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After paying up, she boarded the ferry together with a bunch of other illegal immigrants.

The ferry was extremely crowded. After some inquiring and asking about, Mei Yangyang found out that all of them were going overseas to work.

Mei Yangyang was freezing in the chilly ferry, which did not have a heater.

That was the status quo for the rest of the night.

By daybreak, she was feeling just like a block of frozen meat. Fortunately, she had finally arrived in Y Nation.

She would have chosen to travel by plane if it were not for the fact that she would not be allowed to carry any weapons with her up there.

Famished, she immediately looked for a restaurant after alighting from the ferry. Since she was not proficient in the native language of Y Nation, she had a hard time communicating with the cashier while footing the bill.

She sent Long Tianze a text message to inform him of her whereabouts, only to receive a lashing from him over the phone. “For your sake, I will make it back alive. Wait for my return,” she answered.

Long Tianze had no choice but to give in, though he was enraged beyond limits. He could only advise her to pick up the native language of Y Nation before executing her plan.

Mei Yangyang shared similar sentiments as he did.

She checked into a hotel and tried her best to pick up the language, though it was indeed a tall order.

Long Tianze insisted that Mei Yangyang contact him every day. Seeing how worried he was, she agreed to his request.

Since learning a new language would require a certain amount of time, Mei Yangyang decided to stay at the hotel for about two weeks to learn the basics of the language before proceeding with her plan.


Twenty days after the butler was prosecuted in court, the verdict was finally out.

The butler was sentenced to a death penalty with all of his assets confiscated. The compensation for the victim’s family would be deducted from his assets.

Mrs. Jin was not in the mood to eat or drink at all after hearing the verdict.

She cooped herself up in the room and wept in agony.

The matter could initially have been swept under the carpet. However, she was well aware that it was the doing of her ex-husband, who wanted the butler to die.

Throughout her 20-year marriage to Mr. Jin, they’ve been living as a couple who were only married in name. Jin Qingyue’s biological father, the butler, had always been her true love.

Yet, her only soulmate was about to face a death sentence.

Naturally, she would detest Mr. Jin for his ruthlessness.

As much as she resented him, there was nothing much she could do.

After an entire day of cooping up in her room, the starving and parched Mrs. Jin finally came out of her room to have a meal.

She ate a meager amount and instead filled her stomach with excessive alcohol.

The servants could only advise her to drink less.

However, she ignored their advice and even ordered them to stay out of it.

The servants thus remained quiet, thinking that Mrs. Jin would just go to bed after drinking.

Little did they expect that she would not do so.

She stopped drinking before she was drunk out of her senses and proceeded to walk out of the door. The bodyguards quickly took chase.

“Madam, where are you going?”

“To Qingyue’s place. I’m going to look for her…”

The bodyguards helped her into the car and brought her to the Shi family home.

Jin Qingyue was having her dinner at the time. At the sight of a tipsy Mrs. Jin, she quickly instructed the servants to help her onto the couch.

“Mother, why did you drink so much?”

“Why… can’t I drink that much? Qingyue, your father has been sentenced to a death penalty by the court. I won’t be able to live on if he dies.”

Jin Qingyue ordered the kitchen helpers to brew some broth to cure Mrs. Jin’s hangover before dismissing the servants.

She then sat down beside her mother on the couch. “So what if you can’t live on? Are you going to die with him?” Jin Qingyue scoffed.

“I do have such plans.”

“If you really did, then just go ahead and die quietly. Why do you have to come and tell me about it?” Jin Qingyue asked.

Staring at her with widened eyes, Mrs. Jin said, “Qingyue, he’s your biological father. Are you really just going to sit back and watch him die?”

“Other than the DNA test report, does it state anywhere else that he’s my biological father? I’ve never felt his fatherly love for me at all. Since I was young, I’ve only seen him as the butler and treated him like an outsider. All of a sudden, he’s become my biological father. It may not seem like much to you, but it came off as a huge blow to me. It’s unacceptable to me, and I refuse to accept it just because it’s the truth.”

“Didn’t you feel how endearing and caring he had been to you since you were young? He had always treated you better than he treated your brother,” said Mrs. Jin as tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.

“Seems like he had known that I was his child all along. The verdict of this matter is set in stone. It’s not something I can decide anyway. Don’t bring it up again in the future. Shaochuan doesn’t know about this yet, I don’t want him to find out about such a scandalous piece of news. It’ll really bring me shame.”

“I really don’t see a point in living anymore.”

Jin Qingyue took the bowl of broth from the servant and placed it onto the coffee table before saying, “You may sleep in the living room after drinking the broth. I’m going upstairs to get some rest.”

Noticing how awful she looked when she entered the room, Shi Shaochuan asked, “Who made you upset again this time?”

“My mother came to look for me in a drunken stupor.” After removing her clothes, Jin Qingyue laid down and glared at him. “It’s either you or my mother who constantly gets on my nerves. Are you two out to infuriate me together?” she hissed.

Shi Shaochuan decided to change the subject, in a bid to not upset her any further since she was still pregnant. “Don’t dwell on it anymore, go to bed,” he said calmly.


The secret agents Jin Qingyan hired had failed to rescue An Xiaoning, not because they were incompetent but because Xi Bolai had ordered for An Xiaoning to be heavily guarded by bodyguards who were all armed with guns. Security was so tight that even a housefly would not make it inside.

Upon realizing that Jin Qingyan’s secret agents had infiltrated his den, he proceeded to move An Xiaoning to another secret chamber in the basement. He placed an extra bed in the chamber and decided to guard her himself.

He also ordered that no one was allowed to enter the den.

Thus, Mei Yangyang had still yet to find an opportunity to slip in, despite having learned most of the native language of Y Nation.

In the blink of an eye, one month had passed since An Xiaoning met with the mishap.

It was extremely cold during wintertime in December.

Mei Yangyang had been loitering near Xi Bolai’s den for two days, in a bid to look for an opportunity to enter.

At past nine o’clock in the evening, Mei Yangyang made her way to the back of the den to find that a window on the third storey was left wide open.

She looked around before climbing up one of the walls, only to find that there were guards on duty inside.

Mei Yangyang whipped out a hooked rope and hooked it onto the window pane on the second storey. She supported her weight against an anti-theft window and climbed upwards to the window pane on the third storey. She peeked inside to find that it was a male bathroom, which explained why the window was left wide open.

She retracted the rope and hurriedly climbed downwards into the bathroom. An idea popped up in Mei Yangyang’s head at the instant that she saw the ladies’ bathroom opposite.

While the coast was clear, she swiftly sneaked into the ladies’ bathroom. Soon, a pleasant-looking cleaner entered.

Just as she lifted her pants to take a piss, she was abruptly shot by a bullet from Mei Yangyang’s gun.

Although she had died an innocent death, Mei Yangyang could not be bothered to dwell on it. Having already come this far and made it into Xi Bolai’s den, her ultimate goal was to rescue An Xiaoning, do or die.

Mei Yangyang swapped outfits with the cleaner and brainstormed for a way to get rid of the corpse.

In order to leave no stones unturned and guard against all possibilities, Mei Yangyang carried the cleaner’s corpse to the male bathroom and chucked it out the window.