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An Xiaoning pursed her lips, understanding what Jin Qingyue meant. “You’re right, I’m aware of that. Your brother is indeed very outstanding. But I’m one-of-a-kind myself. I don’t just marry anyone who’s rich and famous or powerful,” she said half-jokingly.

Jin Qingyue looked up at her and asked curiously, “Then, why did you marry my brother? Haven’t you two only known each other for a short amount of time?”

“Time has nothing to do with love. Your brother and I are in love with each other, so we got married,” answered An Xiaoning as she shot Jin Qingyan a glance.

As if she had just heard the greatest joke ever, Jin Qingyue burst into laughter and sneered, “Perhaps it’s true that you love my brother. But him loving you… I highly doubt it.”

Trying to resolve the dispute, Long Tianze interjected while driving, “Your brother is here, isn’t he? Why don’t you just ask him yourself?”

“Who said you could interrupt?” snapped Jin Qingyue, completely disregarding the fact that there was a stranger lady opposite her. “The one my brother likes is Sis Rui’er,” she sneered.

“Shut it!” bellowed Jin Qingyan coldly, finally breaking his silence. “If I knew you’d be so angsty, I would never have brought you along,” he continued.

Jin Qingyue was dumbfounded. She remained silent and continued playing her mobile game, knowing that she had enraged her brother.

An Xiaoning chuckled nonchalantly. She leaned her head on Jin Qingyan’s shoulder, then closed her eyes to get some rest.

The sky had turned dark by the time they arrived at the peak of the mountain. They worked together to set up the tent, while Long Tianze whispered softly to Mo Li, whom he had pulled aside, “Do not breathe a word about what you had heard today, not to a single soul. Got it?”

“We’ve been friends for ages. I’d know better than to do that.”

Giving her a pat on her shoulder, Long Tianze said, “I knew I could count on you.”

Gathering around the barbecue pit they had set up, the group sipped on some beer and enjoyed themselves, although the night breeze was a tad bit chilly.

When it was time to sleep, Jin Qingyue was allocated to the same tent as Mo Li. However, she objected, “Long Tianze, you may share a tent with Mo Li. I want one for myself.”

“Do you really think that’s acceptable?”

“I don’t care. I just want to sleep alone in the tent. I’m not used to having someone else around,” she firmly rejected.

An Xiaoning interjected, “Mr. Long, how about you share a tent with Qingyan while I share one with Mo Li? Let’s just do that.”

“Come, let’s take this tent,” suggested An Xiaoning as she inched forward to hold Mo Li’s hand.

An Xiaoning thought that that would be the best solution since Mo Li was not Long Tianze’s girlfriend. After all, the problem would not have existed in the first place, otherwise.

However, Jin Qingyue had thought otherwise. She felt that An Xiaoning was intentionally going against her wishes instead. The matter had indirectly caused Jin Qingyue to detest her sister-in-law further.

In contrast to Jin Qingyue, Mo Li had begun to take a liking to An Xiaoning.

With that, the night crept by peacefully.

An Xiaoning woke up early in the morning, even before dawn arrived, and she could not fall back asleep. Mo Li had also woken up shortly after. The two began chatting merrily while keeping their volume down.

The weather was splendid that day, just like Long Tianze had said it would be. The group frolicked and basked in the warm rays of the sun as they watched it rise beautifully from the peak of the mountain.

With both arms extended, An Xiaoning closed her eyes and took in the fresh air, which was exceptionally refreshing and relaxing. She then continued to snap some shots of the picturesque view before her eyes.

On the other hand, Jin Qingyan seemed to be rather uninterested in watching the sunrise. He was constantly tapping and swiping away, his eyes glued on his mobile phone. He then sat inside the tent to answer an incoming call.

Long Tianze had intended for the trip to be a chance for him to get closer to Jin Qingyue. Having noticed that Jin Qingyue was about to return to her tent, he followed closely behind.

“Where would you like to meet?”


“I can’t make it tonight. Didn’t I tell you? My Mother would not have her peace until she sees me home at night.”


“Alright. I’m watching the sunrise with my Brother now, I’ll go look for you after I’ve had my breakfast.”


Jin Qingyue could be heard laughing from within the tent. As much as she tried to keep her volume down, Long Tianze had already heard everything. She was obviously speaking to another man over the phone.

Long Tianze clenched his fist and entered the tent after unzipping the flap.

Jin Qingyue frantically hung up the phone upon the sight of Long Tianze. “Why did you come inside my tent?” she snapped.

“Who were you speaking to?”

“Does that concern you? Stay out of my business,” she said, glaring daggers at him.

“You’ve got a boyfriend?” he continued to ask.

“That’s none of your business. Why are you so nosy all the time?” she retorted, obviously not wanting to answer his question.

“Answer me. Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked sternly.

“You’re crazy,” she said. Just as she stood up, Long Tianze grabbed her by her arm, causing her to fall back onto the ground.

Shrugging his hand off her, Jin Qingyue warned, “If you keep being like this, I’ll tell my brother that you’re molesting me.”

“Go ahead. If you do, I’ll just get my parents to visit your family, to ask for your hand in marriage. Do you dare to tell him?” he challenged with a raised brow.

“Seriously, Long Tianze, is there something wrong with you? I know you’ve liked me since a long time ago, but can’t you tell that I have no interest in you at all?” said Jin Qingyue with a grunt.

His body stiffened. He felt as if her words were a million daggers piercing through his heart. Despite how bad he felt, he had to conceal his feelings at all costs, for he was none other than Long Tianze. “I’m only concerned because I treat you just like my younger sister. How did you even get the idea that I’ve liked you since a long time ago? Someone so flat-chested like you doesn’t suit my taste and preference. Got that?” he said.

“Long Tianze… get out of my sight!” roared Jin Qingyue, seething in exasperation.

Without another word, he stood up and exited the tent.

They headed back in Long Tianze’s car and soon arrived at Jin Qingyan’s house.

Together, Jin Qingyan, An Xiaoning, and Jin Qingyue alighted from the car. An Xiaoning then invited Long Tianze and Mo Li to have breakfast before leaving, which they turned down as they waved her goodbye.

“Brother, I’ll go home for breakfast,” said Jin Qingyue. She clutched her bag and turned to leave.


After breakfast, An Xiaoning got ready to leave for work, but she was stopped by her husband.

“I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Then go upstairs and get some rest.”

She walked past him and proceeded to change into her shoes. Yet, at this very moment, he picked her up from behind and headed straight upstairs.

“I have to get going to the production unit, I’m running out of time.”

“How much time do you have left?”

“20 minutes, at most. Can you wait until I’m home from work?” she asked anxiously.

“How are 20 minutes enough? That’s too short. It’ll be another eight or nine hours before you’re home. That’s too much time to wait.”

“What do you suggest, then?” asked an impatient An Xiaoning. She was feeling a strong urge to murder him with an ax.

“We can only hurry then. It’ll depend on your performance.”


After 30 minutes, An Xiaoning made it onto the passenger seat of the car. “Step on it, I’m going to be late,” she rushed while gulping down the bottle of water she had in her hands.

“You actually have the decency to rush me when you’re the one troubling me to send you there.”

“If not for you, I would’ve arrived there long ago.”