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“The child was born just moments ago, of course she’s going to look wrinkly. Her features have yet to develop, alright?” Jin Qingyue snapped in a moment of pique.

Jin Qingyue did not feel even the slightest bit of Shi Shaochuan’s care or concern at all throughout her post-natal confinement period.

It did not matter to her anyway. Lately, he had been returning to his old ways of going out early and returning home late again.

She had lost all hope and completely given up on him.

In fact, he had rarely taken care of the child either. Jin Qingyue decided to sleep in the nursery every night and hug her daughter to sleep.

They were practically living like they had separated.

Jin Qingyan had dropped by a few times to visit her during her confinement period. On the other hand, Mrs. Jin had been bearing a grudge against Jin Qingyue for leaving her biological father in the lurch, causing Mrs. Jin’s old flame to be executed. Thus, she had only visited Jin Qingyue once.

Jin Qingyue was entirely dependent on the nanny and servants to take care of her.

She would receive the same answer every single time she called the private investigator to ask about Shi Shaochuan.

She was well aware that the private investigator had been bribed. However, she decided to leave him alone for now and deal with him after everything was settled.

“Young Madam, Mr. Jin is here.”

“Got it.” Jin Qingyue put her well-fed daughter down before making her way downstairs in her home slippers.


“I’ve settled the matter you requested me to, and I’ve separated your household register from the Jin family list. Your daughter has also been registered under your name. Here,” said Jin Qingyan as he handed her the household register.

Jin Qingyue took a look at the booklet to see that the child’s registered name was the one she had picked: Jin Bao’er.

“Brother, help me keep the register. It’s not convenient for me to carry it around. There’s nowhere for me to keep it anyway.”

Jin Qingyan thus decided to help her safeguard it.

“Brother, that jerk has bribed the private investigator I hired. Could you help me find another one to capture the evidence of his adulterous acts? If he insists on refusing a divorce, then I’ll at least have sufficient evidence to file for a one-sided divorce in court.”

“Alright. How are the servants managing? Do you need me to send a few more over?”

“It’s alright, things are going well.” Jin Qingyue’s skin condition had worsened, and her eyebags had gotten heavier due to her lack of sleep to feed her infant daughter every night. The thought of her brother being the only kin left on whom she could rely invoked a strong sense of guilt within her. She felt ashamed for the way she treated him in the past.

“Brother… I’m sorry for what I did to Sis-in-law in the past. Please help me apologize to her. I was wrong.”

Jin Qingyan felt an urge to tell her that An Xiaoning was no longer around and could not hear her apology anymore.

He held a hand out to pat Jin Qingyue on the back and said, “Don’t behave that way anymore in the future.”

“Yes, I won’t.”

“Sis Weiwei, what’s the joyous occasion?” the assistant asked upon noticing that Sun Weiwei was grinning from ear to ear after answering a call.

“Brother Xiaotian and Lin Mingxi had been divorced for days. I only heard about it today from a snitch I stuck in Ming Yuan Estate. Given his character, he should’ve announced it long ago. Why hasn’t it been exposed by the media yet?” Sun Weiwei asked in puzzlement.

“It must be because Madam Ye doesn’t know about it. What else could it be?” said the assistant.

“That’s one possibility. I knew they wouldn’t last. That Lin Mingxi is not Brother Xiaotian’s type at all,” Sun Weiwei remarked as she took out a bottle of bright red nail lacquer and began painting her nails.

“Sis Weiwei, this is a good opportunity. You mustn’t let it slip again. Otherwise, who knows which brazen hussy would seduce Mr. Ye next?” the assistant advised.

“No hurry. Now that both Bai Ranran and Mo Li are gone, Brother Xiaotian won’t fall for other women easily. I can’t be overly enthusiastic and cling onto him, lest it backfires. I’ll have to come up with another solution,” Sun Weiwei said in a calm and composed manner.

“Have you already got a concrete plan, Sis Weiwei?”

Sun Weiwei let out a sly smile and answered, “Extraordinary tricks are needed in order to deal with Brother Xiaotian. Although I haven’t come up with something yet, don’t I have you as my advisor? Help me analyze the situation, how can I conquer Brother Xiaotian’s heart?”

“Sis Weiwei, I really don’t have a clue. I would’ve told you about it long ago if I had a solution. I really can’t think of any ways to attract a wealthy playboy like Mr. Ye,” said the assistant. I would’ve snatched him for myself if I knew of a way! the assistant added to herself.

“I knew you couldn’t come up with anything brilliant, dimwit.” Sun Weiwei put her bottle of nail lacquer away into her bag and blew on her freshly-painted nails gently. “Let me give Brother Xiaotian a call and ask where he is.”

The assistant hurriedly dialed Ye Xiaotian’s mobile number and placed the phone beside Sun Weiwei’s ear.

“Brother Xiaotian, where are you?”


“I’ll go look for you.”


“I don’t have any work to do tonight. It’s settled then,” said Sun Weiwei, motioning for her assistant to end the call.

The assistant quickly ended the call and proceeded to drive towards Ye Xiaotian’s current location as instructed by Sun Weiwei.

Gu Beicheng and Ye Xiaotian were together at the time, along with the company of two other women.

However, the germaphobic Gu Beicheng would often push the women away whenever they tried to lean closer towards him.

“You’re so boring. Who are you saving your virginity for?” Ye Xiaotian jested.

“Get lost, what virginity?” Gu Beicheng retorted. After taking a glance at Sun Weiwei, he said, “Your sister is here.”

Sun Weiwei took the lead while her assistant followed closely behind. Standing in front of Ye Xiaotian, she gestured for the woman beside him to leave and hissed, “Get lost.”

The woman glanced at Ye Xiaotian, who reached a hand out to caress her face. “Get lost, Baby.”

“Tsk, tsk. You called her ‘Baby’ yet you told her to get lost,” Gu Beicheng sneered.

“Why would I take a casual woman seriously?” With a glass of champagne in his hand, Ye Xiaotian shot Sun Weiwei a glance before chiding, “Didn’t I ask you not to come? Why are you so disobedient?”

“Brother Xiaotian, I haven’t seen you in ages. Do you really detest the sight of me that much?” Sun Weiwei lamented coquettishly while snuggling up next to him.

“Yeah, I don’t really feel like seeing women I know, lately.”

“Does that include Auntie?”

Ye Xiaotian humphed and said, “I already said: the women I know. All of them.”

“I know you’re not in a good mood, that’s why I wanted to come and accompany you. Here, let me toast to you,” said Sun Weiwei as she clinked her glass of liquor against his.

Ye Xiaotian watched as she chugged the glass of liquor. Pointing at the stage, Ye Xiaotian instructed, “Go dance for me.”

“Brother, I’m a celebrity. There are so many people below the stage. I’m going to be exposed on the news if I get recognized.”

“Don’t you know how to mask your face?” Ye Xiaotian placed his glass onto the table and said, “Forget it, let’s go to the private room, okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine with that.” Sun Weiwei motioned for her assistant to follow while the group entered the private room.

After the door was shut, Sun Weiwei began performing a catwalk in her thigh-high heeled boots as she slowly moved towards the coffee table. She then removed her jacket and cast it onto the couch.

Clad in a pair of black stockings wrapped around her thighs, she began performing a lap dance with her long locks flowing freely, matching the rhythm of the music in the private room.

Gu Beicheng sat on the couch and squinted to look at Sun Weiwei, whom he did not find attractive at all. In fact, he was rather perplexed as to how a woman like her could actually become a successful celebrity. Are her fans blind? he thought.