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Mei Yangyang chuckled and said, “Sis, I didn’t get to attend your wedding previously. When you get married to Mr. Jin again, I must be there to witness your big day and the most beautiful side of you.”

“You’ll be my only bridesmaid. It’s settled then,” said An Xiaoning.

Mei Yangyang’s phone rang all of a sudden. She took a look at the caller display to see that it was from Long Tianze and shushed An Xiaoning before answering the call, “Tianze.”‘


“I just touched down a while ago.”


“Yes, my mother has settled down.”


“Alright, mwah. I’m hanging up.”

Mei Yangyang ended the call and said to An Xiaoning, “I told Tianze that I sent my mother abroad for medical treatment. That’s the only excuse I can fool him with. Hope he doesn’t kill me when he finds out the truth.”

An Xiaoning guffawed and answered, “He won’t kill you, don’t worry.”

The doctor entered with a nurse and a syringe containing a tocolytic drug.

“Ms. An, you will be administered a single dose of a tocolytic agent daily until you reach the full term of your pregnancy. I will continue to increase the dosage depending on your condition.”

“Alright, Doctor. I’ll do as you say.”

“Young Sir, we’ve got news.”

Ye Xiaotian looked up and said, “Shoot.”

“After tailing Ms. Mo’s family continuously, we’ve discovered that Ms. Mo’s brother has been going to the countryside rather frequently. He goes there almost every other day. We also found that he would often bring a few buckets of water back home in the countryside before leaving. We’ve never seen anyone else come out of the house. After we asked about, the villagers told us that a pregnant woman was residing in that house.”

Ripples formed in Ye Xiaotian’s heart upon hearing the piece of news. “A pregnant woman?” he asked with a frown.

It can’t be Mo Li 

She clearly wasn’t resuscitated back then.


“Yes, it might be the girlfriend of Ms. Mo’s brother.”

“Knock on the door and verify who it is. Go now, at once,” Ye Xiaotian instructed.


Ye Xiaotian was filled with a sudden nervousness as he sat on the couch.

He hoped greatly for a miracle to happen.

At the same time, Mo Li heard a knock on her door. “Who’s there?” she asked while walking towards the door.

“Your neighbor next door.”

Mo Li opened the door to see that it was a woman who was pregnant, just like herself. “Please come in,” Mo Li welcomed her with a smile.

“I noticed that you’ve moved in for quite some time now, but I’ve never seen you coming out of the house before. I was almost bored to death at home so I decided to pay you a visit,” said the female neighbor, Xiao Song, who slowly walked inside Mo Li’s house.

“I don’t know anyone here so there’s no one I can look for. Have a seat.”

“Your house is so warm,” said Xiao Song as she sat beside the fireplace to warm her hands.

“I’ve been burning firewood all day. Otherwise, I really can’t tolerate the freezing temperature.”

“Indeed. What’s your name?”

“My name is Mo Li, what about you?”

“You may call me Xiao Song. Since we’re neighbors, feel free to come to me if you need anything. I will help you with whatever I can. Don’t stand on ceremony with me.”

Mo Li nodded and asked, “Sure. How far along are you?”

“Five months. How about you?”



Mo Li and Xiao Song sat side by side next to the fireplace and chatted idly about almost everything under the sun. While they were in the midst of a joyous conversation, there was a sudden banging on the door. Just as Mo Li was about to stand up to answer the door, Xiao Song interjected, “I’m more nimble than you are. Let me get the door.”


Xiao Song opened the door slowly. Staring at the two men in front of her, she asked, “Who are you looking for?”

The man was at a sudden loss for words upon noticing her baby bump. However, the other man was rather quick-witted and asked, “Is the Yang Village nearby?”

“It’s right there,” Xiao Song answered, pointing in the direction of the south.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” said Xiao Song as she closed the door and returned inside.

“Who was it?”

Xiao Song took a seat and said, “Two men asking for directions. Where does your husband go to work? I always see him bringing you water.”

Mo Li did not know how to answer her, though she still did nonetheless. “That’s my brother. My husband… is dead.”

“Why do you still want to give birth to this child then? Sorry if I come off as being offensive, but it’s easier for a woman to remarry without a child. If it’s a son, you’d be burdened for the rest of your life,” Xiao Song remarked in astonishment.

“It’s a girl. I’ve gone for a gender check. Besides, I don’t plan on remarrying anyway,” Mo Li said smilingly.

Xiao Song gasped in shock and said, “You must love your husband very much. Otherwise, why would you be willing to bear him a child and give up the chance to marry someone else?”

Mo Li expressed assent and did not say anything much.

The men who’d dropped by for a spot check reported back to Ye Xiaotian that the person who answered the door was an unknown pregnant woman.

Ye Xiaotian felt his heart sink upon hearing that it was not Mo Li, though he had already expected it.

“Stop keeping tabs on that house and focus on tailing her parents instead. Find out which graveyard they frequent and report back to me.”

“Yes, Young Sir.”

It was the night of New Year’s Eve.

The entire Gu family were present at the hospital ward.

Chi Rui’er’s son was again running a persistent high fever that would not go away regardless of any medicine or injections he received.

The results of the blood tests did not show any abnormalities either.

All the members of the Gu family were filled with worry and anxiousness as they looked at the child.

Reminded of what An Xiaoning said about the fate of the child, Mrs. Gu let out a sigh in her heart.

No one knew what to do to help the child, whose fever had caused an infection in his lungs and brain.

At last, Mrs. Gu revealed to everyone, “This child can’t be saved.”

Chi Rui’er looked up at her and snapped, “How could you say that!”

Not wanting to argue with her, Mrs. Gu answered, “When we brought him to see Xiaoning the previous time he ran a high fever, Xiaoning told me that the child would only have months to live because he’s only here to seek revenge. And do you know why?”

Mrs. Gu continued, “Xiaoning said that this child is the reincarnation of the one you aborted previously. It has once again reincarnated as your child precisely because he resents you for terminating its life before it was even born. It’s all predestined.”

Chi Rui’er’s face turned as pale as a sheet as Mrs. Gu’s words hit the nail on the head. “I don’t believe it,” Chi Rui’er protested.

Although she appeared to disagree on the surface, she believed it deep down.

“We knew you wouldn’t believe it, that’s why she told me to keep it from you,” said Mrs. Gu.

“I believe it. Chi Rui’er, this is your retribution. You made the child suffer because of your sin. You’re such a great mother, aren’t you? Who fathered the child whom you aborted previously?” Gu Dongcheng gibed.

“It’s normal to have a few ex-boyfriends before marriage. Ask yourself, how many women have you had in the past? How many women have gone through abortions because of you? I even caught you red-handed for committing adultery after we were married, yet you still have the cheek to berate me?” Chi Rui’er retorted.

“Chi Rui’er, the child is the only reason I married you, and also because you claimed that you would never be able to conceive again if you abort this one too. If our son dies, we’ll get a divorce. I don’t wish to continue living such a hellish life with you!”

“Gu Dongcheng, I won’t let you divorce me so easily. Dream on!”