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“Why? Are you planning to give it your all in bed tonight?” Jin Qingyan teased with his brows raised.

“Of course not, it’s because I’m hungry. I think you’re sex-obsessed, all you think about is doing it,” An Xiaoning retorted.

“That’s because I’m doing it with you, I wouldn’t be interested if it were someone else.”

“Boss, someone is calling you again!” An Xiaoning’s phone began to ring all of a sudden. Upon realizing that it was a call from Pan Zhenghui, she quickly picked up. “Hello.”

“Now?” She glanced at the dishes on the table before continuing, “Can I go together with Qingyan after having our meal?”

“Alright, sure.” After hanging up the phone, An Xiaoning rushed Jin Qingyan, “Hurry and eat, Chief Pan wants me to go have a look at your old mansion and search for Liu Yingying’s corpse. But once we find it, we’ll have to inform her parents about whether it was your mother or the butler who had murdered her, or even both. I think we ought to give her parents a clear explanation.”

“I’ll handle that, don’t worry. But no matter what, this scandal must not be leaked, otherwise we’ll suffer a great loss,” Jin Qingyan said after some thought.

“That’s true, it’d be a major setback for the Jin family. Not only will your stocks plunge, the reputation of your family would be tarnished forever too. That’s probably why Grandma didn’t want your father to prosecute your mother,” An Xiaoning agreed.

“Yeah, my mother may not be prosecuted, but the butler must be duly punished. In fact, my mother and the butler think that they’re already punished by being chased out of the house. They never had the intention to leave out of their own accord. But, I doubt my father would let her off easily for making a cuckold out of him for so many years. Besides, my father has always been kind to the butler.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jin Qingyan received a call from his mother. “Qingyan, your uncle has been taken away by the police. You must save him. He may not be your father, but he’s Qingyue’s father!” Mrs. Jin exclaimed anxiously over the phone.

“What has the fact that he’s Qingyue’s father got to do with me?” Jin Qingyan retorted coldly before ending the call.

After receiving another incoming call from Mrs. Jin, Jin Qingyan decided to just switch his phone off and continued eating with An Xiaoning.

After they were finished with the meal, they proceeded to the old mansion and saw that Mrs. Jin had just arrived too.

With a flustered and anxious look on her face, Mrs. Jin clutched her purse and scrambled towards Jin Qingyan.

She stopped him in his tracks before they reached the entrance.

“Qingyan, no matter what, you shouldn’t let your uncle be put behind bars. He’s already so old. He will never be released again once he’s imprisoned. Alright?” Mrs. Jin pleaded worriedly.

“That’s not up to me to decide. Besides, Grandma was not the only person who was murdered. I hope you’ll understand,” said Jin Qingyan.

“Qingyan, I’m begging you. We just have to give the deceased girl’s parents a sum of money to rest their case. Let’s just settle things privately as much as we can.”

A frown creased Jin Qingyan’s forehead as he stared at his mother. “I plan to stay out of this matter, and I’m already being very kind by choosing not to interfere.”

Jin Qingyan had said his piece nonchalantly. Having already expected him to react that way, Mrs. Jin hurriedly gave Jin Qingyue a call.

“They’ve begun searching for the corpse with sniffer dogs,” Pan Zhenghui said immediately upon sight of them.

“Has he pleaded guilty?”

Shaking his head, Pan Zhenghui answered, “No, he refused to admit that he was the murderer. We can only continue to investigate here and elsewhere, until we finally find some evidence. On top of that, there has been a few bodyguards who resigned from working for the Jin family recently. We’re in the midst of arresting them because we highly suspect that they’re involved in this case as accomplices.”

After pondering for a moment, An Xiaoning asked, “Go ahead and search. Have you guys checked the room the butler used to live in?”

“We’ve investigated the room twice but we didn’t manage to find anything abnormal.”

“Let me take a look, where is it?”

“Here,” said Pan Zhenghui, leading the way.

An Xiaoning proceeded to follow him, leaving Mr. Jin and Jin Qingyan alone in the living room.

Jin Qingyan noticed that his father had become rather haggard and aged. It seemed the recent events were a massive blow to him.

“Are you planning to just let the matter rest here? Or would you like to hold the butler responsible and get him to account for the murder of the female servant?” asked Jin Qingyan.

Without hesitation, Mr. Jin answered straight away, “Do you wish to see the media expose the scandal between your mother and him? The media will then expose the reasons behind our divorce, as well as the matter we intend to hide. We might as well just let the police handle and prosecute him. I’ve always been kind and treated him well. I admit I did make a mistake by committing adultery when I was younger, but I’d turned a new leaf ever since then and wanted to just live on well with your mother. He and your mother shouldn’t have conspired to murder your grandma, it is a major sin they ought to be punished for. I’ll never forgive them. If it weren’t for your Grandma’s instruction, I would’ve killed your mother at the graveyard that night.”

“Father, we’d better stay out of this matter and leave it to the police to handle. Regarding the media, I’ll explain it as briefly as possible and not mention anything else.”

“My thoughts exactly. Qingyan, my illegitimate daughter has been missing for more than ten years. She should be 25 years old by now. Your mother and I had a very serious argument then; she didn’t allow me to speak to the child at all. She was also not allowed to call me her father. Your mother refused to let me look for her ever since she had gone missing. In hindsight, I’ve really let the child and her mother down. I wonder if she’s still alive now. Qingyan, help me search for them,” Mr. Jin said with a sigh.

“I’ve never stopped searching for her, but there hasn’t been any clues at all. It’s been too long.”

Mr. Jin took out his handkerchief to wipe his tears. After talking on the phone with Jin Qingyue, Mrs. Jin entered through the door and walked towards Mr. Jin. “Could you let him off?” she asked.

“I’m already being very kind by not reporting you to the police. Don’t push your limits. This matter is not up to me to decide anyway. Someone has to face the punishment at the end of the day. One of you has to be put behind bars, or you could both be imprisoned together. It’s your choice,” Mr. Jin said coldly. At this point, he had already lost all feelings for Mrs. Jin and did not even wish to see her at all.

“I should’ve just killed you back then.”

Noticing that Mr. Jin was about to grow into a rage upon hearing Mrs. Jin’s words, Jin Qingyan hurriedly tried to placate him and said to Mrs. Jin, “Go home.”

“No,” Mrs. Jin refuted.

With his hands trembling in anger, Mr. Jin lit up a cigarette and took a puff before saying, “I was reluctant to marry your mother back then. But if I could turn back time, I definitely wouldn’t have married her. Indeed, you can’t be careless when it comes to marriage.”

“Do you really think I wanted to marry you? I would’ve never done so if it weren’t an arranged marriage. I knew you had a girlfriend before we got married, but you should’ve ended your relationship with her since we were getting married. Not only did you not cut off ties with her, you even gave birth to a child with her…” Mrs. Jin retorted.

“That’s enough! Reflect on your actions before you criticize Father. All the misdeeds you’ve committed are far worse than what he had done!” Jin Qingyan snapped angrily.

“He was the one who cheated on me first!”