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It was a feeling she extremely abhorred.

An Xiaoning was then brought to the bedroom.

Xi Bolai raised his eyebrows gently and gazed at her in a nightgown. “Is the temperature alright in the room?”

“It isn’t cold indeed.”

“Come over.”

The maids brought her forward and pressed her down on the bed.

Xi Bolai ordered the maids, “Get out, don’t come in without my instruction.”

“Yes, Master.”

In the room now, only the two of them were left. He reached out and pinched An Xiaoning’s chin, saying in a plain tone, “Why? Aren’t you scared?”

“What’s there to be scared of?” An Xiaoning thought of the time she and Jin Qingyue were captured in a basement and asked, “Previously, when Jin Qingyan’s sister and I were captured and threatened, you were the one behind it, right?”

Xi Bolai replied instead, “Don’t think that just because I captured you now, everything else was done by me. I didn’t do that, I won’t admit it.”

“The aim was to kill Qingyan, but after failing at that, his sister and I were captured instead. Using the two of us to make him choose, you’re saying you didn’t do all these?”

“Of course,” Xi Bolai retorted. “In your eyes, am I the only person like that in this world? My goal is simple, I’m doing it all for money, not just to kill. I think I have to explain this myself. If I kill Jin Qingyan, who will give me money? You didn’t think about it, did you? If I captured you and his sister, why would I make him choose? I would just make him give me a lot of money, right?”

An Xiaoning looked down and thought to herself, There’s some truth behind that.

But since it was his words, she could not believe it.

“Although your face screams of disbelief, I won’t explain further. Since to you and to Jin Qingyan, I’m not that good of a person, then forget it. I’m not a good person indeed.”

He couldn’t help but break into a smile. “You’re destined to be mine tonight. I want to make you compare whether Jin Qingyan’s or my skills are better.”

“I must say, your hobby is really unusual. Other men like untouched women, don’t they?”

“Why must I be like other people?” Xi Bolai shrugged. “I am who I am, and I am a firework of a different color.”

“…” An Xiaoning looked at him like she was watching a complete nutter. “Oh, really?”

“Of course. The food and red wine will be served soon. We’ll have fun as we eat,” he remarked smugly. A white robe was on him, which revealed the skin on his chest muscles.

An Xiaoning’s palms became sweaty. To her, sleeping with another man, regardless of the reason, was considered having an affair and being disloyal.

She was extremely unwilling to do so.

But at this moment, she did not know who she could depend on but herself.

A few moments later, a few maids entered the room with food and red wine.

Xi Bolai poured two glasses of red wine as he smiled joyfully. He first drank two sips, then brought the glass to her lips and said, “Open up.”

An Xiaoning remarked, “I don’t like to drink, can I not drink it?”

“Umm… okay.”

“I want to eat, can you remove the handcuffs for me?”

He refused immediately. “No, I’ll feed you.”

An Xiaoning nodded since she was really famished.

Xi Bolai fed her one bite, then ate another bite for himself before remarking, “You know, we’re kissing indirectly.”

These words made An Xiaoning annoyed and she cringed inside, wishing she could give him a slap on the face. However, she could only reply helplessly, “Oh, really?”

“Of course.”

He drank two full glasses of red wine, and the two of them finished sharing the food. After they were done, the maids cleared the wine and the dishes.

Xi Bolai’s face had turned pink by this point. “An Xiaoning, you really have quite memorable looks.”

“I don’t think I have such good looks.”

“No, you do.”

His hands reached out to her face and caressed it. “As long as you please me, I can treat you very well from here on.”

An Xiaoning felt slightly dizzy. But she obviously did not drink at all. Was the food…

Before she could say anything, he collapsed.

From the looks of it, the drugs in the food was not put by him, or why would he collapse?

Surely, it couldn’t be…?

An Xiaoning’s vision turned blurry and, at this crucial moment, she got up and bit her own shoulder. The pain came in a flash, and she felt much less dizzy.

She regained much of her consciousness and became more clear-headed too.

She immediately kicked him. A rare opportunity like this, she knew it was not to be missed.

The keys to her handcuffs were right on his person.

The previous time, An Xiaoning had depended on her will, but this time, she knew someone was helping her.

She found the keys and unlocked her handcuffs. As her arms had been handcuffed for a long time, after removing the cuffs, she felt vastly unaccustomed to it.

But she did not dare to delay a single moment – she immediately removed the chains on her legs.

From inside Xi Bolai’s clothes, she fished out a gun. Looking at the bullets inside, she found that it was fully loaded.

“Sis…” A small voice came from the balcony.

This familiar voice belonged to…

Mei Yangyang!

That explained it!

However, it was a pity that the balcony and the interior of the room were separated by a piece of glass. As Xi Bolai was afraid someone would come in from the balcony, he’d sealed the path from the balcony to the room and only left a small window for ventilation.

The two could only exchange looks like that.

Mei Yangyang said softly, “There’s many men outside. If you walk from the main path, you definitely won’t be able to get away. If you point a gun at him to leave, it won’t work either, since he’s passed out. Sis, there’s a secret passageway out from his bedroom. Wait for me, I’ll check the map.”

An Xiaoning nodded. She watched as Mei Yangyang squatted down, checking the labels on the map. She glanced up and said, “The opening of the passageway is at the wall on the east, in the middle. Use your hand to feel it.”

An Xiaoning looked at the wall, it did not seem like there was anything unusual about it. But when she used her hands to touch it, she could feel something different about it. She gently knocked on it with her hand and realized it was hollow. She quickly pushed the wall gently, and a narrow crack in the wall appeared. She was overjoyed and pushed the door wide open.

It led to the room next door.

When she was going in, Mei Yangyang whispered, “I live in the house at the east side, come and find me quickly.”


An Xiaoning stopped in her tracks. She turned and took a glance at Xi Bolai, who was lying on the bed. She thought that she could just kill him like that, but as this thought came to her, she heard knocking on the door. She hurriedly went into the passageway. When she pushed the door open gently, she found out, as she had expected, that the room next door and this one were separated by a wall.

She successfully got out of there and discretely took care of the man on duty.

At last, she made it to the house Mei Yangyang was staying in.

When the two were about to find a chance to sneak out, the completely dark house was suddenly illuminated. Mei Yangyang pulled her into her room and took a set of clothes for her to wear, then hid her underneath the bed. She then crept to her bed and pretended to be asleep.

After a while, Xi Boyu knocked on the door. “Xiaoyang.”

“Umm…” She opened the door while pretending she was still in a sleepy state. “What’s wrong?”

“Did a woman run into your room?”

“Hmm? A woman? No, what woman?”

He replied, “Nothing. You haven’t recovered from your injury, have a good rest.”


Mei Yangyang closed the door, her heart finally at ease.

She locked the door from inside and helped An Xiaoning onto the bed.