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For a couple who did not have a stable relationship to begin with, this undoubtedly worsened things further.

Gu Dongcheng originally liked playing around, and he now went home at an even later timing. A smart woman like Chi Rui’er was definitely aware of what was going on.

But she did not investigate and turned a blind eye to it.

Until tonight.

Chi Rui’er returned from the beauty parlor and passed by a high-quality women’s boutique. She happened to notice Gu Dongcheng there as well.

Not only that, she saw Xu Jingwen’s figure beside him.

Looking at the situation, Chi Rui’er was burning with rage.

She was already not fond of Xu Jingwen, but seeing this situation, she was now completely at odds with her.

Seeing how Xu Jingwen laughed seductively beside her own husband, Chi Rui’er could no longer take it.

For the reputation of the Gu family, however, she did not catch them on the spot but followed their car to the estate they lived in. Chi Rui’er then realized that Xu Jingwen actually lived in one of the units of a building next to their own house.

It was obvious who had rented or bought that house for her.

Looking at them get off the car, Chi Rui’er pulled her car over but did not get off. She thought of Gu Dongcheng’s attitude towards her lately and firmly believed that Xu Jingwen must have told him something.

She did not think that it was her own fault at all.

She believed that all the fault lied in Xu Jingwen.

After Gu Dongcheng returned home, she gazed at the units of the building and estimated the time Xu Jingwen took to go up, thereby determining which unit she lived in.

When Chi Rui’er was clear about it, she went home.

Gu Dongcheng had gone to bathe. As Chi Rui’er looked at the bathroom door, an idea popped up in her head.

She fished out his phone from his suit pocket and resolutely sent a message to Xu Jingwen: “Honey, I’ll go and find you at 11:30 later, wait for me, okay?”

After the message was sent out, a reply came in immediately: “Alright, love you, muah.”

Chi Rui’er immediately deleted the record of the messages. Her heart was like the scene of a battlefield and she thought, Muah? Go and die, you bitch!

She placed the phone back into his suit pocket and sat at the dressing table, staring at her own reflection. Without a sound, she stood up again.

Gu Dongcheng came out from his bath and saw that something was not right with her. He then remarked lightly, “I’ve rented a house for your mother. Let her move over there.”

“If she lives alone, she won’t even have someone to talk to her. I object.”

“I’ll find a house nearby so you can go and accompany her, it’ll be very convenient.” It seemed like Gu Dongcheng had already made a decision. “You don’t want to live with my family either, can’t you consider how it is for me to live with my mother-in-law every day?”

“That’s your stepmother, but this is my biological mother. Is it the same?” Chi Rui’er sat down on the bed. “Don’t mention this issue anymore, I’ll never agree to it. Right…”

She thought for a moment and continued, “Do you remember that girl Xu Jingwen whom I hired for three thousand dollars when I was pregnant?”

Gu Dongcheng was taken aback, but still pretended like he was unfamiliar with her. “Oh… that girl? I remember.”

“I went to the hospital to do a checkup at my gynecologist’s and I ran into her.” Chi Rui’er made up the story with ease, such that even her expression was flawless.


“The doctor said that because she’d had too many abortions done, she won’t be able to get pregnant in the future,” she said smoothly while observing Gu Dongcheng’s expression.

“Really?” Gu Dongcheng was indifferent about it. “Even if she can’t get pregnant, what has that got to do with us? You shouldn’t care so much about other people’s affairs, just care about your own issues.”

If she had not seen it with her own eyes, she would have thought that his reaction was completely normal and did not indicate anything was amiss. But in reality? Her husband was a superior actor.

Chi Rui’er did not say anything further and went on the bed to sleep along with him.

After he fell asleep, she changed into another set of clothes again and headed out to meet Xu Jingwen.

It was dead silent at night. Chi Rui’er arrived alone at the hallway outside Xu Jingwen’s door and pressed the doorbell.

The door was flung open instantly, and Xu Jingwen said as she opened it, “Didn’t you bring your keys?”

Seeing Chi Rui’er at the door, she was about to close the door shut when Chi Rui’er went in.

She closed the door shut. “Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

Xu Jingwen was slightly daunted. The scene of Jin Qingyue bringing people here previously had cast a shadow upon her, and now that Chi Rui’er had come to find her, she was more or less feeling guilty.

But the good thing was, she came alone without anyone else.

“Right, it’s been long.” Xu Jingwen broke into a grin. “I wonder why you’re here in the middle of the night?”

“Cut the pretense.” Chi Rui’er closed in on her step by step. “Xu Jingwen, what nerve you have. You dare to hook up with Dongcheng?”

“You’ve no proof, don’t spout nonsense!”

“I even saw it with my own eyes. Do I still need proof?” Chi Rui’er took off her high heels resolutely and pressed it against Xu Jingwen’s face.

Xu Jingwen groaned in pain and screamed, “Get out of here right now, or I’m calling the police!”

Chi Rui’er was obviously undaunted. “Look at yourself, bitch. You can call the police for all you want, I’ll make you get on the news immediately.”

She reached out her hand. “Give me the phone.”

“I won’t.”

Chi Rui’er was about to hit her again, but Xu Jingwen immediately covered her head and, while Chi Rui’er was still unprepared, she raised a broom to defend herself. “If you still won’t leave, don’t blame me for being nasty.”

“Look at you, you really don’t know what’s good for yourself. Alright, I’m going to call people here.” Chi Rui’er took out her phone and was about to make a call. As she turned and was about to enter the bedroom, she took the chance to grab Xu Jingwen’s hair before she locked the door from inside, then rode on her body. Xu Jingwen struggled vehemently and used both her legs to kick her forcefully. In the midst of flailing her hands about, she scratched Chi Rui’er’s face.

Chi Rui’er only felt a twinge of pain on her face and, after she touched it, saw that there was blood on her hand.

Chi Rui’er’s eyes emitted sparks of anger and she totally lost her cool. Using both her hands, she strangled Xu Jingwen’s neck and pressed onto it with all her might.

After a fierce struggle, Xu Jingwen collapsed onto the floor with her pupils turned upward and her breath stopped.

Chi Rui’er released her hands and looked at her, still boiling with rage. “You deserve to die!”

She got up and called her mother.

When Mrs. Chi arrived, she saw Xu Jingwen lying motionless on the floor and her face turned as pale as a sheet instantly. “Rui’er…”

“I killed her. She’s Dongcheng’s mistress.”

Mrs. Chi couldn’t help but reply, “But, you still shouldn’t have killed her.”

“I think she deserved to die. I wanted to kill her a long time ago.” Not a tinge of guilt could be detected from her face. “Quickly help me to move her body onto the car.”

At this point, Mrs. Chi had no choice but to help her get rid of Xu Jingwen’s body.

After moving her body to the boot of the car, Chi Rui’er did not immediately get rid of it but tidied the crime scene first instead. She packed Xu Jingwen’s clothes, cosmetics, and the rest of her belongings into a suitcase and threw it into her car, making it seem like she left.

Gu Dongcheng remained unaware of all that had happened.

The following morning, he went to work as usual. After he was gone, Chi Rui’er went to a remote area of the city and bought a house with a garden.

Following that, she buried Xu Jingwen’s body within the garden of the house.

She still did not stop at that and went to the security office of the estate and bribed the person-in-charge to delete all the records on the surveillance cameras.