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Ye Xiaotian felt slightly upset as he ate silently, like a doll that was about to be abandoned.

Mo Li purposely did not look at him, and ate slowly.

Finally, Ye Xiaotian stated, “Either we go back together, or we stay here forever.”

“How can that work?”

“Why not?” he retorted. “If you and the child stay here, do you think I can go back at ease?”

Mo Li hesitated for a moment, then replied, “Ye Xiaotian, after everything that has happened, do you still think it’s possible between us?”

If she were to give her child a home, she would have to face him her whole life. But, on the other hand, depriving her child of a complete family would make her guilty towards the child her whole life. At this very moment, she was completely torn inside.

“Why not?” Ye Xiaotian responded matter-of-factly. “You’re my wife. The child in your stomach is mine. Wherever my wife and child go, I’ll stay there.”

“You!” Mo Li was very furious. “When did you become so garrulous? Let me reiterate again, I’m not your wife. We haven’t signed a marriage certificate or carried out any wedding.”

Upon hearing this, Ye Xiaotian smiled even more brazenly. He gave a long and meaningful exclamation, “Oh! So what you want is to get our marriage certificate and carry out our wedding? That’s easy. As long as you’re willing to, I can give them to you now.”

“Do you think I have no choice but to marry you? I can live equally well taking care of the child by myself.”

“You’re my woman, if you don’t marry me, who will you marry?” Ye Xiaotian placed his chopsticks down and asked.

“Marrying anyone else is better than marrying you!” Mo Li rebutted and ate rapidly, not looking at him at all.

“I would like to see who in this world will dare to marry you apart from me. Whoever has that thought, I’ll chop their head off and use it to boil soup!”

Mo Li was beyond angered by his words. “You’re so used to being a master, look at your conduct.”

Ye Xiaotian then picked up vegetables to place into her bowl, but this gesture was refused by her.

“Eat your own food, you don’t have to pick food up for me. I can’t afford this kind of treatment.”

Ye Xiaotian did not get angry either. He felt that the knot in her heart could not be untangled in a short period of time, so it was fine with him. He had a lifetime to wait for that to happen.

As long as he was alive, she would be his everything, no one was to lay a finger on her!

With that thought, Ye Xiaotian’s whole body was full of energy. With her around, everything was great. He would never let go of her again!

Only after breakfast did Ye Xiaotian’s assistant appear at the door. “Young Sir, I’m sorry. I overslept in the car.”

“It’s fine, as long as you didn’t die from sleeping.”

Seeing how he was utterly shameless about staying, Mo Li pointed to the water bucket. “There’s no more water at home, you go to the well and carry some water back.”

Ye Xiaotian carried the shoulder pole and the two water buckets. “Alright, I’ll go right now. This should be a man’s chore. But, where’s the well?”

Mo Li went out the door and pointed to the east. “Walk out and keep heading east, then you’ll reach it. It’s not far. Be careful, the road is a bit slippery.”

Ye Xiaotiain flashed a smile at her. “Look at you, worrying about me. I’ll be careful.” With that, he went out with his assistant.

Just after they went out, his assistant and two other guards headed towards him with umbrellas over their heads.

“Young Sir, let me get the shoulder pole. Your body is precious, let me do such hard chores.”

Ye Xiaotian narrowed his eyes and passed him the shoulder pole, remarking, “I have an important mission for you to do. Whether it succeeds will depend on you.”

His assistant looked at his face and couldn’t help but tremble in fright. He instantly felt the huge burden placed on him and inquired while shaking with fear, “What is it?”

Ye Xiaotian wriggled his finger to beckon him to come closer. “Move your ear here.”

After hearing his words, the assistant’s eyes brightened instantly. “Young Sir, you’re really the best at scheming!”

Ye Xiaotian turned up his face confidently. “Of course, look at who I am! So, you have to get it done properly. Or else, the consequence will be you getting fired.”

His assistant’s face fell in that moment. “Young Sir, you can’t do this. I’ve been so loyal to you, would you actually just fire me like this?”

“That will depend on how you perform. Alright, enough of the crap. You need to quickly brew your emotions.”

“I guarantee I’ll get this mission done!”

It was more than half an hour since Ye Xiaotian had gone to get water and was still not yet back. Feeling rather anxious, Mo Li thought that it must be due to his lack of experience in carrying water and continued to wait on.

But after waiting for another half an hour, she still did not see him returning. Mo Li had no choice but to make her way towards the well slowly to see what was going on.

Before she had even arrived, however, she saw from a distance away his assistant squatting down beside the well, bursting into loud sobs. A bunch of villagers had also gathered around, discussing heatedly as they pointed around.

Mo Li’s mind went blank. She only saw the shoulder pole and water buckets from her house beside the well, along with one leather shoe. Her body went weak immediately.

Her lips were trembling as she asked the assistant anxiously, “What on earth happened? Where’s your Young Sir?”

The assistant’s face was covered in tears. While he choked on them and could not utter a word, a middle-aged man at the side interrupted, “Just now, a man in a suit came to get water. We haven’t seen him before, but he fell in accidentally and left only one of his leather shoe. We wanted to rescue him, but it was too late. His body has surfaced already.”

The nearby villagers got a rope, and the assistant hurriedly passed the rope to the villagers to hold while he got ready to climb into the well with it. “I’ll get my Young Sir’s body up!”

Mo Li’s body collapsed just like that, but luckily, Xiao Song, who was nearby, was quick and held onto her. “Mo Li, are you alright?”

Tears gushed down her face instantly and she slowly waited by the well, looking at the back of the figure at the surface of the well. It was obviously Ye Xiaotian, who else could that be?

Mo Li grabbed onto the well and shouted into it agitatedly, “Xiaotian!”

But, the body on the surface of the water did not move at all. Mo Li was in a completely unstable state. Her body was trembling in fright, and her mind was blank. She could not think of anything at all.

When the assistant entered the well successfully with the rope, he could finally heave a sigh of relief and used his own body to block Ye Xiaotian’s body.

“Young Sir, my acting is not bad right?”

“Umm. If you have the intention to enter the acting industry next time, I’ll support you.”

The assistant chuckled. “Let’s go up. You should drink a mouthful of water first.”

Ye Xiaotian closed his eyes and went up with his assistant slowly. His whole body was frozen by the ice-cold water from the well, but he insisted on not moving at all and lay there motionless, pretending he was unconscious.

The assistant breathed heavily and pretended to reach out to detect Ye Xiaotian’s breath. He then exclaimed in alarm, “There’s still a breath! Who can do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on him? Ms. Mo, you should do it.”

Mo Li immediately kneeled on the floor and pinned herself on Ye Xiaotian, blowing air into his mouth. Only after Ye Xiaotian coughed out water did she use her hands to grab his face excitedly. “Are you alive, Ye Xiaotian?”

“Umm.” Ye Xiaotian replied in a low voice. Hearing her cries of happiness, he opened his eyes slowly. “I’m not dead yet, why are you crying?”