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He closed his eyes, feeling a little uneasy due to the alcohol.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, his mobile phone began to ring all of a sudden. He did not answer the call and only opened his eyes when it rang a second time.

He whipped his mobile phone out from the pocket of his suit and took a look to see that it was an incoming call from overseas.

“Hello,” he answered.

“Hello, is this Mr. Gu Beicheng speaking?” Mei Yangyang asked over the phone while meeting An Xiaoning’s eyes.

“Yes, you are?”

“Here’s the thing, we’re currently at the People’s Hospital in M Nation, and we have a huge surprise gift for you left behind by a lady named An Xiaoning. May I ask if you’re available to collect it?”

Gu Beicheng was utterly shocked and sat up straight immediately. “Who… who did you say it was from?” he asked with a frown, unable to believe his ears.

“That’s enough, Yangyang, quit playing,” said a familiar voice. An Xiaoning then took over the call and said, “Beicheng, it’s me.”

“Xiao… Xiaoning?” he stuttered in surprise, the frown on his forehead easing.

“Yes, you heard right. We’re at the airport now, are you free to pick us up?”

Gu Beicheng stood up immediately. Without asking another question, he zoomed out of the door, catching Ye Xiaotian and Sun Weiwei off guard.

“Brother Xiaotian, what’s wrong with him?”

“He loses control of his emotions once he hears An Xiaoning’s name. Whatever, leave him be.”

On the way to the airport, all Gu Beicheng had on his mind was a burning question: Am I dreaming?

After taking a look at the call log on his mobile phone, he confirmed it to be true.

It did not matter if it was a prank or not. He would find out once he sees it with his own eyes.

He sped along the roads all the way to the airport.

An Xiaoning had indeed returned to the country with Mei Yangyang.

The first person they tried to call was Jin Qingyan, but they could not get through to his mobile phone. She had already expected that, though. The next person they called was Long Tianze, whose mobile phone was switched off. Lastly, they called Gu Beicheng.

Finally, the call had gone through.

An Xiaoning was currently pregnant for more than four months. In the past two months, she had been administered one or two doses of tocolytic each day and actively cooperated with the doctor. After abiding closely by the doctor’s instructions, she was told her fetus was finally stable.

The doctor prescribed her with a few doses of the drug and instructed Mei Yangyang to continue administering it for An Xiaoning regularly when they return to S Nation.

They had come back specifically to break the news to everyone.

It was the best timing in their opinion.

After parking his car, Gu Beicheng scurried inside the airport like a madman and immediately burst into tears at the sight of An Xiaoning.

“Xiaoning?” he called as he quickly strode towards her.


“Xiaoning?” Gu Beicheng reached out to cup her face in his hands and confirmed that it was really her.

“Thank you. Thank you for everything. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have made it out alive,” An Xiaoning said as she stepped forward to hug him gently.

Gu Beicheng released her from his embrace and shifted his gaze onto her belly. Momentarily stunned, he asked, “You… you’re pregnant?”

“Yes, you’re going to become an uncle. I know you might be upset though,” said An Xiaoning, pursing her lips.

He was indeed appalled, though not to the extreme of being upset. “To me, the most surprising is that you’re alive. Is Jin Qingyan the father of the child?”

“You’re asking the obvious. Let’s go, let’s head back home first. We’ve yet to eat anything. I’m starving,” said An Xiaoning as she held onto his arm.

“Tell me first, what actually happened?” asked a puzzled Gu Beicheng, who was being dragged away by An Xiaoning. “I clearly saw you being…”

Before he could even finish his question, An Xiaoning interrupted, “I think… it’s the magic of the bangle you gave me.”

“The jade bangle?”

Raising her wrist, An Xiaoning explained, “I felt this on me when I woke up in the coffin. It was initially broken into bits when I put it away, but when I took it out to show Yangyang, it magically became a complete piece again. Incredible, isn’t it? How could something so amazing happen in this world?”

“It sounds unbelievable. But I don’t care how you survived, it’s the greatest miracle that you’re alive,” said Gu Beicheng.

“The items you left in my coffin were of great help too.” An Xiaoning began to explain her entire experience, starting from her escaping from the coffin all the way ’til her admission to the hospital in M Nation, which caused Gu Beicheng to gasp in amazement.

Before arriving at the Gu family home, Gu Beicheng gave Mrs. Gu a call to inform her of their arrival. Thus, upon reaching home, they were greeted with the sight of all the members of the Gu family standing by the entrance, eagerly waiting for them to arrive.

Everyone’s jaws dropped in astonishment at the sight of An Xiaoning when she alighted from the car.

“Xiaoning, you’ve really gotten rid of all my sorrow and misery,” Mrs. Gu exclaimed as she rushed forward to hug her from the side.

Incredibly touched and agitated, An Xiaoning grabbed her hand and said, “Mother, let’s talk inside.”

“Alright, let’s go,” Mrs. Gu agreed, crying tears of joy.

An Xiaoning described the predicament she had been in all over again. “Thankfully, we didn’t inform the media about your funeral back then, in fear that they would spout nonsense about you. According to what you said, seems like it’s really all thanks to Beicheng,” said Mrs. Gu.

“Yes, Brother is my life savior.”

“I’d be happy enough to hear you call me Brother more often in the future,” Gu Beicheng said gleefully.

“That’s a piece of cake. I can call you that hundreds of times without an issue.”

“Xiaoning, have you met Jin Qingyan yet?” Mrs. Gu asked.

“Not yet. I’m planning to go look for him after dinner,” An Xiaoning said smilingly.

“You ought to do so. Since you’re already pregnant, it’s time you consider reconciling your marriage.”

“Yeah, that’s what I think too,” An Xiaoning agreed with a look of delight.

After having dinner with Mei Yangyang at the Gu family home, An Xiaoning was ferried to her bridal chamber by Gu Beicheng.

In a bid to give Jin Qingyan a great shock, Gu Beicheng instructed An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang to stay put in the car while he went out to meet Jin Qingyan alone.

Seeing how insistent he was, An Xiaoning conceded to his request.

“Sis, you’re going to see Mr. Jin very soon. Are you nervous?”

“Yes.” An Xiaoning kept her eyes fixed on Gu Beicheng, who was standing by the door, her hands trembling with nervousness.

The door finally opened. However, Gu Beicheng returned to the car after speaking to the servant who answered the door.

“Jin Qingyan is not in. He’s moved into Wei Ni Estate.”

“Let’s go to Wei Ni Estate then. Sis, once you get to see Mr. Jin, I’m going to go see Tianze,” Mei Yangyang chirped excitedly.

“You two didn’t meet for so long all because of me.”

“It’s nothing to worry about, we’ve been chatting with each other over the phone every day.”

Gu Beicheng then began driving towards Wei Ni Estate.

He executed the same plan as before and again instructed An Xiaoning and Mei Yangyang to remain in the car while he spoke to Jin Qingyan. He told An Xiaoning to prepare herself to welcome Jin Qingyan, who would most likely be running towards her agitatedly.

“Go ahead, we’ll wait here,” said An Xiaoning.

Gu Beicheng gave her an “OK” sign with his hand and walked towards the entrance.

“Is your Young Sir in?”

“Yes, hold on for a minute, Mr. Gu, I’ll go inform him,” said Fan Shixin.