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After having her breakfast at a bistro along the streets, she headed to a shopping mall to buy a mobile phone that had an array of functions. She slid a new SIM card into the mobile phone and curbed her temptations to give Jin Qingyan a call before hailing a taxi to bring her to the Jin Corporation office building.

Clad in a mask and shades, she arrived at the front desk of the atrium and asked, “Is your CEO in?”

“Sorry, Miss, but the CEO has something to attend to today and won’t be making his way to the office.”

“He has something on?”


An Xiaoning turned around to dial the all-too-familiar mobile number. However, all she heard over the phone was an automated voice that said, “Sorry, the number you have dialed is currently unavailable…”

A frown creased her forehead when she recalled that no number could reach Jin Qingyan’s mobile unless it was included in his personalized contacts list.

An Xiaoning initially planned to head straight to their bridal chamber in Wei Ni Estate. However, she decided to go to the hospital for a checkup first, due to the nagging pain in her stomach.

Suddenly reminded that her human mask was still with Mei Yangyang, she again changed her mind and decided to look for Mei Yangyang before going to the hospital, followed by Jin Qingyan’s place.

She arrived at Mei Yangyang’s house to find that the latter was not in. Thus, she asked for Mei Yangyang’s mobile number from Mr. Mei and proceeded to give her a call.


A smile lit up An Xiaoning’s face upon hearing a familiar voice. “Yangyang, it’s me.”

After a moment of silence, Mei Yangyang exclaimed in shock, “Sis, is that you!?!”

“Yes, where are you?”

“At the clothing store. Wait… are you really my sister? Where are you? I’ll go look for you,” Mei Yangyang asked apprehensively in disbelief.

“I’m at your place.”

“Okay, okay, don’t go anywhere. I’ll come home now. Right away!” Mei Yangyang ended the call as soon as she finished speaking.

All smiles, An Xiaoning put away her phone and chatted with Mr. Mei for a while. Soon, Mei Yangyang showed up, appearing to have rushed there.

Upon sight of An Xiaoning, Mei Yangyang froze in shock, unable believe her eyes. She had clearly witnessed An Xiaoning being buried, just how did she…


“Yes, it’s me.”

Mei Yangyang burst into tears and rushed forward to hug her. “Sis, what happened exactly? I don’t get it. I can’t even tell if I’m dreaming right now.”

An Xiaoning then reassured her, “It’s real.”

Mei Yangyang jumped for joy agitatedly and said, “Quick, pinch my face. I don’t believe it.”

“It hurts, doesn’t it?” said An Xiaoning as she reached out to pinch Mei Yangyang’s cheek.

“Yes, it hurts. It’s real! Awesome! How could something so incredible actually happen in this world? It’s really unbelievable.”

“I find it really incredible too. I guess it’s because of the jade bangle Gu Beicheng had given me,” An Xiaoning explained as she reached into her bag for the jade bangle. To her surprise, the bangle, which had initially already broken into bits, was completely in one piece.

“How did this happen…? The bangle had already shattered into pieces when I woke up in the coffin. It was still broken when I packed it into my bag this morning. How did it…”

“Sis, this is truly a magical piece of jade. Put it on quickly,” Mei Yangyang said smilingly.

An Xiaoning slipped the bangle onto her wrist and remarked with a smile, “How fascinating.”

“Sis, tell me quick, how did you manage to get out? I saw you getting buried with my very own eyes.”

“It’s a long story, but I made it out alive all thanks to the dagger and knife which were buried with me in my coffin.”

Having understood the situation immediately, Mei Yangyang explained, “Sis, Mr. Gu was the one who placed those items in there for you.”

An Xiaoning instantly felt an immense gratitude towards Gu Beicheng. “If it weren’t for those items, I would’ve died in the coffin for sure.”

“You really have to thank Mr. Gu then. Sis, did you know? The movie you invested in has become a blockbuster hit. The box office sales have hit 1.7 billion dollars, and it’s still going to continue rising. Mr. Gu mentioned that he was still going to help transfer the dividends from the box office sales to your bank account even though you’re already dead,” said Mei Yangyang, grabbing her hand tightly.

“What was he thinking? If I really died, then he might as well donate the money to those who need it. What’s the point of letting me take it to my grave?”

“Well, he was thinking that the money belonged to you. But it’s all good now. They’d be over the moon to know that you’re alive, especially Mr. Jin. Sis, I heard from Tianze that Mr. Jin had fallen ill because of your death.”

“I tried to call him a few times, but I couldn’t reach him. I didn’t see him at the office either. I was thinking of making a trip to the hospital before going to see him. Where’s the mask? Give it to me.”

“Alright, I’ll go get it.” Mei Yangyang went to her room and returned with the human mask. “Sis, why do you need to go to the hospital?” asked Mei Yangyang as she handed it to An Xiaoning.

“My stomach feels uneasy, so I’d like to go for a checkup. By the way, what’s the date today?”

“Sis, it’s only a few days before the new year arrives.”

A look of dismay formed on An Xiaoning’s face as she put on the mask before saying, “I’m going to the hospital now.”

“Sis, I’ll go together with you.”


After getting into the taxi, An Xiaoning said softly, “My period hasn’t been here for more than two months.”

“Huh? Sis, are you pregnant?” Mei Yangyang asked in astonishment.

“It feels more like a hormonal imbalance. My tummy is really upset. I’ll know once I go for a checkup at the hospital.”

An Xiaoning was silently hoping that she was pregnant. Besides, there was indeed a possibility since Jin Qingyan had been getting intimate with her every night without any protection or contraceptives at all.

An Xiaoning closed her eyes and prayed in her heart, hoping to have really gotten pregnant.

Having arrived at the hospital, An Xiaoning first took a urine test. To their delight, she was pregnant!

She then proceeded to undergo an ultrasound scan, which further confirmed that she was pregnant for ten weeks.

However, the bad news was that the fetus was not stable, and the chances of a miscarriage were high.

An Xiaoning’s heart sank as her stomach twisted into a knot. She had already had two miscarriages. This time, she was determined to keep the child no matter what it would take.

“Sis, let’s go look for Mr. Jin and inform him of this news.”

“No, didn’t you hear the doctor mention that I could suffer a miscarriage anytime? I want to tell him only after the pregnancy is stable. Although I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep it, some things are still beyond my control. I don’t wish to disappoint him,” An Xiaoning objected.

“Sis, what do you plan to do then?”

“Don’t tell Long Tianze that I’m alive yet. I won’t let Qingyan or the Gu family know about it either. Once the fetus is stable, we’ll let them know of the good news together, okay?”

“Good idea. Sis, I know what you’re worried about. We shall go according to your plan then. Sis, let’s look for the best gynecologist in town to help stabilize your fetus. I heard M Nation is far more advanced in medical technology compared to our country. Why don’t we go there? The gynecological expert we consulted previously was of no help at all,” Mei Yangyang suggested.

“Alright. Let’s apply for a visa first,” An Xiaoning agreed.

Mei Yangyang nodded. “Okay.”

“But, if you go with me, how are you going to explain it to Tianze?”

“It’s fine, I’ll just tell him that I’m sending my mother overseas for treatment.”

“Yangyang, why don’t you actually send Auntie for treatment overseas?”