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“Nothing is impossible in this world. Do you know why Ciye likes such women?” Long Tianze asked with a sheepish grin.

“Of course not,” said Mei Yangyang. How could she possibly know?

“Because, Ciye had a crush on this girl in high school, and she absolutely looked like a whore.”

Mei Yangyang seemed to have an epiphanic moment. “Oh I see, that girl must really be something, to be able to influence his taste in women completely.”

“Exactly. That girl is pretty famous now though, she’s become a celebrity,” Long Tianze added.

“Who is she?” Mei Yangyang asked in curiosity.

“Not telling you just yet, lest you leak the news,” Long Tianze refuted as he flicked his finger against her forehead.

Clutching her forehead in pain, Mei Yangyang answered, “I promise I won’t tell anyone. I really want to know who it is. Don’t tell me it’s Sun Weiwei?”

“Of course not. Give me a kiss and I’ll tell you.”

What was so hard about that?

Mei Yangyang stood on tiptoes immediately. However, she still could not reach Long Tianze, who had his chin raised.

She had no choice but to jump up and give him a peck.

Long Tianze then whispered into her ear. “Oh my god!” she gasped in shock while covering her mouth.

“Don’t tell anyone else, or Brother Ling is going to be upset.”

Patting her chest, Mei Yangyang answered, “Rest assured, I’m very trustworthy.”

Meanwhile, Ling Ciye completely ignored their conversation, as if they were not talking about him.

After finishing his glass of liquor, Ling Ciye turned around and said to Long Tianze, “Since the Jin family matters are already settled, why didn’t you invite Qingyan over for a drink?

“I wanted to call him here, but Yangyang didn’t allow me to, she told me not to interrupt them from having their alone time,” Long Tianze explained, pointing at Mei Yangyang.

“What’s the big deal about having a woman? Both of you are attached now, yet I’m still a single bachelor. I just want to stop him from having a good time at home. Call him here,” Ling Ciye said, full of grudge.

“Hahaha, okay.” Long Tianze proceeded to give Jin Qingyan a call to invite him and An Xiaoning to the bar.

Before the pair even arrived, female celebrity Song Yan turned up.

Upon sight of Song Yan, Mei Yangyang immediately turned to look at Ling Ciye, because she had just heard from Long Tianze that his high school crush was Song Yan. She was the female celebrity who turned down the shampoo commercial which Mei Yangyang took over.

Long Tianze and Ling Ciye watched as she entered together with her bodyguards.

Without warning, Ling Ciye threw an arm around Mei Yangyang, startling her. She turned to look at Long Tianze, only to find that he didn’t seem angry at all.

She immediately understood the situation and did not resist.

Just like how Long Tianze had described it, Song Yan indeed looked like a tramp with her sultry appearance, which was alluring yet pure. She was the type that most men would find attractive.

Song Yan stopped in her tracks upon sight of them and whispered to her assistant before taking a seat on the couch near the bar counter.

Ling Ciye pretended not to notice her presence at all and continued to hold Mei Yangyang in his arms while facing Long Tianze.

“If only I’d known earlier, I would’ve brought two women here with me tonight.”

Long Tianze could not help but burst into laughter. “It’s been eight years since you had a crush on her. Didn’t you say that you no longer harbored any feelings towards her?”

“Yeah, I’ve long lost all feelings for her. I just don’t want to look like a loser in front of her.”

“Oh… why is she walking towards us?”


“Yes, she’s here,” said Long Tianze as he stood up straight.

“Mr. Long, I didn’t get to film the shampoo commercial back then, and this pretty lady here took the chance instead. I was just wondering how a newbie could actually score a shampoo commercial. Turns out she has someone to give her a little push,” Song Yan said sarcastically with a smile on her face. In fact, she was mocking Mei Yangyang for having Long Tianze and Ling Ciye to help her pull connections…

After a moment of silence, Long Tianze said, “Pulling strings is only the first step. One must still have what it takes and put in the hard work to pull through. Just because you didn’t wish to film the commercial doesn’t mean others didn’t deserve the chance to. Weren’t you once a newbie yourself?”

Song Yan shifted her gaze onto Ling Ciye, who looked back at her. Ever since they graduated from high school, they had rarely seen each other. During the very few times that they showed up at the same event, they did not have a conversation either. Eight years flew by in the blink of an eye. Neither Ling Ciye nor Song Yan had ever been in a relationship. Although there had been many rumors over the years, she had never had an actual boyfriend.

The reason behind her fame and success was her family’s wealth and influential status.

“You’re right, Mr. Long. Here, let me toast you to a drink,” said Song Yan as she picked up a glass of liquor gracefully from the tray a waiter was holding.

“Please.” Long Tianze clinked glasses with her.

“We’ll be heading to the room first,” Ling Ciye said to Long Tianze, taking the latter’s girlfriend away right in front of him.

Song Yan tightened her grip on the glass slightly as she stared at Ling Ciye’s figure from behind.

The reason Ling Ciye and Song Yan had ended up on such bad terms was precisely because they were both too prideful and ill-tempered for their own good.

Even now, they were still the same old arrogant individuals they used to be back then.

Jin Qingyan arrived together with An Xiaoning, hand in hand. Upon sight of them, Long Tianze greeted excitedly, “Qingyan, Sis-in-law.”

“Why the sudden invite?” asked An Xiaoning.

“Nothing, I just thought it’d be great to meet and catch up with each other in this cold winter. There’s a stove in the private room. Let’s have hotpot and play some games, shall we?”

“Why are you alone? Where’s Ciye?” asked Jin Qingyan, scanning his surroundings.

“He’s upstairs with Yangyang. Let’s go.”

Noticing that they were about to leave, Song Yan interjected, “May I join you guys?”

Long Tianze was flabbergasted and irritated at her shameless request. He felt an urge to tell her: We’re all close friends, what’s the point of tagging along? No one else knows you personally except Ling Ciye.

However, he kept his thoughts to himself and said with a smile, “Sorry, but I’m afraid they won’t feel comfortable with a stranger around.”

Actually, Long Tianze’s main concern was that Mei Yangyang would have to continue posing as Ling Ciye’s girlfriend if Song Yan were to tag along. The last thing he wanted was to be a loner for the night!

“Mr. Long, I’d just like to become close friends with you guys,” Song Yan insisted.

Long Tianze had no choice but to give in, “Well, come along then.”

Song Yan turned around to tell her assistant something before following them upstairs.

Ling Ciye and Mei Yangyang were sitting separately in the private room. However, upon sight of Song Yan, Ling Ciye shot Mei Yangyang a look, after which she quickly sat down beside Ling Ciye. An Xiaoning was dumbstruck by their actions.

Being the bright and intelligent person he was, Jin Qingyan immediately understood what was happening.

Ling Ciye glared at Long Tianze, who then shot him a look, as if to say that Song Yan had insisted on tagging along and that he did not have any other choice but to concede.