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Mei Yangyang squinted and said, “Okay, be more gentle.”

Long Tianze smiled sweetly at her and kissed her again on her forehead, cheeks, and earlobe.

His unique scent wafted up into her nose.

Mei Yangyang’s eyes began to glass over as she laid down and gazed at him adoringly, overwhelmed with burning passion and desire.

“Hubby, I’m willing to spend the rest of my life with you. Actually, when I agreed to be your girlfriend, I already decided that you were the one I’m going to marry,” Mei Yangyang said, although she was still rather shy.

If she’d been someone else, Long Tianze would probably snigger at her for taking marriage so seriously in such a modern society.

However, she was special to him.

Unlike other girls, she had a very traditional mindset and was insistent on saving her chastity for the man whom she deemed worthy of her love.

He was well aware of that fact.

Thus, he never tried to force her into premarital sex as he was afraid of letting her down.

Now, he was certain that she was the one he wanted to build a family and grow old with. Even when they were old and gray, he would still be willing to spend his remaining days with her.

He buried his chin into her decolletage and whispered sweet nothings into her ear.

“Yangyang, I genuinely want to be with you.”

“That’s all I needed to hear, Hubby.”

They lost track of time, which flew by quickly. Before they even realized, an entire night had passed.

Long Tianze woke up before she did in the morning. He pulled the duvet over her and gave her a gentle peck on her cheek. “Honey, I’ve given you my chastity, it’s up to you to decide if you want to take responsibility for the rest of your life.”

“Hubby, I’ve given mine to you too. To be honest, I didn’t think it would be your first as well. Don’t tell me you were pretending to be a virgin?”

Long Tianze seemed to be in high spirits as his initial pent-up fury vanished. “I swear to Heaven that that was my very first time. Are you hungry? I’ll go buy you something to eat.”


After watching him leave, Mei Yangyang forced herself to sit up straight although her muscles were aching all over. She bit her arm to confirm that it was not just a dream.

She was married. She now had a husband and a home of her own!

She tossed and turned in bed with joy and excitement, as if those were the only way she could rejoice at the fact that she had finally found her happiness.

After expressing her euphoria, she quietened down and laid back onto the bed.

She began to recall all the ups and downs she had had with Long Tianze since the day they met.

They were truly bittersweet memories.

Fortunately, she had managed to conquer his heart, and nothing else mattered more than that.

“Young Sir, after tailing Ms. Mo’s parents continuously, we also discovered that they don’t visit anywhere else apart from that pregnant lady’s home. They’ve never been to places like the graveyard either.”

Ye Xiaotian was thrown into a state of bewilderment. Could they have cremated her and kept her ashes in an urn at home ? he wondered. But just how is that pregnant woman related to them?

“Go find out what that pregnant woman has to do with them.”

“Young Sir, is that important?” asked his puzzled assistant.

“It’s not important, I’m just curious.”

“Got it. I will get to it right away.”

Ye Xiaotian opened the drawer and took out a photo frame, which contained a photo of him and Mo Li.

Ye Xiaotian was filled with sorrow as he stared at the photo intently, gently brushing his fingers against Mo Li’s face on the photograph.

If she were still here, their child would have been due for delivery anytime soon now.

It was five o’clock in the evening when the assistant returned.

“Young Sir,” the assistant greeted as he entered the room.

“Did you find anything?”

“I’ve asked around, and many of the villagers claimed that Mo Xun’s sister was living in that house. Due to the fact that it was difficult to obtain potable water in the countryside, Mo Xun would have to bring her water very frequently. If that’s the case, does that mean Mo Xun has two sisters?”

A frown creased Ye Xiaotian’s forehead. He stood up immediately and said, “He only has one sister. I’ll go take a look myself.”

“Young Sir, it’s getting late. Go tomorrow instead.”

“I want to go right now.”

He had to take a look for himself and see if the woman was indeed Mo Xun’s sister.

Could it be that Mo Li was still alive?

Ye Xiaotian was again filled with agitation at the thought of the possibility.

The entire situation seemed extremely fishy. If she were truly dead, why didn’t her parents visit her at her grave? Even if she was cremated, why wasn’t it found in the records at the crematorium?

The sky had almost turned dark by the time they arrived at the village.

The village was surrounded by mountains and rivers. From where he was standing, he could see a small village along the waters below him.

Although it was almost March, the temperature at night was still rather chilly, especially since the village was located near the mountains.

“Is this the place?” Ye Xiaotian asked with a frown.

“Yes, we’re here,” answered the assistant, who was grabbing onto his jacket tightly and shivering from the cold.

The car was parked at the village entrance. Ye Xiaotian and his assistant alighted and walked towards the village.

As soon as they arrived, they chanced upon the sight of a woman’s silhouette. “Young Sir, she seems to be the pregnant woman we saw previously,” said the assistant, who managed to recognize Xiao Song immediately.

Ye Xiaotian put on a surgical mask and began following Xiao Song quietly. Noticing that she had entered the door of another house, the assistant immediately exclaimed in astonishment, “Young Sir, she was the one who answered the door of the house opposite previously.”

“Where does Mo Xun’s sister live exactly?”

“She lives just opposite. Not the house that that woman just entered.”

Ye Xiaotian did not utter a word and began walking towards Xiao Song’s doorstep right away.

The main door was left slightly ajar and was not locked.

He pushed the door open and entered.

Upon hearing the noises outside the door, Xiao Song came out of her room to see that there were two men standing before her in her house. In a moment of panic, she asked, “You are…?”

“I’d like to find out some things from you. Do you live opposite?”

Xiao Song shook her head and answered, “No, I live here. What’s the matter?”

Staring at her large baby bump, Ye Xiaotian asked, “May I ask, who lives opposite then?”

“What are you asking these for?” asked Xiao Song, who was on her guard.

“Well, my mother asked me to bring something here for my relative. I’m not sure if she’s moved opposite.”

“What’s the name of your relative?”

After a moment of hesitation, Ye Xiaotian answered, “Mo Li.”

Xiao Song eased up and let her guard down at the instant that she heard his answer. “Oh, I see. She lives right opposite. You may go ahead.”

Ye Xiaotian and his assistant looked at each other in shock and dismay upon hearing her words. “Does Mo Li really live opposite?” Ye Xiaotian asked, not allowing his emotions to show.

“Yes, Mo Li does live opposite. Aren’t you going to look for her?”

“Thank you.”

Ye Xiaotian turned around to leave while his assistant followed closely behind.

After exiting the gate of Xiao Song’s house, Ye Xiaotian stood in front of Mo Li’s doorstep, overwhelmed with surprise.

Noticing that Ye Xiaotian had been holding himself back from knocking on the door, the assistant asked, “Young Sir, would you like me to knock on the door?”

“Wait… a minute,” Ye Xiaotian declined.

The assistant had never seen such behavior from Ye Xiaotian before. Under the dim yellow rays of dusk, Ye Xiaotian appeared to be rather agitated and unable to contain his emotions, unlike his usual cool and collected self.

He stood rooted to the ground outside the door for a full five minutes.

Ye Xiaotian finally decided to knock on the door slowly.

He continued to give it a few more knocks, growing more and more eager to see her with each knock.

That damned woman, how dare she fool him!