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Tears streamed down Mrs. Chi’s face uncontrollably as she begged her daughter to stop. “Forget it, Rui’er. Don’t ask for anything.”

“No way!” Chi Rui’er grabbed her mother’s arm and said to Gu Dongcheng, “Don’t think of getting a divorce unless you pay me.”

Just as they were walking towards the door, Gu Dongcheng yelled, “Stop them!”

The bodyguards proceeded to block them from leaving at once. “Lock them up!” Gu Dongcheng ordered.

Clicking her tongue in distaste, Mrs. Gu commented, “This woman is really something. Thankfully Beicheng chose not to be with her back then. Otherwise, he would’ve landed in the same sorry state as Dongcheng.”

“That’s enough, cut it out. Isn’t there already enough trouble?” Mr. Gu chided as he shot her a glare.

“Dongcheng, what made you want to take a DNA test?”

“Beicheng was the one who suggested it. She still has the cheek to ask for money. I won’t give her a single cent. I’m going to prepare the divorce agreement right away,” said a frustrated Gu Dongcheng.

“If we don’t make the first move and beat Chi Rui’er to exposing the matter about the child to the media, I’m afraid Chi Rui’er is going to try and tarnish your reputation in the future. If it means we’re going to wash our dirty linen in public, then so be it. I still think it’s better to take the initiative and tell the media of the reason for your divorce ourselves,” said Mr. Gu.

“Alright,” Gu Dongcheng answered with a nod.

Chi Rui’er and Mrs. Chi were locked up together with the child’s body.

Carrying her deceased grandchild in her arms, Mrs. Chi said with a sigh, “You were the one at fault in the first place. How could you ask for a share of his assets? Rui’er, just tell him that you don’t want the money anymore when he comes by later. After your divorce, let’s move elsewhere and get on with life. Doesn’t that sound great?”

“No way. What are we going to live on if we don’t take his money? Things have already come to this anyway, the cat is out of the bag. It’d be a waste not to take the money,” Chi Rui’er objected.

“He seemed so infuriated. Why would he still give you the money?”

After a moment of silence, Chi Rui’er said, “If he doesn’t give me the money, I’ll spill the beans to the media.”

“Rui’er, are you out of your mind? If you leak this news to the media, he’s definitely going to expose the truth about the child not being his biological son.”

“Doesn’t matter to me, I don’t have an established company or career at stake anyway. It’s a different case for him though.”

As she was speaking, they began to hear footsteps approaching. Gu Dongcheng entered and placed two sets of the divorce agreement onto the table. At this point, he had come to utterly detest Chi Rui’er.

“Pride matters to all humans, but just how did such a shameless person like you live until today? You decide whether you want to sign the agreement amicably or make me force you to do it.”

“I won’t sign it,” Chi Rui’er refuted.

Gu Dongcheng motioned for the bodyguards to come forth and instructed, “You two, force her to stamp her thumbprint onto the agreement.”


“Get away from me!” Chi Rui’er hollered as she retreated backwards, but to no avail. The big and burly bodyguards dragged her in one fluid motion and grabbed her wrists forcefully to make her stamp her thumbprint onto the designated space on the divorce agreement.

Holding the signed agreement in his hands, Gu Dongcheng scorned, “Once the divorce certificate is ready, you may get lost from my sight. Go as far away from me as you can.”

“Gu Dongcheng! I’m going to sue you for bribing the Civil Administration Office to process the divorce certificate!”

“Go ahead and try suing me. We shall see if you can.”

He turned around to leave, ignoring her cries and incessant yelling.

“Sis, news of Chi Rui’er and Gu Dongcheng’s divorce have spread like wildfire. Look, it’s even made it onto the local news here,” said Mei Yangyang, handing An Xiaoning a set of newspapers.

An Xiaoning took a look at the content before saying, “The child doesn’t belong to Dongcheng?”

“Exactly. Look, it says here that Gu Dongcheng carried out a DNA test after the child passed away.”

An Xiaoning carefully perused the rest of the content of the news before putting the newspapers down. “Whatever, it’s good that they’re divorced. Thankfully I won’t have to see her again in the future. She never fails to ruin my mood.”

“Yeah. Otherwise, you’ll even have to address her as your sister-in-law.”

“I read her birth characters a couple of times. Chi Rui’er’s health is only going to deteriorate. I won’t say much about what’s likely to happen in the future,” said An Xiaoning, who was lying in bed.

“She deserves it. This evil woman’s life is not going to end well,” Mei Yangyang scoffed.

“Yangyang, tell me, will you be bored if we continue to stay here for an extended period of time?”

“No, because you’ll be here with me. Besides, the thought of your baby growing bigger in your womb day by day just makes me look forward to his birth. You’re so beautiful, and Mr. Jin is so handsome. If it’s a girl, she’ll definitely be pretty. If it’s a boy, then he’s sure to be dashing. The more I think about it, the more excited I am to see him. By then, we’ll both be promoted — you’ll become a mother and I’ll become an aunt. Actually, Sis, I don’t want to be his or her aunt.”

“Huh? What would you like to be then?” An Xiaoning asked.

“I’d like to be the Godmother of your child.”


“Awesome. Sis, when the child becomes a toddler, let’s bring him or her to train at the boot camp so no one can bully your child in school,” said Mei Yangyang, chuckling.

“My child won’t be bullied, but his or her schoolmates are going to be in danger. If my child becomes a little tyrant, I would get a huge headache.”

“That won’t happen. We’ll just educate him or her well. Sis, I know you miss Mr. Jin to bits. Do you want me to give Tianze a call to ask about Mr. Jin tomorrow?” Mei Yangyang suggested.

“Hold it first. I’m only going to miss him more if you ask about him.”

“Let’s tell him as soon as your condition is stable then. He’ll definitely rush over to see you.”

“Yes, my thoughts exactly,” An Xiaoning said with a nod.

“Sis, starting today, I’m going to film a snippet of you every day and show them to Mr. Jin when he’s here. He’s definitely going to be moved to tears. I think it’d be a great idea for a surprise too,” said Mei Yangyang, holding a digital camera in her hands.


“Let’s film the first part.” Mei Yangyang switched the camera to video recording mode and signalled an “OK” sign at her.

An Xiaoning sat up straight and said to the camera, “Qingyan, it’s the second day of the New Year. You’re in S Nation while I’m in M Nation. I’ve been here for five days, and I’ve had five doses of tocolytic so far. That’s right, I’m pregnant with our child.

“I was planning to tell you about the good news after the baby is stable. I know you’ll definitely be over the moon. We’re going to meet very soon. I miss you so much.”

Tears welled up in An Xiaoning’s eyes as she smiled radiantly at the camera.

Mei Yangyang stopped recording at this juncture and showed An Xiaoning the replay before saving it.

Mei Yangyang put the camera away before laying down on the bed to play with her mobile phone. All of a sudden, she sprung up and exclaimed with her eyes peeled onto her screen, “Sis, look!”

“What is it?” asked An Xiaoning, craning her neck to have a look.

“Mr. Jin has come to M Nation. Could it be that he found out that we’re here?” Mei Yangyang said agitatedly.

An Xiaoning read the title of the news and said, “There’s a company branch in M Nation. Perhaps he came here to handle some business matters. It’s unlikely that he knows we’re here.”