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Shaking her head in refusal, Mei Yangyang answered, “My mother’s condition can’t be treated even if we send her to outer space. I was initially hoping to send her to a hospital in our city, but the doctor said her condition can only be prevented from deteriorating and cannot be treated even if we seek medical help overseas.”

“Has her condition debilitated to that point?”

“Yes, she’s been bedridden for three years. Her health must’ve gotten worse because of her immobility too.”

Gazing at her, An Xiaoning said, “Yangyang… I grew up on the mountains and never had any friends before. You’re my only best friend and sworn sister.”

“You too, Sis. You’re closer to me than my biological sister. Since you’re so nice to me, I ought to treat you well too.”

An Xiaoning grinned and hugged her tightly.

Jin Qingyue stepped off the weighing scale after measuring her weight. Being eight months pregnant, she found that her weight had plummeted to 176 pounds.

She still had another month to go before her baby was due for delivery. At this rate, she was going to become morbidly obese, should she continue to gain any more weight.

At this point, she was utterly dejected and frustrated.

Staring at her reflection in the mirror, Jin Qingyue began to miss her thinner days when she only weighed 110 pounds.

She used to look good in anything she wore. Yet, she could no longer fit into her old clothes.

All because of her unborn child, she had gone up several dress sizes and become plump and aged, no longer the youthful woman she used to be.

In fact, she had begun to sense that Shi Shaochuan had been refraining from getting intimate with her with the excuse of having their child’s interests at heart.

As a result, she constantly suspected him of having an affair again.

However, she did not manage to find anything in the end even after hiring a private investigator to keep tabs on him.

Due to the huge amount of weight she had put on, Jin Qingyue lost all her confidence, such that she did not even wish to step out of the house.

She had evolved into a true-blue homebody.

She was no longer interested in attending social gatherings, for fear of the mockery and criticism she would face from her former classmates and friends.

Realizing that it was almost six o’clock in the evening yet Shi Shaochuan had still not returned home, Jin Qingyue decided to give him a call.

Shi Shaochuan hung up immediately after answering the call. Shortly after, sounds of the car pulling up in the backyard could be heard.

“I’m already home now, aren’t I? Did you really have to call me?” Shi Shaochuan groused as he entered the house with his office bag in hand.

“Who knows if you are having an affair again?”

“That happened ages ago. Can you just stop bringing it up?”

“You know too little about women. That’s just how women are, we remember everything clearly no matter how long it has been. Besides, it’s merely been a few months, that’s not considered ages! I’m just trying to remind you often that I won’t let you off easily or forgive you if you fool around again.”

“Got it. Look how chubby you’ve gotten from stuffing yourself silly all day. Go on a diet and lose some weight once you give birth,” Shi Shaochuan commented with a sigh.

His snide remark had greatly hurt Jin Qingyue’s pride. “Whose child did I become like this for? You still have the cheek to criticize me? You can’t even give birth, what right have you got to blame me!?!” Jin Qingyue snapped angrily.

“It was just a casual remark, I’m not blaming you. You don’t have to be so sensitive and overreact. I know you made a huge sacrifice for our child. Hubby understands it all,” said Shi Shaochuan as he looked at her in disdain.

Jin Qingyue let out a disgruntled humph and walked away towards the dining table.

“I have to attend a social event after dinner. If you don’t trust me, you may come along,” said Shi Shaochuan, knowing clearly that Jin Qingyue would be ashamed to show her face due to how plump she had gotten.

“I’m not going, you may go ahead yourself. Shi Shaochuan, don’t think I won’t know what you’re up to outside just because I’m not tagging along. You’d better watch out and don’t let me find out that you fooled around.”

“It’s up to you to do whatever you want. I mean it when I say I didn’t. I’ve even swapped my secretary with a male one. If you’re still so worried and paranoid, then you may follow me around every day.”

“It’s entirely up to a man to decide if he wants to cheat on his spouse or not. A good man will exercise self-control and restrain himself from being unfaithful without having to be told to do so. Meanwhile, a rotten man will still give in to temptations even if you keep close tabs on him and watch his every move with binoculars all day. That’s the difference between a good man and a scumbag. You know very well which one you are,” Jin Qingyue sneered.

Shi Shaochuan frowned in annoyance and continued to have his meal in silence. As soon as he was done eating, he headed out straight to attend the social event.

He was infuriated to know that Jin Qingyue had hired a private investigator to watch him.

His displeasure was understandable since no one likes being watched all the time anyway. Thus, he had decided to bribe the private investigator by offering a price much higher than what Jin Qingyue was paying to hire him.

As the saying goes, it takes constant vigilance to stave off evil.

He began driving towards a hotel.

He then proceeded to the hotel room in which they had agreed to meet at.

After pressing the doorbell for a few times, a youthful and pretty girl answered the door.

Shi Shaochuan’s eyes glistened with joy as he walked inside the room.

He had met the young girl online via a dating app.

They did not know each other personally and merely chatted online, after which they agreed to meet up at a hotel to take things further.

It was their first time meeting in real life. Without uttering a single word, Shi Shaochuan immediately pinned her onto the bed.

“You’re really pretty. Tell me, how old are you?”

“I’m 18. I’m attending my first year of university,” the girl answered smilingly.

“You’ve got such a great figure. Just my ideal type,” Shi Shaochuan said lustfully as he slowly slid his hand downwards to her slender thighs.

The girl put her arms around his neck and said, “You’re my type too.”

“You forgot to tell me, what’s your real name?”

“I’m not telling you. We’re just dating for fun now. You don’t have to know my real name. It’s not too late to tell you after we get to know each other long enough.”

Shi Shaochuan nodded in satisfaction and gave her a kiss. “I like your character. But, I don’t get it, you’re so young and beautiful. Wouldn’t it be more than easy for you to find a boyfriend in university?” he asked curiously.

“I’m not looking for a boyfriend. I’ll just hook up with men whenever I get sexual desires. Other times, it’s great being single, why do I need a boyfriend?” she answered.

“Is such a lifestyle in trend now?” Shi Shaochuan remarked, thinking that such a carefree lifestyle was a great idea since there were no restraints or restrictions.

“It’s just a personal preference. Don’t tell me anything about yourself, I’m not interested in hearing it. You don’t have to know much about me either. At this very moment, we’re just here to satisfy each other’s needs and desires.”

“Nice.” Shi Shaochuan’s hormones were raging out of control as he lowered his head and began kissing her tempestuously.

At the same time, Jin Qingyue was sitting in her car, which was parked right outside the entrance of the hotel.

She stared at the name of the hotel before shifting to another parking spot not too far away.

Although Shi Shaochuan was aware that Jin Qingyue had hired a private investigator to watch him, what he did not know was that she would tail him every time he went out without her to attend dinners and events. She would only rest her mind after discovering that there was nothing unusual.

Perhaps her paranoia was a result of the trauma from catching him red-handed in committing adultery the previous time.

The hotel was one of the branch outlets belonging to the Jin Corporation. She put on a cap and a surgical mask before entering the hotel to request the hotel manager to show her the surveillance camera footage.

The hotel manager could not recognize her under her disguise, but he still allowed her to view the footage anyway.

She watched it alone. At the sight of Shi Shaochuan entering a guest room instead of a private dining room, her face instantly stiffened in dismay.

She then proceeded to find out the name and personal identification number of the person who had booked the room Shi Shaochuan had entered.