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Throughout the rest of the night, Jin Qingyan had been actively searching for traces of An Xiaoning’s presence.

The excavator had also been put to work continuously. Finally, they found her.

An Xiaoning was completely buried beneath the soil. By the time she was pulled out of the ground, she was no longer breathing.

Upon sight of her lifeless body, Jin Qingyan was overwhelmed with agony and trembled uncontrollably.

He stepped forward and gently held her in his arms, tears flowing from his eyes like a tap.


Upon seeing Jin Qingyan, Xi Bolai had an ominous feeling and knew that things had gone awry.

As Jin Qingyan approached closer and closer towards him, Xi Bolai soon noticed that Jin Qingyan was carrying a knife in his hand.

Xi Bolai immediately tried to struggle with all his might, but to no avail – he could not break free from the handcuffs and ankle chains. It had never occurred to him that he would one day be subjected to such treatment.

Just as Jin Qingyan was nearing him, Xi Bolai said, “If you spare my life, I’m willing to return to you a brand new An Xiaoning.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve collected a sample of An Xiaoning’s DNA to be used for making an exact clone of her. It’s in the midst of processing, we don’t know yet if it’ll be successful. If you’re willing to spare my life, I’ll give you the successful clone of An Xiaoning.”

Jin Qingyan’s face stiffened with anger. “I do believe that you’ve sent her genetic material for cloning, but I refuse to believe that you’d give me the successful clone once I let you off. Wouldn’t it become another trump card of yours? Xi Bolai, I’m going to make you pay for what you’ve done,” Jin Qingyan said with a menacing look.

As soon as he finished speaking, he stabbed Xi Bolai in the gut with the knife in his hand. Xi Bolai grimaced in fear and pain.

He did not expect that Jin Qingyan would continue to stab him in non-fatal areas of his body.

The crowd watched as Xi Bolai was stabbed continuously, to the point that his body appeared like a beehive.

Jin Qingyan made multiple holes in his body with the knife before finishing him off with a fatal stab to his neck.

Xi Boyu witnessed his brother’s death with his very own eyes. The shock had robbed him of his senses; he could not even get himself to cry.

Shortly after, it was his turn to die, followed by the rest of Xi Bolai’s bodyguards.

Staring at the lifeless corpses on the ground, Jin Qingyan did not feel his misery lessen one bit. To him, there was no way his anger could be placated even if he killed everyone.

No one could understand what he was going through.

No one could tell how much misery and torment he was suffering.

In fact, no one knew how much he’d wanted to kill himself to be with her the very moment he saw her body.

However, he could not do that.

He was the only male heir left in the Jin family.

What would happen to the bloodline of the Jin family if he died?

“Look into the matter Xi Bolai mentioned about cloning,” Jin Qingyan instructed.

“Yes, Young Sir.”

Jin Qingyan then turned around to leave.

On the flight back home, Mei Yangyang came to and sprung up all of a sudden. She began sobbing at the sight of An Xiaoning, whom Jin Qingyan was holding in his arms, before loudly bursting out into tears.

“Sis…” she cried.

Mei Yangyang removed the needle attached to her hand and scrambled towards An Xiaoning while crawling on her knees. She then grabbed An Xiaoning’s hands, only to find that they were icy cold.

Seeing that Mei Yangyang was bawling uncontrollably, Long Tianze asked about what happened at the time.

Mei Yangyang explained the details truthfully.

Jin Qingyan remained silent.

He seemed to be deep in his thoughts while holding An Xiaoning in his embrace.

Just as they were about to reach S Nation, he gave Gu Beicheng a call.

“Are there any news of Xiaoning?” Gu Beicheng asked worriedly over the phone.

“She’s dead.”

“What?” Gu Beicheng gasped, unable to process what he had just heard.

“She’s dead.”

“You jerk! She’s been through so much torment ever since she got together with you!” Gu Beicheng hollered in great anger.

Jin Qingyan did not retaliate because he knew that Gu Beicheng was right.

“Are you guys back?”

“Yes, we’re about to touch down on my hangar.”

Gu Beicheng hung up the phone right after.

Jin Qingyan tucked his mobile phone inside his pocket, his face pale as a sheet.

Gu Beicheng then broke the news to his parents, after which they sank into a somber mood. An Xiaoning’s death was unfortunate, especially for the Gu family.

“Let’s go collect her body. She’s a part of our family, regardless of whether she’s dead or alive. Since she’s not married, she has to be buried in our family graveyard. We can’t let Jin Qingyan call the shots this time,” Mrs. Gu said agitatedly.

“You have a point. Let’s go,” Mr. Gu agreed.

The family of three then arrived at Wei Ni Estate with their bodyguards.

Jin Qingyan’s jet had landed. Fan Shixin rushed forward to report at once, “Young Sir, the members of the Gu family are at the entrance. Do we allow them to enter?”

“Yes, let them in,” said Jin Qingyan, fully aware of their purpose of visit.

“Yes.” Fan Shixin immediately ordered for his subordinates to allow them to enter.

They drove towards the mansion. As soon as they alighted, Mrs. Gu rushed forward to tear apart Jin Qingyan’s outerwear. Tears welled up in her eyes at the sight of An Xiaoning, whose eyes were closed.

“We’re bringing her home. Xiaoning belongs to our family,” said Gu Beicheng.

If they were still husband and wife, Jin Qingyan would have the right to stop them from taking her body away.

However, they’d yet to reinstate their marriage.

At the moment, he was only her boyfriend, not her husband.

Jin Qingyan was still hugging her tightly when Gu Beicheng tried to pull her out of his arms. However, Gu Beicheng managed to carry her away forcefully in the end.

“We hope to keep a low profile on the media regarding this matter. We’ll hold a quiet funeral for her, we don’t want the media to be exploiting Xiaoning for news,” said Mrs. Gu.

“I understand, rest assured,” Jin Qingyan answered.

“I’d like to know, how did Xiaoning die? Could you explain in detail everything that happened? We just want to have a clear idea about what happened,” Mrs. Gu questioned.

Jin Qingyan expressed assent and said, “Let’s talk inside.”

Mrs. Gu shot her son a glance and said, “Bring Xiaoning back to the mansion. Your father and I will make our way back after hearing what happened.”


The group then walked towards the living room while those who were not concerned remained outside the door.

Jin Qingyan began to explain clearly everything that happened to Mr. and Mrs. Gu, starting from the part where An Xiaoning was abducted.

After hearing the truth, Mr. and Mrs. Gu returned home while Mei Yangyang tagged along.

After much discussion, they came to a consensus and agreed to hold a low-profile funeral for An Xiaoning in order to prevent the media from spreading the news about it. They decided to bury An Xiaoning along the mountains where she grew up, next to Nun Jingxin and old Mr. Gu’s grave.

They ordered for An Xiaoning’s shroud to be tailor-made overnight. The wound on her leg was also bandaged after the bullet was removed.

Gu Beicheng helped An Xiaoning put on her favorite earrings and the bangle he had given her previously. He also placed her weapons, gun, whip, and her bank card in her coffin, all of which belonged solely to her.

He then noted down her bank account number, so as to help her collect her share of the box office sales of the movie she invested in.

However, she would never get the chance to spend the money.

She laid in the coffin, clad in her shroud, her long locks cascading between the pillow and her hands placed atop her abdomen. Adorning her wrist was the bangle Gu Beicheng gave her, and next to her laid her weapons, bank card, personal identification card, as well as two other sets of clothing.