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Mei Yangyang chuckled. “That’s true.”

After receiving their newly-minted marriage certificate, which came in a red booklet, they skipped out of the Civil Administration Office merrily, beaming with joy.

Staring at the marriage certificate while riding in the passenger seat, Mei Yangyang groused, “We’re husband and wife now, but you didn’t even propose to me. In fact, I was the one who brought up the idea of getting married. Now that I think about it, we really got married rather casually. It almost seems like I was really desperate to marry you.”

“I didn’t propose to you but I asked for you to love me. Although we registered our marriage in advance, I will still prepare a marriage proposal for you. There’ll be a ring and a house, as well as a wedding gown. Let’s decide on those together. Oh, and let’s not forget the bridal shoot. We have to get our wedding photos taken.”

Mei Yangyang nodded in agreement. “Alright, I’m really looking forward to our little family.”

“I look forward to being able to enjoy the meals you cook every day too. From today onwards, we’ll be a married couple. I’m your husband and you’re my wife,” said Long Tianze, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

Mei Yangyang grabbed his hand tightly as they held each other’s gazes with a look of bliss and happiness in their eyes.

“Let’s buy a house now. Which estate do you wish to live in?”

“I don’t have a preference. It doesn’t matter which estate. You decide.”

“Why don’t we pick a house in Wei Ni Estate? That estate belongs to Qingyan, and there are a few villas that are currently unoccupied. The one opposite his is very beautiful. It just happens to be near him too. Let’s get that for our bridal chamber,” Long Tianze suggested.

“Sure,” Mei Yangyang agreed.

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you to have a look.”

Long Tianze drove her to Wei Ni Estate, and Jin Qingyan happened to be at home.

Jin Qingyan was surprised to hear that Long Tianze was interested in purchasing the villa opposite him. “Why do you need such a large villa when you’ll be living alone?”

“Who said I’ll be alone? My wife and future kids are going to be living with me.”

“Are you going to make it your bridal chamber?”

“Ta-da! Look, it’s my marriage certificate! Yangyang and I just registered our marriage.”

Greatly taken aback, Jin Qingyan grabbed the marriage certificate from Long Tianze and took a look to discover that it was really the case. “Did your parents agree to let you get married?” he asked.

“They don’t know yet.”

“How did you get married then?”

“I stole the household register. I’ll just return it to my mother later. Your buddy is a married man now. Do you think you could help me settle into a love nest?” Long Tianze asked gleefully.

“Tell him all the passwords to the villa opposite,” Jin Qingyan instructed Fan Shixin.

“Alright. Please wait a minute, Mr. Long. Let me go get the file records.”

“Alright. How much does the villa cost? I’ll transfer the sum to your bank account later,” Long Tianze asked.

“You should know the market prices. Someone once offered me a price of 90 million dollars, but I rejected it. Well, since it’s you, I’ll sell it to you at half-price. You may just give me 40 million dollars.”

Grinning widely from ear to ear, Long Tianze stepped forward to give Jin Qingyan a pat on his shoulder and said, “That’s what I call a good buddy whom I grew up with.”

“The decor in the villa is rather basic and simple. You may renovate it properly after coming up with a nice sketch. I’m sure it’ll look beautiful.”

“Sure. I’ll go have a look with my wife then.”

“Alright, go ahead.”

Long Tianze held Mei Yangyang’s hand and followed Fan Shixin to the villa opposite.

The villa was rather spacious, and there was a garden in the yard that was large enough for cultivating some vegetables. After taking a look around the house, Mei Yangyang began to imagine her ideal interior design. “Hubby, shall we renovate it according to a nautical theme?”

Long Tianze lit up in joy upon hearing her call him “Hubby,” which was just like music to his ears. “Honey, you call the shots from now on. We’ll go with your decisions.”

An Xiaoning received the news of Mei Yangyang getting married only after she touched down.

Mei Yangyang also mentioned in her text message to An Xiaoning that they would be moving in to the villa opposite Jin Qingyan’s.

An Xiaoning was rather taken aback by the piece of news but still congratulated her nonetheless. She also promised that she would attend their wedding.

However, Mei Yangyang said that they would not be holding a wedding for now because Long Tianze’s parents had yet to learn about their marriage. Thus, they were planning to take things a step at a time.

An Xiaoning carried her luggage and made her way to the hospital ward alone.

Just as she laid down in bed, she received an update from Ma Jianguo.

They managed to hoax the management staff in Gu Dongcheng’s estate into spilling the truth. As expected, Chi Rui’er had indeed bribed him with a sum of money to delete the surveillance camera footage.

The staff was brought to the police station, and they have begun searching for Chi Rui’er’s whereabouts.

An Xiaoning instructed them to contact her once they’d found Chi Rui’er.

After having her meal, she went to the rooftop of the hospital alone.

The gentle breeze caressed her face as she sat on the rooftop to gaze at her surroundings. An Xiaoning stared at the wallpaper on her mobile phone, which was a photo of Jin Qingyan.

Her heart was filled with immense sorrow at the sight of him.

From now onwards, she would be living alone with her child, and they’d be dependent on each other.

In order to keep this child, she would have to stay in the hospital throughout the course of her pregnancy and receive a daily shot of tocolytic.

All she wanted was to deliver the child safely and bring him or her into this world.

They would be a family once the child was born. So what if they didn’t have a man?

She would still continue to live on well. When she meets Jin Qingyan again in the future, she would greet him like an old friend and tell him, “Long time no see.”

In reality, she had a lot to say to him.

However, she kept it all to herself and resisted the urge to tell him what was on her mind.

For instance, she wanted to tell him:

“Jin Qingyan, did you know? I’m willing to go through thick and thin with you and brave through all storms together. But, I will never tolerate the idea of being replaced by anyone or anything in this world.”

“Jin Qingyan, did you know? Love is selfish. If you could easily replace me with another woman who looks exactly like me, this is not the kind of love I’m looking for.”

“Jin Qingyan, did you know? I, An Xiaoning, will continue to live on well even without a man.”

Mei Yangyang and Long Tianze were in a room on the twelfth storey of Shui Lou Estate.

Tonight was the night they would consummate their marriage, the very night he had been looking forward to for a long time.

Mei Yangyang came out of the bathroom clad in a bathrobe.

Long Tianze, who had showered before her, was lying in bed and waiting for her with a glass of wine in hand.

“Come here.” He placed the glass onto the table and gestured for her to approach.

Blushing with shyness, Mei Yangyang inched forward slowly in an awkward manner. As she reached the bedside, he picked her up and carried her onto the bed.

“It sure was hard to get intimate with you. You’re too chaste and conservative. If only everyone was like you.”

“Aren’t you conservative as well? Or have you already had a lot of experience before?” Mei Yangyang retorted.

“Of course not…” Long Tianze let out a cough and looked down at her cherry-red lips before saying softly, “I’m coming for you.”

Mei Yangyang closed her eyes and froze in nervousness the moment he planted a kiss on her soft and gentle lips.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll be gentle,” said Long Tianze as he pulled away and gazed at her from above.