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An Xiaoning had brought along two bodyguards, who waited for her in the car while she worked inside the police station. Needless to say, they must have been killed by Xi Bolai. However, she was not worried at all as she quickly pressed a button on the handle of the car door.

“I didn’t expect it indeed, but I’m not surprised at all. I never thought you’d meet me openly without resorting to underhanded means anyway,” An Xiaoning answered.

“I really like how unruffled and calm you are all the time. Few women are like you. It’s no wonder Jin Qingyan adores you so much.” Xi Bolai cut straight to the chase, “Start driving.”

An Xiaoning turned her head around slowly and looked at Xi Bolai, who was sitting in the backseat. “Mr. Xi, you really love playing pranks on me. First you tried to threaten me by stealing my master’s corpse, and now you sneaked into my car. Is there really a point in doing these?”

“Of course. To me, it’s fun. I love playing cat-and-mouse games with you.”

Glaring at him coldly, An Xiaoning said, “Don’t think you’ll win tonight just because you’re holding me at gunpoint.”

“You’re really so confident?” Xi Bolai retorted.

“I’m not confident, I’m just very certain.”

“Get into the passenger seat. Hurry up. I’ll shoot you if you keep dilly-dallying.”

An Xiaoning got into the passenger seat slowly. Xi Bolai continued to press the gun against her head while moving together with her from the backseat.

She fumbled about in the dark to grope at the handle and opened the car door slowly.

The extremely alert and vigilant Xi Bolai immediately locked the car door and windows.

“An Xiaoning, quit playing tricks with me,” Xi Bolai hissed, holding the gun in one hand and steering the wheel with another.

He drove her car away from the police station quickly and continued to speed along the roads.

Due to the snow and the late hour, traffic was light and there were very few cars on the road.

Soon, more than ten cars began chasing from behind. An Xiaoning knew right away that they were Jin Qingyan’s bodyguards.

“Not bad. He’s quick,” Xi Bolai said with a smirk.

An Xiaoning remained silent and slowly pulled a knife out from her sleeve with her left hand.

Xi Bolai continued to drive onto a secluded path along the mountains while Jin Qingyan’s bodyguards were hot in their pursuit. Noticing that they were about to catch up soon, Xi Bolai tried to steer away quickly, but to no avail since it was difficult to drive with one hand.

He put down the gun and began driving with both hands.

“Mr. Xi, is it really worth it?”

“What do you mean?”

“We don’t know each other well at all, and we’ve only met a few times. Is it really worth all this trouble to try and take me away time and time again?”

Still smiling at her, Xi Bolai answered, “Yes, you’re worth every bit of the efforts I’ve put in.”

“You might lose your life too in the midst of it,” An Xiaoning sneered.

“So what? I’ll do everything that is in my power to achieve my goal. An Xiaoning, you made me put a lot at stake. But I’m willing to take this huge risk for you.”

“I love Jin Qingyan. So, regardless of whether you’re trying to use me to spite Jin Qingyan or for another reason, I’ll never concede to your requests,” said An Xiaoning as she turned to look at him.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t expect you to be loyal to me or even fall in love with me,” he answered nonchalantly.

Due to how it was snowing continuously, the temperature had gone down to below zero degrees celsius and the roads were all paved with frozen snow. The car had begun to skid a little on the slippery roads.

He continued to drive for a little more than a kilometer with the bodyguards chasing fervently behind. All of a sudden, sounds of a helicopter approaching came from the sky.

An Xiaoning raised her head and squinted to see that it was Xi Bolai’s emergency helicopter. It seems he had indeed made all the necessary arrangements beforehand.

At this very moment, a massive number of cars appeared in front of them, preventing Xi Bolai from driving forward.

An Xiaoning stabbed Xi Bolai with the sharp knife at the instant that he stepped on the brakes. She had decided to do it after realizing that he was about to whip the gun out to hold her hostage.

If he had managed to hold her at gunpoint again, Jin Qingyan would have had no choice but to watch him take her away, for the former would be too afraid to take action.

That was because her life mattered the most to Jin Qingyan.

That was the last thing she wanted to see happen. If Xi Bolai were to manage to take her away, a ton of trouble would prevail again. Thus, she might as well fight him in the car before he managed to whip the gun out again.

Xi Bolai grimaced in pain and pulled the trigger while pointing the gun in her direction. However, An Xiaoning managed to grab his wrist in the nick of time, causing the bullet to hit and fly through the window.

Jin Qingyan hurried towards them with a bunch of bodyguards. Xi Bolai squinted in dismay, well aware that if Jin Qingyan and his bodyguards were to surround the car, there would be no way for him to escape. Only death would await him.

Jin Qingyan would never let him make it out of S Nation alive once he’d gotten a hold of him.

He was fully aware of that fact.

Seconds before Jin Qingyan and his bodyguards reached the car, Xi Bolai quickly stomped his foot onto the accelerator, causing the car to surge forward all of a sudden. The many pairs of eyes watched as he sped and drove off the cliff in An Xiaoning’s Ferrari.

Jin Qingyan failed to stop him in time.

“You’re out of your mind!” An Xiaoning yelled at the top of her lungs while grabbing his arm.

The car plunged downwards quickly and crashed onto the ground in no time.

“I am out of my mind. Do you think I’d actually let Jin Qingyan get a hold of me? Don’t even think about it. Great, at least we have each other for company.” Xi Bolai’s words had greatly infuriated An Xiaoning, who did not have a backup plan at this point.

As soon as he finished speaking, the car bounced off and fell to the ground again, knocking them unconscious immediately.

Xi Bolai’s bodyguards in the helicopter quickly made their way downwards.

The Ferrari had flipped and was severely crushed.

They carried the blood-drenched Xi Bolai out from the car and onto the helicopter.

“Do we take the woman too?” a bodyguard asked.

“Of course, carry her up regardless of whether she’s dead or alive,” said another.

An Xiaoning was then pulled out of the car and carried onto the helicopter.

Jin Qingyan’s bodyguards made it to the scene just as the helicopter left.

However, it was all too late, they had already taken her away.

Since the car did not plunge from a great height, An Xiaoning and Xi Bolai should both still be alive.

Anger rushed through Jin Qingyan’s veins as he immediately ordered for his private jet to take chase.

Clenching his fists in anger, he wanted nothing more than to chop Xi Bolai into pieces.

He swore to himself that he would not rest his case until he’d killed Xi Bolai.


“Young Madam, why have you come at this hour?” a female servant in Ming Yuan Estate asked in surprise.

“Is Xiaotian home?”

“Yes, Young Sir has already gone to take some rest.”

Lin Mingxi strode towards the door and changed into a pair of home slippers at the entrance before making her way upstairs.

As soon as she pushed the bedroom door open, she was greeted with the overwhelming scent of jasmine flowers.

A frown creased Lin Mingxi’s forehead as she closed the door and walked inside the room.