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Ling Ciye and Song Yan sat side by side in the back seat of the car.

Ling Ciye knew that Song Yan had come with him willingly, for her bodyguards would have intervened otherwise.

“Why did you bring me here?” asked Song Yan.

“Why did you follow Tianze into the private room? I want nothing but the truth,” said Ling Ciye, keeping his eyes fixed on her.

“Must I tell you just because you want to hear it?” Song Yan retorted in her usual prideful tone. She had been staying single for the past few years because she had yet to find someone comparable to him. Yet, he had already had multiple girlfriends after her. It’s apparent that he had already put their past behind him. At least, that was what she thought.

“Yangyang is not my girlfriend but Tianze’s,” Ling Ciye said in admittance.

Song Yan stared at him in astonishment. She had long heard of rumors about Mei Yangyang and Long Tianze, which surfaced due to the fact that they were an onscreen couple in the movie they had recently filmed. To her surprise, the rumors turned out to be real.

Why did he pretend to be a couple with Mei Yangyang then…

Being a bright woman, Song Yan quickly realized his intentions.

“Really?” she asked, overwhelmed with a mix of emotions.

“I’ve been staying single ever since we broke up. It’s been that way for years,” Ling Ciye answered. He felt that they could sort things calmly over a talk, especially since so many years had already gone by.

Song Yan was momentarily touched by his words. “Me too.”

Ling Ciye inched forward and kissed her passionately.

Song Yan kept still and allowed him to continue kissing her. In those moments, they felt as if they were transported back to the days in high school when they were in love with each other.

In hindsight, it was indeed quite a pity to have broken up over a trivial matter.

Minutes later, he let go off her. With the lights switched off in the car, the car was dimly lit by the street lamps.

A brief moment of silence followed.

“Let’s start our relationship afresh,” said Song Yan. “I’ve waited years for your explanation about what happened back then, but you’ve yet to say anything to me. I came to look for you because I really couldn’t hold my feelings back any longer. So many years have passed. I really think it’s time we try starting anew. Perhaps things will turn out differently this time.”

“I did try and explain to you, but you refused to listen at that time.”

“Explain it to me again, I want to hear it now.”

Ling Ciye raised his brows and placed his hands on his lap as he began to recall the past. After pondering over where to begin, he finally said, “At that time, it was a few days before your birthday and I wanted to give you a present you’d like. But I didn’t know what I should get you so I decided to ask Mo Li along to help me pick out a present for you. I thought that since you were both girls, you would have similar preferences. You were the one who misunderstood the situation. I don’t have many females around me, and in fact, I have no female friends at all apart from Qingyue and Mo Li. Mo Li tried explaining to you back then too, but you were simply too infuriated to hear any of what we had to say.”

“I actually heard from an insider tonight that Mo Li has passed on.”

Unsure of how to explain, he answered, “Is that the only reason why you came to find me tonight?”

“I just couldn’t swallow my pride to look for you first before this. You know me, that’s just how I am. I will never be the one to give in first. But, I decided that I could bring myself to do it if it means I could finally put an end to the regrets I’ve been holding on to for the past few years,” Song Yan explained.

Ling Ciye allowed his actions to do the talking as he reached out to hold her hand.

Song Yan gazed at him, her heart racing and pounding exceptionally quickly.


On the way home, Jin Qingyan briefly explained about Ling Ciye and Song Yan’s relationship to An Xiaoning. Upon arriving home, they headed upstairs straight away. Jin Qingyan proceeded to brush his teeth while An Xiaoning took a few sips of tea before entering the bathroom.

Jin Qingyan squeezed some toothpaste onto her tooth brush before handing it to her. She then stuffed the toothbrush into her mouth and began brushing her teeth.

After she was finished brushing her teeth, she said, “I’ll go downstairs to check up on Mo Li.”


An Xiaoning opened the door of the basement and began walking down the stairs slowly to see that Mo Li had yet to go to bed. Upon hearing footsteps approaching, Mo Li sat up and greeted her, “Xiaoning.”

“You’re still up?”

“Yes. I’m not tired since all I do is lay down in bed all day. Did you just return home?” Mo Li asked smilingly.

“We had a gathering with Tianze and the rest at his bar. Song Yan was there too.”

“Oh, she was there. Was Brother Ciye present too?” Mo Li asked in astonishment.


“It’s quite a pity that their relationship ended. Brother Ciye is the type to refuse to swallow his pride and concede, but so is Song Yan. Moreover, Song Yan has an extremely powerful family. Her grandfather is a founding father of our country, S Nation, and her father was the Chief of Military. I heard he’s incredible. That explains why she’s so prideful and lofty. Thus, ever since they broke up, they cut off all contact with each other completely. Very few people know about their relationship because they were dating secretly,” Mo Li remarked.

“Teenage romance is the purest, but it’s also very susceptible to failure since teenagers simply cannot overcome obstacles in their relationships. But, from the way I see it, I reckon they’ll reconcile in the future – they both seem like they do have the intentions of doing so. Even the blind can tell they still have feelings for each other. By the way, I saw the weather report today, and tomorrow’s weather is predicted to be merry. Mo Li, if you find yourself getting bored, do feel free to go out for a walk. You may put on my human mask, no one will recognize you then,” said An Xiaoning.

“Really? That’s great. I’ve been cooped up here for days, I’m really going to be bored to death soon. I desperately need to take a breather.”

“I’ll give you the mask tomorrow morning.”

“Alright, thank you so much, Xiaoning.”

“Don’t mention it. Go to bed, it’s getting late,” An Xiaoning said with a smile.


An Xiaoning returned upstairs and asked Jin Qingyan, “When was the last time I got my period? I can’t remember.”

“On the 6th of last month,” Jin Qingyan answered without hesitation.

“How did you remember so clearly?”

“I wrote it down for you on a notebook that I left in the drawer.”

An Xiaoning quickly opened the drawer to discover that there was a small journal with a pen on top of it.

She took the journal out and flipped through its pages. Jin Qingyan had indeed noted down all the dates of her menstrual cycle as well as the color of her blood.

He did not seem like such a meticulous person at all.

“Seems like Aunt Flo will be paying a visit anytime soon then,” said An Xiaoning as she put the journal back into the drawer, then removed her home slippers before crawling onto bed.

“I know that better than you. But I hope she doesn’t arrive this month,” said Jin Qingyan, cocking his head towards the side to face her.

“Just because I don’t menstruate doesn’t necessarily mean I’m pregnant. Most of the time, it’s merely because of a hormonal imbalance.”

“If you’re pregnant, I’ll definitely have to suffer a dry spell of three months.”

“Says who? If I manage to conceive, you’d have to resist your urges throughout the entire course of my pregnancy, not just three months,” she corrected him in a serious manner.

“Doesn’t matter, we’ll be together anyway, I’ll just wait until the night we consummate our marriage and give it my all. You might not be able to even get down from the bed then.”

An Xiaoning burst into giggles and surged forward to snuggle into his arms. “Could you be less crude about it?”



“Since you’re getting your period soon, all the more reason I can’t let you off tonight,” Jin Qingyan declared as he cast the book in his hands aside.

“I’m very tired, I want to sleep.”