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It was impossible for her to do it openly, so she felt that she had to take a risk.

Just waiting like that for an opportunity did not seem like a good idea.

As they watched a movie, Mei Yangyang went right for his body, leaning against it. Xi Boyu enjoyed this greatly, and he wrapped his arms around her while watching.

However, no matter how Mei Yangyang tried to find an opportunity, her attempts were futile.

She even thought of putting a drug in his food to knock him out. But in reality, she did not even have the chance to go to the kitchen alone.

Finally, after much thought, Mei Yangyang wanted to use her final trick.

“Boyu, I’m tired from watching the movie. I want to get some sleep, can you accompany me?”

“Of course.” He was more than willing to do so.

The corner of Mei Yangyang’s lips curled into a smile as she got up with him. He wanted to go to her room with her, but Mei Yangyang said instead, “I want to lie on your bed. May I?”

His eyes twinkled. “Let’s go.”

The two laid down on the bed and he turned, pressing down his body on hers. “I really want you.”

Mei Yangyang put on the pretense of being shy. “We agreed on two weeks. It hasn’t even been one week, you can’t go back on your words, okay?”

He reluctantly got off of her and pulled her into his arms. “Alright then, I won’t rush it. You sleep, I’ll stay here with you.”

“Umm. You’re such an upright gentleman. I love upright gentlemen like you.”

Xi Boyu flashed a slightly cunning smile. He thought to himself that he was never an upright gentleman, it was just his ploy to put out his bait to catch the big fish.

Would it matter if he waited a few more days?

He had sufficient sleep last night, so he was not sleepy at all. After waiting for a while and seeing that he was really not falling asleep, Mei Yangyang acted like she needed the washroom and sprayed the colorless and odorless mist spray she brought around with her in her palm.

She lay down beside him again and gazed at him, placing the hand with the mist sprayed on it near his chin. “Your moustache has grown out.”

“I just shaved yesterday.”

“No, I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I’ll pull it off for you.” She narrowed her eyes as she leaned closer to him, moving one hand back and forth over his chin while placing the other at his nose.

With that, after one to two minutes, she went back to lie in his arms. “I’m sleeping.”

“I’m getting sleepy too.” His eyes were half-closed.

Mei Yangyang closed her eyes, quietly waiting for the right time to come.

Five minutes later, she raised her head and saw that he was already asleep.

Taking the spray out, she resolutely sprayed a few times on his face. After confirming that he would not wake up, she then openly took his phone. Using her own phone, she sent the listening software to his phone, then speedily set it up. After it was all done, she did not forget to hide the software amongst the other files in his phone.

Mei Yangyang then conveniently went through the content in his phone and discovered that he sent many women ambiguous texts. He even had naked photos of various women in his photo gallery. The leading male was not inside the pictures, but it was obvious that he was the one.

What made Mei Yangyang the most speechless was that he even kept videos of him and many women being intimate.

Towards this person, she really did not have a good impression at all.

After putting his phone back into his pocket, Mei Yangyang got down from the bed and started surveying his bedroom.

Surprisingly, she obtained a map of this place from a book in his drawer.

To Mei Yangyang, that was an extremely valuable gain.

The map even had all the secret passageways of the place labelled properly.

Mei Yangyang decisively took pictures of the map and sent them to Jin Qingyan.

As for the rest, she did not find anything else in his bedroom.

Since he was not awake yet, she took the time to carefully study the pictures of the map, remembering them by heart.

What surprised Mei Yangyang was that, that very night, she heard the phone conversation between Xi Boyu and Xi Bolai with her own ears.

Xi Bolai: “I just feel that there’s something wrong with that woman.”

Xi Boyu: “What problem is there? You’ve tested her already.”

Xi Bolai: “That wasn’t enough. You need to keep an eye out for her. Don’t tell her anything at all, just treat it as a fling. Don’t take it seriously. Next time, don’t bring her to our house.”

Xi Boyu: “On the surface, she may be my girlfriend, but I haven’t treated it as that. I just think that she’s pretty and just want to play with her.”

Xi Bolai: “Playing around is fine, but don’t go out of hand.”

Xi Boyu: “I know.”

Xi Bolai: “I think I have to test her some more. Later, I’ll get someone to act as a special agent sent to assassinate you, then he’ll give her a stab. We’ll see if she fights back, okay?”

Xi Boyu: “Brother, don’t do this. She’s so small and petite, you might just kill her with one stab. Don’t do this, she doesn’t seem like a special agent.”

Xi Bolai: “Listen to me, just cooperate. She won’t die from the stab, I’ll get my man to take note of that. If we can confirm that she isn’t, then both you and I can rest assured.”

Xi Boyu: “Alright then.”

Mei Yangyang removed her phone from her ear. It seemed like, to remove their suspicions towards her, she had to get hurt.

Just when she had gotten ready, Xi Boyu’s voice sounded at the door. “Xiaoyang, are you asleep?”

“Not yet.” She got up and opened the door. “Why?”

“The moon’s out tonight, let’s go out and take a walk. Alright?”

“Sure,” she agreed readily. “Give me a moment, I’ll put on a coat.”


A moment later, Mei Yangyang had her coat on and was out, hand in hand with him. “Indeed, the moon tonight is really nice. I like it so much.”

“The weather forecast said that there’ll even be snow tomorrow. You should wear more tomorrow, or else you might catch a cold.”

“Umm, you too.”

The two chatted as they walked along. After walking for some time, Mei Yangyang felt that something was wrong. She felt the presence of another person, but she had to pretend like she did not know anything.

Indeed, two men approached the two of them. One of them had his face covered and was right before them.

“Be careful!” Mei Yangyang went forward to shield Xi Boyu with her body and a knife stabbed into her shoulder. The intense pain overwhelmed her and she broke out in cold sweat, her heart palpitating with fear.

Xi Boyu did not expect that at this crucial moment, she would actually shield him from that stab. He was instantly touched by her actions. “Xiaoyang, how are you?”

“I’m fine, but they’ve run away…”

“I’ll get someone to chase them, you hang in there. I’ll bring you to get bandaged.” He carried her in his arms and immediately headed towards the medical room urgently.

Mei Yangyang bore with the pain and gazed at him, moaning, “It’s so painful, I think I’m going to faint.”

“We’re arriving soon.”

Mei Yangyang still pretended like she had fainted and closed her eyes.

It was the first time Xi Boyu developed guilt towards a woman. He made the doctor bandage Mei Yangyang properly and carried her back to her room himself. He took off her shoes and covered her with a blanket. Even his actions were a lot gentler than before.

Hearing his footsteps as he left, Mei Yangyang then opened her eyes. Watching the door being closed, she grinded her teeth in pain.

If she had not known that she was going to get stabbed, it might have been better. But going there while knowing that she would get stabbed, she’d been more or less nervous about it.

But at least, she had survived this obstacle. Following this, she had to find the right opportunity to save An Xiaoning.

In the dark of the night, with the moon outside the window shining bright and clear, the conviction in her heart was equally firm as well.