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Ye Xiaotian woke up all of a sudden and reached out to turn on the lights. Upon sight of Lin Mingxi standing by the bed, he quickly sat up and said, “Who let you in?”

“I’m your wife. Since you refuse to go home, I’ll have to come look for you,” Lin Mingxi answered.

“Get out,” Ye Xiaotian hissed coldly.


Ye Xiaotian lifted the intercom handset on the table and said, “Security, come in.”

Lin Mingxi removed her clothes immediately. “I shall see if they’d dare to carry me out when I’m naked.”

Ye Xiaotian got out of the bed and picked her clothes up. Just as he was about to push Lin Mingxi away, she managed to stop him from doing so with her quick reflexes.

“Young Sir, what’s the matter?” asked the bodyguards, who were standing by the door.

“Take her out of the mansion.”

Ye Xiaotian sat down on the bed. The bodyguards were, however, no match for Lin Mingxi who, in turn, beat them up into a pulp.

Lin Mingxi then locked the door from inside and said to Ye Xiaotian while staring at him, “You want me to feel widowed for the rest of my life. However, I’m afraid I won’t let you have your wishes.”

Glaring at her coldly, Ye Xiaotian hissed, “Don’t force me to go to extreme means. Hurry and get lost before I get infuriated.”

“Extreme means? Go ahead, I’m not afraid of you,” Lin Mingxi retorted fearlessly.

Ye Xiaotian was beyond irritated with her at this point and stood up to walk towards her. Holding her face in his hand, he taunted, “What’s the matter? You really want to sleep with me so badly?”

“We’re husband and wife, isn’t it only normal? It’d be abnormal for a married couple to not share the same bed, isn’t it? Don’t think I don’t know just how many women you’ve slept with in the past. Are you too afraid to sleep with your legal wife?” said Lin Mingxi, keeping her eyes fixed on him.

Ye Xiaotian began to strip her completely naked and carried her onto the bed before turning the lights off. He then opened the drawer to take an item out.

“Kneel down,” he instructed.

“Oh? You like doing it from behind?” asked Lin Mingxi, who did as instructed and knelt on the bed.

He placed the item aside and pulled her wrists together. Before Lin Mingxi knew it, he had successfully restrained her arms in a handcuff, which she tried to struggle out of, but to no avail.

“You jerk!”

Ye Xiaotian turned the lights on again as a malicious smile formed on his face. He carried her up and plonked her down onto the couch. “You’re right, I’ve slept with countless women in the past, but I just don’t wish to sleep with you.”

“Ye Xiaotian! Let go of me!”

Ye Xiaotian walked towards the bathroom and returned with a towel that he then stuffed inside her mouth. Reminded of the fact that she was nimble and trained in martial arts, Ye Xiaotian decided to cuff her ankles together before returning to bed.

Lin Mingxi was in complete torment for the rest of the night.

Ever since Ye Xiaotian and Lin Mingxi got married, the media had been watching them closely and focusing on matters such as whether they are living together or not.

News of Lin Mingxi heading to Ming Yuan Estate in the middle of the night quickly made the headlines the next morning.

The caption was: “Days after their marriage, Lin Mingxi decides to take action and finally gets to spend a night with her husband.”

Mo Li was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions upon reading the news.

She got out of bed and started some fire to cook up a meal. She opened the door to see that it was snowing heavily outside.

It was chilly inside the house. She sat by the stove and proceeded to start the fire, after which she soon felt a comforting warmth. Although she was sitting by the fire, her heart was still cold.

After pondering for a long while, she stood up and began cooking.

She was very satisfied with the way things were now and wanted to continue leading a peaceful life with her child, whom she would raise by herself.


Although Xi Bolai’s face was covered in blood, he did not sustain any major injuries compared to An Xiaoning, all because he had managed to activate the airbag.

He had already come to, but he could not move his body because of the injuries, especially since An Xiaoning had stabbed him.

“What’s her condition?”

“Master, Ms. An’s injuries are far more serious, and she’s still unconscious at the moment. The doctor said that she had suffered an impact to her head. Thus, we still don’t know if she will come to.”

Xi Bolai expressed assent and said, “Inform Jin Qingyan about this and get him to bring 500 million dollars. Send him a photo of An Xiaoning and tell him that we’ll have to punish his woman if I don’t receive the money by today.”

“Got it.”

After the bodyguard left, Xi Bolai’s personal assistant said, “Master, I reckon Jin Qingyan wouldn’t dare to not pay up.”

“Very true, unless he doesn’t want this woman anymore. Our organization has always been seeking his financial assistance, but he’s never once agreed. Let’s see if he’s still so adamant about it this time.” Xi Bolai glanced at his assistant and said, “No matter what, An Xiaoning mustn’t die. I want her to come to, by hook or by crook, regardless of how expensive the medicine may be.”

“I understand. But, Master, you’ve really had a close shave with death this time. It won’t be worth it to risk your life again.”

“It was indeed very dangerous, I almost landed in Jin Qingyan’s grasp. But it doesn’t matter, it’d be worth it if I’ll get to receive such a hefty sum of money just by taking this risk.” The smile on Xi Bolai’s face quickly turned into a grimace due to the pain from his injuries. “Jin Qingyan must be dying to kill me now. But too bad, An Xiaoning is in our hands. We’ll be striking a fortune very soon. This time, I’ll ask for 500 million, next time, it’ll be 1 billion. Just the thought of it makes me happy,” he continued.

“Very clever of you, Master. Not only did you manage to get the money, but you also got the girl.”

“Let’s see how she is now. Once she manages to get resuscitated, I want her to be guarded closely. The security must be tightened. History mustn’t repeat itself. You should be aware of the consequences should you fail to guard her properly.”

“Rest assured, Master. I will make the necessary arrangements.”

“Okay, you may leave. I’d like to get some rest,” said Xi Bolai as he closed his eyes.


Just as his assistant reached the door, he was stopped in his tracks by Xi Bolai. “Hold up.”

“Master, any more orders for me?”

“If An Xiaoning dies, I would suffer a huge loss. Regardless of whether she dies or not, prevention is always better than cure. I heard there’s a kind of chemical that allows you to clone humans. Um… is there really such a thing?”

“Yes, there is. But those chemicals are extremely expensive, and experts in such technologies are few and far in between. I heard that if the cloning is successful, the clone would be exactly the same as the human from which it was cloned from, be it voice, appearance, or blood type. The only difference is that the clone would be a blank slate with no memory at all.”

“The memory bit won’t be an issue. Didn’t we return from an accident on the mountains? We’ll just claim that she lost her memory and is suffering from amnesia. The more we talk about this, the more I’m starting to desire such a clone. It can work for me too. Ah, that would be perfect, killing two birds with one stone. I won’t even need the real An Xiaoning anymore. Hurry and go look for an expert in this field, as well as for the required chemicals. If the cloning is successful, you shall be duly rewarded!” Xi Bolai exclaimed, his eyes lit up in joy.


At the thought of a successful cloning, Xi Bolai was too agitated to even get some rest. Images of the idea began to flood his mind.