take any longer and it will be pitch dark by the time we reach the peak of the mountain.”

‘What’s the hurry?” asked Jin Qingyan as their family chauffeur arrived with Jin Qingyue in the car.

“Long Tianze is coming along too?” asked Jin Qingyue. She had alighted and was walking towards them.

Humming in agreement, Jin Qingyan said, “We’re taking his car there. Hop on.”

Jin Qingyue opened the car door and hopped on without greeting An Xiaoning at all. However, it did not bother An Xiaoning as she followed and got into the car together with Jin Qingyan.

Noticing the well-endowed woman sitting opposite her, Jin Qingyue asked, “Who’s this?”

Long Tianze, who was seated in the driver’s seat, began to introduce, “Haven’t you already met her? She’s Mo Li.”

Jin Qingyue curled her lips and scorned in curiosity, “Why does she look so different now? Did she get plastic surgery? She used to be so ugly.” After all, Jin Qingyue had been overseas for a long time, and it was only natural for her not to recognize Mo Li right away.

“She was still a child, then. Now that she’s undergone puberty, she’s obviously going to dress up and look better than before,” Long Tianze could not help but stand up for Mo Li.

Without another word, Jin Qingyue glanced opposite her, before looking down at her mobile phone. She then began to play her mobile game.

She had completely ignored her sister-in-law’s presence. Not letting her behavior bother her, An Xiaoning took the initiative to strike a conversation with Jin Qingyue, “Qingyue, what have you been doing abroad, all these years?”

“Nothing much, just enjoyed life,” answered Jin Qingyue.

“Oh, I thought you had been pursuing your studies. Your brother hadn’t mentioned much.”

“I stopped schooling ages ago. I’m not as smart as my brother. Besides, I’m not very career-minded, and I just prefer doing things I like and enjoy. Girls are meant to be married off sooner or later anyway. Look how well you’re living now, just because you married my brother. There are countless envious women out there who are coveting your place as a young madam.”


PS: Things are going to get interesting as the story proceeds. Also, this is a multi-faceted story, with varying moments of unjust and heartwarming scenes. How well the story develops will depend on the support you guys give me! Please show Xiaoning some support and encouragement. Rest assured, the story is going to be of good quality, and I’ll be sure to finish it to the very end. There will be new chapters uploaded every day!