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“You’re free to go to sleep. Just lie down, you don’t have to move at all.” Jin Qingyan lowered his head to give her a kiss and said, “Be good. Actually, it’s best if you just play dead.”

“Jin Qingyan, you jerk. Why don’t you play dead instead?”

“Will you do the work if I play dead?”

“Forget it, I’ll be the one to play dead then.”


As soon as they woke up to have breakfast the next morning, Jin Qingyan received a call from Mr. Jin, who informed him that the divorce proceedings were already settled. He also mentioned that Mrs. Jin had packed her bags and left the old mansion together with the butler in the morning.

Jin Qingyan did not ask any questions and instead just acknowledged the information.

After ending the call, he picked up a pair of chopsticks and began eating his breakfast. An Xiaoning knew better than to ask any questions.

After putting on the mask An Xiaoning had handed her, Mo Li stared at her reflection in the mirror in surprise of how realistic it appeared. “It really looks just like an actual face. It must’ve cost a bomb, hasn’t it?”

“I bought it for two million dollars.”

“Awesome, the weather looks great today. I’d like to go for a prenatal checkup. Oh, and I’d also like to visit an unethical clinic to find out the gender of the baby, just so I can buy him or her some clothes in advance. After that, I’ll go visit my parents.”

“Sure, but I’ll instruct 007 to accompany you. It won’t be easy for you to get around since you’re heavily pregnant. Are you okay with that?” An Xiaoning asked.

“Of course I am. Xiaoning, you’re so thoughtful and considerate. I’ll get going now then,” said Mo Li as she stood up slowly.

“Let me drive you there.”

“No, it’s alright, I’d like to take a stroll. I have been sedentary for too long.”

“Alright, be careful then,” An Xiaoning instructed.

“Got it.”

Mo Li and 007 then proceeded to stroll along the sidewalk. She had spent most of her time in the basement lately and rarely had the chance to catch some fresh air.

Mo Li was glad to finally take a day out.

007 held her arm as they walked together at a very slow pace. She simply could not stand lying in bed all day with no activity at all.

They first visited the hospital for a prenatal checkup, which concluded that the fetus was very healthy with no visible issues. They then headed to a private clinic for an ultrasound scan to find out the gender of her child.

After the scan, the middle-aged woman who conducted the scan informed her straight away that it was a girl.

Mo Li was not in the least bit disappointed at all.

She was happy to be expecting a daughter with whom she could spend the rest of her life with peacefully without much of a burden.

She would strive and do her best to raise her child well.

After a long walk, they arrived opposite the breakfast bistro run by Mo Li’s family. From a distance away, she could spot her parents and brother in the midst of serving customers and operating the bistro.

She made her way to the bistro together with 007.

Mrs. Mo did not recognize her, though she had recognized 007. “Aren’t you supposed to be working for Ms. An?” asked Mrs. Mo.

“Mother,” said Mo Li.

“Huh?” Mrs. Mo opened her eyes wider to take a closer look before recognizing who she was. “Mo Li?”

“It’s me,” Mo Li answered as she began walking towards a room inside before removing her mask in front of Mrs. Mo. “Anything is possible in this world, indeed. It really looks so realistic. I wouldn’t have been able to recognize you if I didn’t hear your voice,” Mrs. Mo said in utter shock and amazement.

“This human mask belongs to Xiaoning. I borrowed it because it would make it easier for me to come out. This mask was tailor-made to her face, but fortunately, my face isn’t too large and we share similar face shapes. Otherwise, there would’ve been an obvious difference.” Suddenly reminded of her purpose for visiting, Mo Li added, “Mother, ask Mo Xun to come in.”

“Okay.” Mrs. Mo turned around to call for her son.

Shortly after, Mo Xun entered the room. “Sis.”

“Mo Xun, take a seat. I have something to ask of you.”

Mo Xun was rather confused about her appearance and listened to his mother’s explanation before saying, “Go ahead and speak, Sis.”

“I was just thinking that I can’t keep imposing on Xiaoning and live in her house forever. So, I need you to make a trip to the countryside and rent a house there. Houses don’t cost much in the countryside. It doesn’t have to be a mansion. A simple one with a few rooms and a garden would do. Try to look out for those with a larger garden, though. We may then use it to grow some vegetables and fruits. I’m intending to live in the countryside with the child once she’s born.”

“Got it, I’ll go to the countryside to ask around later,” Mo Xun answered.

Gazing at her mother, Mo Li revealed, “Mother, I went to verify the gender of my baby. It’s a girl.”

“That’s great, I wouldn’t have to worry about you having to shoulder a burden then. It’s a good idea to move to the countryside since no one knows you there. I’ll have peace of mind knowing that you and my grandchild are safe in the countryside. The air there is fresher, and the food is environmentally friendly too. Alright, let’s get Mo Xun to go later,” said Mrs. Mo.

Mo Li nodded and said, “Give me a call once you’ve found a suitable house.”

“Sis, I’ll help you organize the house, and I’ll pick you up directly once I’ve found one. Okay?”

“Alright, that works too. I won’t stay here any longer then. Mother, I’ll be taking my leave,” said Mo Li as she stood up.

“Let Mo Xun send you,” Mrs. Mo suggested.

“It’s fine, I plan to shop around a little before heading back. I haven’t been out in ages, I’d like to explore and walk around,” Mo Li refuted.

“Take good care of yourself then. Be mindful of your step,” Mrs. Mo instructed.

“Got it, Mother.”

Mo Li exited the bistro with 007 and began walking along the sidewalk.

Due to the fact that she had concealed her identity with her mask, Mo Li could walk around at ease, without fear of being recognized.

Mo Li proceeded to buy herself two sets of maternity clothing as well as some compression wear and winter boots.

Exhausted, she decided to hail a cab home.

Rays of sun cast down on Mo Li as she sat in the garden while surfing the internet on her mobile phone to kill some time.

There were reports online about Ye Xiaotian not returning to the bridal chamber ever since his wedding, which was to the displeasure of Lin Mingxi and her family.

Mo Li continued to stare at her phone screen for a long while. She knew clearly the reason behind Ye Xiaotian’s decision to marry Lin Mingxi all of a sudden.

However, it was no longer important.

She could now live her life as she pleased, with no one to restrict her from doing what she wanted. Although her child would still not enjoy a proper status, she would register her child onto her household register. Her child would be showered with all the love Mo Li had to offer, in spite of how she would not have a father.


Xi Bolai sat on the chair in his study with his pants unzipped while Annie kneeled under the desk to pleasure him enthusiastically.

He had on a straight face as he fiddled with a pen in his hand while staring at the screen on his computer.

“Ancestor, aren’t you enjoying my service?”

Xi Bolai looked down at her and answered, “If you were An Xiaoning, I wouldn’t be just sitting here now.”

Annie could not help but retort in disgruntlement, “What’s so great about a woman who was twice married?”

“Are you any different from her in terms of marital status?”

“I’ve only had one divorce.”

“From what I know, you’ve engaged in promiscuous relationships with countless men in nightclubs after your divorce with Byron. Quit pretending to be innocent and demure in front of me or I’ll lock you up again,” Xi Bolai scoffed.

Annie crawled out and away from the desk slowly before steeling her guts to snuggle up into his arms. “Ancestor, don’t be like this. I belong to you completely now.”

“Is that so?” he asked.

“Of course,” Annie replied as she straddled his lap.