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“Young Sir, you got me to check where Ms. Mo’s burial place was, but I couldn’t find it.”

Ye Xiaotian glanced up. “What do you mean by this?”

“I checked all the cremation records and many cemeteries, but I couldn’t find it. Maybe her family didn’t bury her, or buried her somewhere else. This, I’ve no way of finding out. I’m afraid only her family will know.”

“Get people to keep a lookout over her family. After some time, they will definitely go and pay respects to her.”

“Yes, Young Sir.”

Ye Xiaotian grasped the sofa firmly, unable to comprehend the situation.

“Xiaotian.” Mrs. Ye appeared with her bag slung over her shoulder.

He turned to look at her. “Mother.”

Mrs. Ye sat down beside him and asked, “It’s been so long. How long more will you continue being like this?”


“Go home to sleep.” Mrs. Ye continued, “The Lin family has been very upset about this. Mingxi’s mother has called me so many times. That time when you handcuffed Mingxi for the whole night, do you think Mother didn’t know about it?”

Ye Xiaotian was indifferent about it. “So what if you knew?”

With him acting like this, Mrs. Ye could indeed do nothing about it. It was just like back then – when she insisted on objecting against the marriage between him and Mo Li, he could do nothing about it either.

“She’s your wife now, Xiaotian. Live well with her, don’t make a joke of it anymore.”

“How am I making a joke of it?” Ye Xiaotian rebutted. “Who says that if you get married, you have to sleep together and have children?”

Mrs. Ye sighed helplessly. Because of this issue, she had been in a constant state of worry. “Mother knows you have been blaming me in your heart. But, you can’t bring the dead back. Can’t you let this incident pass?”

“I can’t. This incident will never pass in my heart.”

Mrs. Ye’s hands trembled slightly. “Xiaotian, are you bent on driving your mother to death?”

“Mother, I got married according to your wishes already. Do I have to do things that I dislike according to your wish again? Will you be happy then?”

“…” Mrs. Ye was dumbfounded. There was nothing she could say to rebut.

After complete silence passed for a few seconds, Ye Xiaotian said slowly, “I let Mo Li down. From the start, I let her down. Until she died, it was still me who let her down. This is the most regretful thing in my life thus far.”

“I’m slightly regretful now,” Mrs. Ye remarked, having not expected that things would turn out this way. “I never thought that she was that brave, and I never thought that making you marry Lin Mingxi would be doing more harm to you. If you’re really suffering, then divorce Lin Mingxi. Mother won’t force you anymore in the future.”

It was a rare occurrence for Ye Xiaotian to hear such words from his mother. He looked at her in astonishment and exclaimed, “Mother, are you serious about what you’re saying?”

“What do you think?” Mrs. Ye’s eyes were moist with tears. “Seeing you like this, what can your mother do? I can only concede.”

Ye Xiaotian went forward and embraced her. “Thanks, Mother.”

In that instant, Mrs. Ye had let go of everything. Ever since Mo Li died and he had gotten married, he did not return to the old residence to see her and there was never a good conversation between them. Mrs. Ye let out a sigh in her heart silently. Forget it, let him do what he wants then.

When Mrs. Ye left, Ye Xiaotian started to call Lin Mingxi.

It was the first time he had called her since they met each other. This person was his wife only in name.

Lin Mingxi rushed there hurriedly and, seeing the divorce agreement placed on the coffee table, her face changed instantly.

“What do you mean by this?”

“Nothing much. I want to divorce you. My mother has agreed.”

“Ye Xiaotian, are you playing with me?” Lin Mingxi sneered. “Is marriage a game to you?”

“As long as you agree, I will compensate you a sum of money. Even if you don’t agree, it’s fine. I will make you do so.”

Lin Mingxi sniggered and retorted, “Who do you think you are?”

“I’m not anyone in particular, but when dealing with a woman, I never go easy. Lin Mingxi, although we got married, I never touched you all this while. You clearly know that very well.”

“I do, but others don’t!” She flew into a rage. “In front of other people, I’ll be a divorced woman, do you know that? I’ll be a second-hand good who has been played by you!”

Ye Xiaotian looked up. “So I will compensate you for your loss. Despite what other people say, I haven’t touched you in reality. Isn’t that so?”

“Ye Xiaotian!” Lin Mingxi was going berserk. “I’m not going to divorce you.”

“Lin Mingxi, you might not be so clear about this,” he said. “As long as it’s something that I want to do, I will get it done. You should consider this carefully. You can obediently take the money and divorce me, or you’ll not get a single penny and suffer humiliation. To eventually concede under pressure after refusing the first overture… it won’t be a good experience.”

This obvious threat towards her made Lin Mingxi extremely upset. She’d known long ago that her husband was not someone to be trifled with.

Such a passive retreat was not something she wanted.

A smart person like her, however, naturally knew which option to choose.

“I have a request,” Lin Mingxi stated. “If you agree to it, I’ll sign this agreement.”


“Our side will make the divorce announcement. It will be our side who makes the news known as well. You can’t make any announcement on your side first, to preserve my final bit of dignity.”

Ye Xiaotian was not so easily played with. “If you don’t make the announcement for the rest of your life, then I won’t be able to say anything about it?”

“How can that be possible? I still need to get married.”

“I’ll give you the right to decide then, but it has to be within half a year.” Ye Xiaotian made the greatest concession he could. “If you don’t make the announcement first on your side within half a year, then I’ll have it made known to all on my side.”

“Sure.” Lin Mingxi added, “What price are you offering for compensation?”

“You can state a price, I will consider it.”

“Ten million.”

Ye Xiaotian sneered. “Can you take a good look at yourself in the mirror and see if you’re worth that much? Five million. I won’t give you a cent more.”

Lin Mingxi’s face was heating up with rage. “Five million is too little.”

“You can choose not to take it as well.” A cold glare emitted from his eyes. “Don’t waste my time anymore, I’ll give you one minute to consider.”

“I got it.” Lin Mingxi signed on the divorce agreement.

Ye Xiaotian did not delay a single moment. He got up and muttered, “Let’s get the proceedings done.”

“You’re in such a hurry?”

“That’s right, I don’t want to be married to you for even one more minute.”

Going out with him, Lin Mingxi bit her lip in anger and snorted.

Late into the night, the heavy snow finally stopped. The weather turned incredibly cold.

With the strong wind blowing hard, the guards on duty were freezing to the point that their legs were trembling.

Mei Yangyang took her phone away from her ear, her face stiffening. She did not expect that tonight, Xi Bolai was going to violate An Xiaoning. This situation was not inspiring optimism.

She skillfully climbed out of her window and, grabbing onto a rope hooked to it, she reached Xi Bolai’s house. She was surrounded by surveillance cameras and by men guarding the house. To avoid the surveillance cameras, she had to enter a dead end. However, this was a huge risk to take.

It was extremely difficult to get near to where An Xiaoning was.

Fortunately, as she arrived at Xi Bolai’s balcony area, she heard him ordering his men to serve food and wine. He also ordered the maids to quickly give An Xiaoning a bath.

She thought to herself and instantly got an idea, then turned to leave.

At this point, An Xiaoning was forcefully given a bath by the maids. She had already experienced this feeling of her body being invaded by other people once before.