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Jin Qingyue could not believe that she was only seeing the picture clearly now.

She finally understood what it meant to be blinded by love and to lose her rationality because of a relationship.

If only she had not been so preoccupied with finding a whirlwind romance and instead took a look around herself, she would have realized sooner that Long Tianze was the best option around.

Given the fact that they had grown up together and how much he fancied her back then, he would definitely have treated her well after they got married.

Besides, she had always known him to be a loyal and devoted man.

All of a sudden, she began to feel like she had made a grave mistake by choosing to marry Shi Shaochuan.

Although Shi Shaochuan had been returning home diligently ever since the end of his affair, there were still cracks in their relationship and in her trust towards him, which were impossible to repair.

Whenever he came home a little late, even for just five minutes, she would begin to suspect he was meeting another woman again.

The trust she gave him had long been destroyed by him. In fact, it was almost impossible for him to regain her trust.

Stroking her round and full baby bump, Jin Qingyue felt her heart sink as she began to imagine her future, which did not seem promising.

“Honey, what’s the matter?” asked Shi Shaochuan, who just came out of the shower.

“Nothing.” She placed her mobile phone onto the table and laid down slowly.

After drying his hair, Shi Shaochuan laid down beside her and said, “I still think you’re really troubled by something. Did something happen to your family again?”

“Nothing much happened apart from my parents’ divorce.”

“They got a divorce? Why?” Shi Shaochuan asked in puzzlement.

“Because they realized they’re incompatible after living together for most of their lives. What other reason could there be?” Jin Qingyue answered, refusing to explain further.

“That doesn’t seem like what Mother-in-law would do.”

“How are you so sure?”

“Of course I know. Women with wealthy husbands would never want to get a divorce. I suppose it was your father who initiated it?” Shi Shaochuan asked.

“I don’t wish to talk about this anymore. Let’s go to bed.”

However, the topic had piqued Shi Shaochuan’s curiosity. “Could it be that Father-in-law is having an affair?”

His words had struck a sour note within Jin Qingyue. She turned to glare at him and hissed, “Do you think all men are like you!?!”

“But didn’t you mention before that your father has an illegitimate daughter?”

“Shi Shaochuan! What do my family matters have to do with you? They didn’t get a divorce because my father is having an affair. He doesn’t have one,” Jin Qingyue snapped.

“Is your mother having an affair then?”

Jin Qingyue flew into a rage as she hollered at him, “Go sleep outside!”

“Honey… I was just asking casually. Why do you have to get so angry?”

“Get out!!!”

Noticing how infuriated she was, Shi Shaochuan had no choice but to get out of bed and go to the guestroom to sleep.

Jin Qingyue was left alone in the bedroom. She turned to her side and began crying into her pillow.

She was completely devastated.

Her misery increased exponentially with each passing day.

How long more could she go on like this?

She did not have an answer.


“It’s still snowing outside, where are you going?” asked Gu Dongcheng upon noticing that Chi Rui’er was about to go out.

“I’m making a trip to my mother’s place. She isn’t feeling too well.”

“Drive safe then,” Gu Dongcheng instructed.

“Got it.” Chi Rui’er left and began driving towards her mother’s house in the northern suburbs.

After pulling over by the entrance of her mother’s house, Chi Rui’er remained seated and pondered in silence for a few minutes before alighting from the car.

“Where’s my mother?” Chi Rui’er asked, realizing that her mother was nowhere in sight.

“She went to her church friend’s place. I didn’t tell her that you would be coming by this evening,” Mr. Chi answered.

“Have you eaten?” Chi Rui’er asked with a straight face.

“Not yet.”

“Neither have I. I bought some ingredients, let’s have a meal and some drinks together. I need to have a serious talk with you.”

“Sure,” Mr. Chi agreed delightedly.

Chi Rui’er placed the bags she was carrying onto the table before heading to the kitchen to bring some plates and chopsticks. They then sat down opposite each other.

“Have some beer.”

Mr. Chi took the can of beer from her and opened it happily.

Chi Rui’er picked up a pair of chopsticks and began helping herself to the food. “After you married my mother, you started violating me behind my mother’s back. It’s not that I couldn’t tell her about it, but rather, I just didn’t want her to be greatly affected by such a huge blow, lest her disease relapses,” she said.

“I know, that’s why I didn’t stop. As long as you behave yourself in the future, I promise I won’t ruin your marriage,” said Mr. Chi as he took a few gulps of beer before helping himself to the dishes.

Chi Rui’er had rarely spoken to him in such a calm and composed manner. She vaguely felt her anger dissipate at the sight of him enjoying the meal.

“I will behave myself in the future. So, you ought to keep your promise.”

“Of course.”

“Let me toast you,” said Chi Rui’er, raising her can of beer.

Mr. Chi clinked his can against hers gleefully. Being an alcoholic, he thoroughly enjoyed the beer and proceeded to open another bottle for himself.

Chi Rui’er spoke to him calmly throughout the meal. After they were finished eating, Chi Rui’er tidied up the mess and cleared the remaining food and beer bottles into a large rubbish bag, which she then brought outside. Unlike what Mr. Chi had thought, she brought the bag of rubbish to her car instead of disposing of it in the rubbish chute outside the house.

She returned to see that Mr. Chi was sitting on the floor beside the bed, clutching his stomach in utter discomfort.

Staring at her glaring at him coldly, he struggled to speak, “You poisoned the food?”

“No. Didn’t you see that I ate the food too? I coated your chopsticks with poison. I wanted to kill you a long time ago. I’ve detested you to the core ever since the first time you raped me. But it was a pity I was still young at the time and didn’t have the guts to do it. After that, I chose not to kill you for my mother’s sake. However, you chose to push your limits and went from bad to worse. You’ve already ruined my life, and I won’t allow you to continue being a ticking time bomb near me. Go to hell, I will bury you properly,” Chi Rui’er sneered with a smirk.

Foam began to spill out of Mr. Chi’s mouth as his body quivered uncontrollably; he was no longer capable of speech.

However, he gathered all the remaining energy within him and said with his last breath, “You will be put behind bars for killing me!”

“No I won’t. Apart from my mother, you no longer contact any of your distant relatives. Who cares if you’re dead or not? I won’t allow myself to be arrested easily, that’s so unlike me. Go to hell in peace,” Chi Rui’er said with a humph.

More and more foam began to overflow from Mr. Chi’s mouth, and he was on the verge of suffocating.

Chi Rui’er took back the 10 thousand dollars she had given him earlier, which he had yet to spend.

She stowed the money in her bag and wiped away the foam on his mouth with a towel. She then removed his jacket and threw him onto the bed before tucking him beneath the duvet while laying him down onto his side. From where she was standing, it appeared as if he was sleeping.

Chi Rui’er switched on the televison and the lights before quickly making her escape. She drove to a short distance away and began waiting patiently.

Having understood her mother’s character, Chi Rui’er was certain that her mother would give her a call as soon as she realized her husband had died.

Thus, all Chi Rui’er had to do now was to wait patiently.

Just like she had expected, she received a call from Mrs. Chi two hours later.