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“Although we’re allowed to register our marriage using our passports, my mother had instructed the Civil Administrative Office to restrict me from doing so, precisely because she’s aware of this possible method. Qingyan and Ciye also suffer the same fate as me. But don’t worry, I’ll be able to steal it. I know where my mother keeps the registers.”

Feeling uncertain about his suggestion, Mei Yangyang said, “If you manage to get a hold of it and we manage to register our marriage successfully, wouldn’t your parents detest me even more when they find out?”

“Their opinion doesn’t matter. What matters is I’m in love with you. Besides, by the time things are set in stone and we give them a grandchild, there’s nothing they can do regardless of how strongly they are against our marriage.”

“Your parents are going to kill you!” Mei Yangyang jested, punching him playfully.

“Well that’s too bad. I don’t mind being beaten to death as long as I get to be with you. But they won’t be able to bear it. I’m their only son, after all.”

Mei Yangyang smiled and agreed, “Alright, you shall go steal the register.”

Long Tianze nodded. “I’ll go home now.”

“Alright.” Mei Yangyang alighted and headed back inside her house.

“Yangyang… why didn’t you tell me that you went overseas alone? You’re really so worrying,” Mr. Mei chided.

“Father, did you forget that I’ve trained in martial arts at a boot camp before? Rest assured, your daughter is no pushover,” Mei Yangyang assured him with a smile.

“I’ll still be worried about you being alone abroad no matter how skilled you may be. Was Tianze angry?” Mr. Mei asked.

“No. Father, please bring me the household register.”

“What do you need it for? Don’t tell me you want to…” Mr. Mei asked, immediately sensing that something was up.

“I want to register my marriage with Tianze.”

Mr. Mei was momentarily stunned beyond speech. “Marriage?” he gasped in shock.

“Yes, I want to marry him.”

“I won’t meddle in your marriage, but Yangyang, you have to think twice before you decide. Our family and his are worlds apart in terms of social and economic status. He’s the only son of a wealthy family. You’re bound to have a hard time if you marry him,” Mr. Mei said earnestly.

“Hey, Father, you’ve underestimated your daughter. I won’t allow myself to suffer or get bullied. After spending so much time with Sis Xiaoning, I’ve been influenced by her independence and bravery. I will protect myself. Although I’m marrying him, I’ll still continue to work hard and earn my own keep. I will remain financially independent and support you and Mother with my own income,” Mei Yangyang said smilingly.

“If only Shuangshuang were half as sensible as you are, I’ll be able to rest my mind,” said Mr. Mei, who was moved by her words.

“I haven’t seen Shuangshuang since I got back. What has she been busy with lately?”

“No idea. She rarely comes home. I don’t know what she’s up to lately.”

“Whatever, she has already gotten out of hand anyway. Let’s leave her be. Father, hurry and give me my household register.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll get it for you right away.”

Mei Yangyang followed her father into his bedroom gleefully.

“Here,” said Mr. Mei as he handed her the register.

“Thank you, Father.” Mei Yangyang then returned to her bedroom to place the register inside her bag while waiting for Long Tianze’s news.

Meanwhile, Long Tianze arrived home to find that his father was not in and his mother was playing a game of “Fighting the Landlord” in her bedroom.

Upon sight of him, Mrs. Long remarked, “How rare of you to be home in the day.”

“I missed you, that’s why I came back to see you. What’s wrong with that? Mother, why have you been so interested in ‘Fighting the Landlord’ lately? Did you stop attending line dance sessions with those aunties?” Long Tianze asked as he sat down beside her.

“I’m bored at home with nothing to do anyway. I’ve gotten used to your tricks. Shoot, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, I just decided to drop by to have a look since I took the day off from work.” Long Tianze took a look around Mrs. Long’s bedroom and began brainstorming for a way to get his mother to leave the room.

“Son, why don’t you go shopping with me? We haven’t gone shopping together in a long while,” Mrs. Long suggested.

An idea popped up in Long Tianze’s mind as he quickly answered, “Sure, why don’t you go take a shower, change into a fresh set of clothes, and put on some makeup before we leave? Doll yourself up and get ready to go shopping with me.”

“I just showered last night. I’m wearing a fresh set of clothes now too. I do need to put on some makeup, though. Wait for me while I go do my makeup.”

“Sure,” Long Tianze agreed with a nod.

He watched as she entered the bathroom to wash up.

Long Tianze then quickly opened a drawer at the bottom of her bed and rummaged through the items inside. His eyes lit up with joy at the sight of the register booklet. He took it out right away and pushed the drawer back gently before placing the booklet into the inner pocket of his suit.

Mrs. Long came out of the bathroom to see that Long Tianze was answering a phone call.

“Yes, alright, got it.” Long Tianze then swiped on the screen of his mobile phone and pretended to end the call before saying to Mrs. Long, “Mother, I’m afraid we can’t go shopping. There’s something urgent for me to attend to at the office.”

“I knew it. It always happens,” said Mrs. Long with disappointment written all over her face.

“I promise I’ll accompany you to go shopping next time. Mother, I’ll be heading back to the office then.”

“Go ahead. I’ll continue playing ‘Fight the Landlord’,” Mrs. Long conceded as she waved him goodbye.

Long Tianze zoomed out of his house excitedly and continued to remain in a state of agitation even after he got into the car.

Marriage was a huge deal to him. It had never occurred to him in the past that he would ever get married at the young age of 25.

Yet, now that he was actually about to register his marriage, he did not feel a tinge of hesitation or uncertainty about his choice to marry Mei Yangyang.

Not in the least bit at all.

At the moment, he was not quite sure what it was that he felt for Mei Yangyang. He simply adored her and wanted to marry her, though he had no idea if he loved her or not.

However, she must have mattered the world to him, for him to feel such a strong urge and desire to marry her.

He whipped his mobile phone out to send Mei Yangyang a text message which read: “Bring along your household register. I’ll see you at the Civil Administration Office.”

How efficient of him! Mei Yangyang thought to herself upon reading the message.

She quickly strode out of the entrance of her house with her household register and made her way to the Civil Administration Office in a taxi.

As soon as she alighted, she was greeted with the sight of Long Tianze, who was standing there and waiting for her. He was clad in a black suit while she coincidentally had on a white cardigan. They were clearly dressed to complement each other.

Long Tianze stepped forward to hold her hand, after which they made their way inside the Civil Administration Office with their fingers interlocked.

Due to the fact that he was wearing a pair of shades and a surgical mask, which she also had on, no one could recognize them clearly.

They filled in the form accordingly with their details and proceeded to have their photo taken against a red background.

Pangs of worry and nervousness filled Mei Yangyang while they waited by the window to collect their certificate of marriage. “Thankfully, there’s not much of a crowd at the moment. Otherwise, we’re going to make it on the news if someone were to recognize us. Your parents will find out then. I actually don’t wish to let your parents know about it too soon.”

“They will find out sooner or later. I’m not too worried though. We’re already married anyway. What can they do?” Long Tianze said nonchalantly, appearing completely calm and unfazed.