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Panting heavily, Mei Yangyang heard a thud all of a sudden. She quickly rushed back inside the ladies’ washroom and put on the mask without delay, after which she finally felt a huge sense of relief.

Hanging her head low, she quickly zoomed out of the bathroom and embarked on a search for the surveillance cameras control room.

However, she could not find the room after searching the entire storey.

Mei Yangyang had no choice but to leave and search elsewhere. In the darkness of the night, she scanned her surroundings and finally decided on a direction to proceed in.

She began walking towards a brightly lit area.

She mustered the courage to brave across the entrance and successfully managed to escape the eyes of the guards on patrol. She then finally reached the door of the surveillance cameras control room.

Upon hearing a faint moaning, Mei Yangyang decided that it was the right time to take action.

She gently pushed the door open and entered on tiptoes.

She took a glance to see that the people inside were getting intimate with each other. She then quickly tampered with the surveillance camera system and destroyed the surveillance camera footage memory card completely. The surveillance camera system immediately shut down and ceased to operate.

Pangs of panic engulfed Mei Yangyang as she rushed out of the door, after which her nervousness slowly began to dissipate.

Mei Yangyang racked her brains to come up with a way to remain in the den without arousing suspicion.

She sneaked out of the area, hoping to find an opportunity to stay behind by daybreak.

Feeling chilly, she subconsciously slipped her hands into her pocket, only to discover a small mobile phone.

At this very moment, the screen of the mobile phone lit up due to an incoming call from “Kaili,” as shown on the caller display.

Mei Yangyang answered the call. Before she could even speak, she heard a voice yelling over the phone, “Wretched lass, did you fall inside the toilet bowl?”

Mei Yangyang instantly scurried away and said in a muffled voice in between sobs, “No, they’re trying to catch me.”

“Why do you sound so different? Where are you now!?!”

“In the corridor near the bathroom.” Mei Yangyang ended the call right away and returned to the building she had initially climbed into.

Upon reaching the stairwell, Mei Yangyang craned her neck to see a figure belonging to a woman scrambling across to her. Mei Yangyang instantly remained still as a statue.

“Xiaoying?” the woman yelled while standing by the entrance of the bathroom.

Clearly, the woman was too terrified to enter the bathroom. She called Xiaoying again but did not hear sounds of a mobile phone ringing coming from inside. Thus, she retreated backwards frantically towards the stairwell. All of a sudden, Mei Yangyang grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away, greatly startling the woman.

The woman quivered uncontrollably in shock and fear.

“Are you Xiaoying’s friend?” Mei Yangyang asked softly, a terrified expression on her face.

“Yes, you are?”

“She and I were chased by two men earlier. I hid here while she ran inside the male bathroom. I haven’t seen her come out ever since.”

Kaili instantly turned as pale as a sheet. “Really?” she asked in astonishment.

Mei Yangyang nodded and answered, “They saw us entering the bathroom and wanted to rape us. Thus, we tried to flee. It was really terrifying.”

“Hurry and go back to the dormitory. I’m heading back too,” said Kaili, frightened upon hearing her words.

Mei Yangyang grabbed her again to stop her. “Wait a minute, Xiaoying might already be dead by now. They’ll definitely find a scapegoat to take the blame. Did you see the surveillance camera on the ceiling?”

Staring at the direction Mei Yangyang was pointing at, Kaili answered, “Yes.”

“For all you know, they might make us the scapegoat. So, from now on, we’re a team and on the same boat. Who knows? They might come for us when daybreak arrives.”

Since Mei Yangyang was not exactly fluent in the native language of Y Nation, she was constantly stuttering as she spoke. However, Kaili did not suspect anything and merely thought that Mei Yangyang was acting that way because she was frightened.

Kaili felt a shiver down her spine after hearing Mei Yangyang’s words. “What should we do then…”

“I’ve got a solution. But, it’s not safe to talk about it here. Could you let me go to your dormitory? We’ll talk about it softly while laying in bed.”

“Sure, come with me,” Kaili agreed as she proceeded to lead the way while Mei Yangyang followed closely behind. The duo quickly made their way to the dormitory.

They did not turn on the lights in the dormitory, where there were four other servants. Mei Yangyang laid down in Xiaoying’s bed and began discussing the situation with Kaili softly.

They spent the entire night discussing the matter, during which time Mei Yangyang obtained a lot of information.

For example, she learned that Xiaoying used to be a cleaner in charge of housekeeping and cleaning the corridor on the first storey while Kaili was responsible for tidying the rooms on the first storey. Xiaoying and Kaili shared a close relationship and would practically chat about anything under the sun.

Xiaoying’s parents were not around, and she was working alone in the den.

Due to the fact that the majority of the workers in the den were males, it was naturally unsafe for females to lurk about alone in such a complicated and dangerous place. Female servants would often travel in pairs at night, in case they stumbled upon any lecherous men who would definitely take the chance to rape them.

Although it was indeed very dangerous to work in such a place, all the workers were offered a hefty paycheck. Besides, they had all been working there for a long period of time, and thus, they were all willing to continue working.

It did not occur to Kaili that such a terrifying incident would happen. She burst into tears at last and mentioned that she wanted to quit. However, she would definitely be deemed as the scapegoat, should she tender her resignation the day after.

In a bid to calm Kaili down, Mei Yangyang said slowly, “If someone comes to ask you about this tomorrow, just say that you didn’t go out last night at all. Tell them that you and Xiaoying are no more than just colleagues. You mustn’t mention that you two are close friends. Don’t ask why, just answer directly. I will explain myself when they question me.”

“Will this really work?”

“Trust me, it’ll work. You have to believe me,” Mei Yangyang reassured her while holding her hand tightly.

Kaili nodded in agreement and fell asleep only when it was almost daybreak.

Less than a few hours later, they were jolted awake by a voice yelling at the door. “Hurry and get up. The higher-ups are calling for an assembly.”

“What assembly?” Kaili asked in fear, pale as a sheet.

“I don’t know, they just want us to fall in at the courtyard. Master has something to say to us.”

“Got it.”

Kaili and Mei Yangyang got out of bed together and hurried towards the courtyard.

Mei Yangyang could finally have a clear view of the place since it was daybreak.

The courtyard was filled with people who were obviously servants, as evidenced by the way they dressed.

As soon as Mei Yangyang stood amongst the crowd, she became the center of attention because of how gorgeous she looked with the mask on.

“Why haven’t I seen her around before?”

“Exactly, it’s been ages since I saw such a pretty babe.”

“If only she were my girlfriend.”


Though the crowd was engaged in curious gossip, they immediately fell silent upon hearing a sudden voice from the podium.

“All of you, be quiet!”

Mei Yangyang looked in front to see a man, clad in a black suit, walking towards the podium. She immediately recognized him to be Xi Bolai.

She glared at him coldly. It was a pity that such a handsome man like him turned out to be an unscrupulous villain.

“This morning, we found a female corpse at the wall behind the building. The body belongs to one of our servants.” As soon as he paused his speech, Kaili began to tremble in fear.

“However, she turns out to be a snitch sent by the people outside. She’s already dead. Let me warn all of you, if there’s a mole amongst you, you’d better leave out of your own accord right away. I will spare your life if you do. Otherwise, you shall die once we’ve exposed you.”