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It was a girl named Liu Xiaomi, who was only 18 years old.

Jin Qingyue had also obtained her home address.

Jin Qingyue returned to her car and continued to wait patiently instead of leaving straight away.

While waiting, she gave the private investigator a call.

“He went out tonight, did you find anything suspicious?”


The private investigator’s answer had disappointed her greatly.


Jin Qingyue had already understood the situation more or less. She was no fool after all.

Although she had already turned on the heater in the car, she was still feeling chilly.

She continued to sit in the car and waited for four hours before Shi Shaochuan finally appeared.

He drove there alone. After walking towards his car, he did not get in immediately and instead stared at the entrance while standing in front of his car. Soon, Liu Xiaomi walked out.

Liu Xiaomi did not notice Shi Shaochuan at first. He then whistled at her, after which she turned around to wave at him.

Jin Qingyue then drove away. Due to her large baby bump, she experienced great difficulty while driving, but still managed to make it home nonetheless.

“Young Madam, where did you go?”

“I went to visit my mother. Don’t tell Young Sir that I went out,” she instructed.


Shi Shaochuan arrived upstairs shortly after Jin Qingyue went inside the bedroom.

Startled to see her standing there, Shi Shaochuan asked, “Why aren’t you asleep yet?”

“I was waiting for you.”

“I didn’t drink.”

Jin Qingyue sneered before saying, “Shi Shaochuan, why did you even marry me?”

“What’s the matter with you again? I’m going to take a warm bath. I’m dead beat,” said Shi Shaochuan as he removed his jacket.

Jin Qingyue stared at his back view before looking down at her baby bump, completely disheartened.

She had brought all of this upon herself, simply because she was too willful and foolish back then.

It was indeed so.

Jin Qingyue felt that her decision to be vigilant and keep close tabs on him was correct. Otherwise, how else could she have discovered that he did not change his ways at all?

There was no way she could continue to sit back and do nothing.

Not a chance.

By daybreak, Shi Shaochuan woke up to find that Jin Qingyue was no longer lying beside him in bed.

She had instructed the driver to send her to Jin Qingyan’s early in the morning.

Jin Qingyan was having his breakfast when she entered.

He appeared extremely frail and haggard. Noticing that Jin Qingyue had gotten a lot chubbier, he said, “Take a seat.”

Jin Qingyue stepped forward and exclaimed, “Brother, please help me.”

She then got down on her knees with great difficulty.

Jin Qingyan was greatly startled, thinking to himself that it must be a serious matter that was grave enough to make her kneel down.

“Sit down and tell me whatever you have to say. You’re almost due for labor, why are you kneeling down?” said Jin Qingyan as he put down his chopsticks and helped her up.

Jin Qingyue was crying uncontrollably.

“Tell me what happened. There’s no point if you keep crying.”

“Brother, I’d like to get a divorce.”

“A divorce? Why?” Jin Qingyan asked.

Jin Qingyue told her brother about Shi Shaochuan’s affair and his rendezvous with the girl last night. “But I can’t divorce him just yet. I have to get my revenge and completely destroy him before leaving together with the child. I don’t wish to live like this anymore. I’ve already given up on him,” she added.

“You’ve really given up on him? Doesn’t seem like it to me.”

“It’s true. Brother, do you really think I’d still be loyal and devoted to him after all that he’s done?”

“How do you want me to help you?” asked Jin Qingyan.

“Brother, why don’t you buy over the Shi Corporation. I’ll help you with the administrative processes. Once you buy over the company, you just have to give me a sum of money enough for me and my child to live on for the rest of our lives.”

“Enough for you and your child to live on for the rest of your lives? How much would that be?”

“100 million dollars. The Shi Corporation should be worth at least 500 million dollars. Brother, you won’t stand to lose a cent from this transaction at all. How does that sound?”

“All I want to know now is, have you really given up on him?”

“Yes.” Recalling the past, Jin Qingyue continued, “I deeply regret it. I really regret not heeding all of your advice and warnings back then. I also regret not seizing the opportunity to be with a good man and instead insisting on marrying that jerk. Look how fat I’ve gotten because of this child. Yet he still has the heart to be unfaithful towards me. I’m seriously so disappointed in him. Brother, if it weren’t because the baby is almost due, I would’ve really aborted it.”

Staring at her, Jin Qingyan said solemnly, “Qingyue, you have to know who you’re closest to in this world. Don’t lie to me. If you really haven’t given up, I’ll take it that you never said any of these today. But if you’ve really decided to do so, then I’ll lend you a hand. However, if you betray me in the midst of it, I won’t show you any mercy.”

“Why don’t you believe that I’ve truly given up on him?”

“Because you were so bewitched and obsessed with him back then.”

After a moment of silence, Jin Qingyue said, “Then, Brother, I’ll sign an agreement with you. If I back out halfway, I’ll be at your mercy. Will that do?”

“You’d better keep your word.”

“Yes, I will.” Noticing how sickly he appeared, Jin Qingyue asked, “Brother, are you ill?”

“Yes. I have to consider this matter carefully. I’ll give you a call once I’ve decided. You are to listen to me throughout, I’ll teach you what to do.”


On the 29th of December, An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang boarded a plane to M Nation.

Along the way, An Xiaoning listened to the stories Mei Yangyang told her about the fate of Xi Bolai and his bodyguards and how devastated Jin Qingyan was.

After arriving at M Nation, An Xiaoning was directly admitted to the hospital where she spent a huge amount of money to hire the most knowledgeable specialist to help stabilize her pregnancy.

After perusing her checkup reports, the specialist said to her, “Ms. An, the doctors in S Nation have told you that there’s a high chance you would suffer a miscarriage, but I’ll do my best to help you keep the baby. I just need you to cooperate with me fully, can you do it?”

An Xiaoning nodded and said, “Yes, I can.”

“I’m not making empty promises, but although you might suffer a miscarriage in the end if you remain in S Nation, our medical technology is very advanced. I will prescribe you with the best medicine we have. As long as you keep yourself happy and follow my instructions every day, I can ensure that you will deliver a healthy baby.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” Mei Yangyang thanked agitatedly.

“Just stay in the hospital for now, Ms. An. You might have to remain here throughout the course of your pregnancy though.”

“No problem.”

Mei Yangyang settled the administrative processes, after which An Xiaoning was admitted to a hospital ward.

She was admitted to a private ward with two beds, one for her and the other for Mei Yangyang.

The heater was turned on in the ward. An Xiaoning changed into a set of maternity clothes made of a special fabric before laying onto the bed for the doctor to help her administer an injection.

“Sis, I think the doctors here are far more professional than those in our country. I’m sure the child will be delivered safely.”

“I think so too. I’m more confident after hearing the doctor’s words. Yangyang, do you think Qingyan would jump for joy when I show up in front of him all of a sudden with our baby?” An Xiaoning asked.

“That goes without saying. Sis, I can’t help but feel touched by his love for you.”