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In no time, the personnel from the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit arrived with all the information of the case regarding Xu Jingwen.

An Xiaoning’s flight was scheduled in the afternoon. Thus, she decided to use the spare time to go through the case details all over again.

“From what I know about Chi Rui’er, this matter definitely has something to do with her. Let’s nail her as the suspect,” An Xiaoning said straight away after she was done reading.

“But, Team Leader, after some investigation, we discovered that Xu Jingwen has a penchant for being a homewrecker. She’s had an affair with Shi Shaochuan previously. Thus, we can’t eliminate the possibility that Jin Qingyue might also have been the one.”

“Xu Jingwen had ended things with Shi Shaochuan a long while ago. Her relationship with Gu Dongcheng was still fresh. I personally know everyone involved in this matter. I can’t help but say Shi Shaochuan is truly a leopard that never changes its spots. I knew he would have an extramarital affair,” An Xiaoning said in defense of her stand.

After analyzing the conversation between Gu Dongcheng and Chi Rui’er, An Xiaoning deduced, “Since Chi Rui’er admitted that she already knew about it, she must’ve been involved. Don’t ask me why – Chi Rui’er has tried to harm me in many different ways before. Gu Dongcheng lives in a luxurious estate. How is it possible that the surveillance cameras were faulty at the time? I’m very certain the staff were bribed. Let’s begin investigating from here.”

“But there’s nothing we can do if they insist that it was faulty.”

“We can try scaring them. Tell the staff in charge of managing the estate that Chi Rui’er has already been arrested and she has confessed to bribing him. If he had really been bribed, then he would definitely be shocked and terrified. However, if he appears calm and composed, then we’ll have to search for other clues from elsewhere. I’m flying off in the afternoon. Before that, let’s head to Xu Jingwen’s residence, and you guys shall do what I instruct you to in the afternoon.”


Just as the trio were about to leave, the newly-transferred armed policeman arrived to report at their office. It was an extremely young chap.

“Hello, Sis Xiaoning, Uncle Jianguo, Brother Gong Le.”

“Can’t you call me ‘Brother’ too?” Ma Jianguo said in displeasure.

“You’re old enough to be my father. Wouldn’t it be a little inappropriate to call you ‘Brother’?”

An Xiaoning snorted with laughter and teased, “Just do it before Brother Ma gets angry.”

“Yes, Brother Jianguo. My name is Ding Liang and I’m 22 years old. I just graduated from the Police Academy,” Ding Liang introduced with a grin.

“Okay. Come with us, Ding Liang. While we’re on our way there, let Brother Ma explain to you the details of the case we’re currently working on,” said An Xiaoning.


The police car began driving out from the entrance. Gong Le was behind the wheel while An Xiaoning sat in the passenger seat. Ma Jianguo took the backseat together with Ding Liang.

When the car came to a halt at the traffic junction, An Xiaoning caught a sudden glimpse of a white Bentley opposite them.

She took a closer look to see that there was no one inside the car. She then shifted her gaze to the license plate on the front of the car.

It was the license plate number of Jin Qingyan’s car.

An Xiaoning froze in shock and quickly lowered herself in the seat.

“Sis Xiaoning, are you unwell?” Gong Le asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, keep driving.”

The traffic lights turned green, and Gong Le began driving again slowly. An Xiaoning raised her head slowly after deciding that they had gone far enough.

Why was she so afraid of being seen by him when she did not do anything wrong?

Just why did she react that way?

An Xiaoning wrapped her clothes tightly around herself as a million thoughts flooded her mind.

They finally arrived at the estate.

The team of four entered the rented apartment Xu Jingwen used to live in, which was still unoccupied at the moment.

An Xiaoning scanned her surroundings but did not find Xu Jingwen’s spirit.

The apartment was cleaned up thoroughly.

An Xiaoning took another look around the house before leaving with her colleagues, whom she then gave instructions to.


“I heard from Yangyang that she came back today. Is she home now?” asked Long Tianze, who showed up at Mei Yangyang’s doorstep with some gifts.

“She went out to buy some groceries. Why don’t you try giving her a call?” Mr. Mei answered.

“I tried, but the call couldn’t get through.”

“Her mobile phone might be charging then. Please come in and have a seat,” Mr. Mei told him in welcome.

Long Tianze entered through the door and placed the gifts onto the table before asking, “The medical technology overseas is far more advanced compared to that of our country. How did Auntie’s treatment in an overseas hospital go?”

Mr. Mei shook his head and answered, “Overseas? Your Auntie has always been at home, she didn’t go abroad.”

Raising his brows in bewilderment, Long Tianze said, “She didn’t? Didn’t Yangyang bring Auntie overseas for two months to get treated?”

“Did Yangyang say that?” asked a puzzled Mr. Mei, who then seemed to be reminded of something. “Oh… Yangyang did mention bringing your Auntie abroad for treatment, but I didn’t agree to it,” he added.

Long Tianze began to sense something seriously amiss. At this very juncture, Mei Yangyang returned home.

“Didn’t you say you brought Auntie overseas to receive treatment? Uncle said she didn’t go.”

Mei Yangyang was shocked to realize that her lie had been exposed.

“Yeah, she didn’t. I went on a solo trip to rest and relax. I didn’t want you guys to worry about me,” she explained, chuckling.

She had lied once again to cover up her previous lie.

However, it was a harmless white lie. If it were not for the sudden twist of events the night before, she would have told him the truth.

Upon hearing her explanation, Mr. Mei said, “You silly child. You told me that you went on a vacation with Tianze, but it turns out you went alone.”


“Come with me,” said Long Tianze, who stepped outside.

Mei Yangyang put her basket down and followed him outside to his car.

“I’ll accompany you if you want to go on a vacation. How could you lie to your father and me?” Long Tianze chided.

“I’m sorry, okay? Don’t you have something you’re hiding from me too?” said Mei Yangyang, hugging his arm.


Mei Yangyang decided not to expose him, even though she knew that he was aware of the clone.

“We haven’t seen each other in a long time, did you miss me?”

Long Tianze turned around and answered, “I’ll let my actions do the talking.”

He eagerly pulled her into a kiss, taking Mei Yangyang’s breath away.

Flames of passion began burning in her heart.

After not seeing each other in so long, they simply could not keep their hands off each other. The pair of lovebirds were practically inseparable.

They ended the passionate French kiss, both panting heavily in arousal.

Staring at her affectionately, Long Tianze said, “You promised earlier that you would give yourself to me if the movie we filmed becomes a hit. Yangyang, I want you. Give yourself to me.”

Mei Yangyang’s heart began to flutter upon hearing his words. She threw her arms around his neck in a moment of excitement and said, “Tianze, let’s get married.”

Long Tianze lit up in surprise, as if he had just heard the best thing ever. “You really want to marry me?”

“During the time that I was abroad, you were the person I missed the most. I do want to marry you, but I doubt your parents would be willing to accept me as their daughter-in-law. So, I’d like to see your sincerity. To me, my chastity would be the best gift to my husband. I’d like to save it for my husband.”

“My parents may not accept you, but I accept you with all my heart. How about I try stealing my household register and we sneakily register our marriage?” Long Tianze said smilingly.

“What if you don’t manage to steal it? By the way, it’s allowed in our country to register our marriage using our passports instead.”