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“What would happen if you really died!”

“You didn’t die either, how would I dare to die?” He stood up, then helped her up.

When they were going back, his assistant carried the water while Ye Xiaotian forcefully held onto her hand.

With her huge belly, Xiao Song hurried to catch up with them. “This is the child’s father, right?”

Mo Li unwillingly nodded her head.

“Mo Li, you were really too much. Doesn’t the child have a father? Why did you say the child’s father is dead?”

Ye Xiaotian turned his head and looked at the woman beside him in disbelief. “You actually told other people that the child’s father is dead?!”

Mo Li did not feel guilty about it and admitted it matter-of-factly. “Yeah. I intended to tell the child the same in the future, when he or she asks where his or her father is.”

Letting out a soft exclamation, his assistant unconsciously slowed down his pace.

Not only was Ye Xiaotian not angry, he even laughed. “There’s no doubt that you’re my woman. But, what a pity, my child is destined to see me when she’s born. Your words won’t have a chance of coming true.”

Once they reached home, Ye Xiaotian immediately took off all his clothes from top to bottom right in front of Mo Li. He then climbed into the covers naked, his whole body so frozen that he was trembling badly.

“You can even fall into the well while getting water. That’s really all you’ve got,” Mo Li said frankly. “I’ve no men’s clothes here, you can just wait for your clothes to dry before you get up.”

“Then what do I do if I need the toilet?”

“I’ll get you a set of my clothes then. You can just put in on for now. If you don’t want to, you can get your assistant to go back and bring you some clothes.”

“It’s alright, I’ll just wear yours.”

Mo Li took out her cotton pyjamas and passed it to him. It obviously did not fit Ye Xiaotian, since Mo Li had grown fatter from her pregnancy. For Ye Xiaotian, the pyjamas were short and too loose, but at least they were warm.

As Mo Li was about to wash his clothes for him, Ye Xiaotian considerately remarked, “Let him wash them, you can’t bend down.”

The assistant then had no choice but to act the role of a maid and squat down to wash Ye Xiaotian’s clothes. Fortunately, there was hot water on the stove, so his hands did not get frozen.

“Come here, I want to have a proper talk with you,” Ye Xiaotian told Mo Li.

“What about?” She went forward and sat at the side of the bed. Ye Xiaotian slowly got up and hugged her tightly, not allowing her to move at all.

“You’re about to give birth soon. Let’s go back to the city and settle down in a hospital to wait for the delivery. When the child turns a month old, we will get married. How about that?”

Mo Li’s gaze was fixed straight on the floor. To her, his words were the best situation she could think of. She turned and asked him, “Why… why did you divorce the Lin family’s daughter?”

“I only married her to spite my mother in the first place. My mother realized she really couldn’t force me, so she allowed me to decide for myself. Although I married her, I never touched her at all. The news that came out at one time was when I handcuffed her on the sofa for a whole night.”

“Who asked you about all these?”

“Even if you don’t ask me, I have to make it clear. Mo Li, I let you down regarding a lot of things in the past. I hope you can give me a chance to make up for it. I’m willing to use the rest of my life to treat you and our child well, to let you forget the unhappiness and suffering in the past.”

Mo Li sighed. “Ye Xiaotian, I must have owed you a lot in my previous life, that’s why I’m stuck with you in this life.”

Ye Xiaotian broke into a wide grin. “You being alive is a huge surprise to me, I would never have dreamed of it. Mo Li, how were you able to deceive me back then?”

Mo Li of course would not reveal who had helped her. She simply replied, “Is that important?”

“Alright, if you say it isn’t, then it isn’t.”

“Uh…” Her body froze all of a sudden. “My stomach hurts…”

Ye Xiaotian’s nerves tensed up. He hurriedly released his hands from her and helped her down from the bed. “You must be giving birth soon, let’s go to the hospital.”

His leather shoes had been completely soaked so he put on Mo Li’s slippers and carried her in his arms, frantically rushing out of the house to his car, along with his assistant.

Mo Li sat behind Ye Xiaotian’s driver seat and, while he was already a bundle of nerves, her cries of pain behind him made him drive at a frantic speed like that of a rollercoaster ride.

“Ah! The pain is killing me!” Mo Li screamed as she grabbed onto Ye Xiaotian’s hair. “It’s all your fault, it’s so painful! Ye Xiaotian, you idiot!”

Ye Xiaotian’s scalp was in pain, but he could only bear it in silence. On the road, his hair had become Mo Li’s indispensable weapon to endure the pain. When they got down from the car, he couldn’t help wonder if all his hair had already been ripped off by her.

Just like that, amongst the crowd in the hospital, a man dressed in a set of women’s pyjamas and slippers hurriedly rushed into the gynecological department, becoming a scene that brightened up onlookers in the hospital.

After a few days of searching, Ma Jianguo and the rest of the team finally found Chi Rui’er living in a rented apartment.

When she heard that she was being arrested as the suspect of a crime, Chi Rui’er went completely blank.

“What proof do all of you have?”

Ma Jianguo immediately asserted, “To destroy the evidence, you bribed the person-in-charge at the office of Gu Dongcheng’s estate. Do you think we don’t know? The person-in-charge has already told us.”

Chi Rui’er turned speechless, but even at this juncture, she still tried her best to defend herself. “Just because of his one-sided statement, I have become the prime suspect?”

“If you have anything to say, it can wait until we get to the police station.”

She was then forcefully detained in the police car, and Mrs. Chi watched on in anxiety.

Watching the police car leave, Mrs. Chi was in a frantic state. But even as her anxiety reached its peak, she could do nothing about the situation.

After much thought, she made an important decision.

As Chi Rui’er was being brought to the police station, Mrs. Chi had been rushing over as well.

She made a clear statement to the police, confessing that she was the one who had killed Xu Jingwen. She described the whole process of the crime as well as the place where she had buried the body.

According to her description, Ma Jianguo was immediately able to dig up Xu Jingwen’s body.

However, Mrs. Chi’s decision not only did not help Chi Rui’er but also allowed the investigation of the case to proceed smoothly. When Chi Rui’er found out about this, she was boiling with rage.

If she had known this would happen, she would definitely have not told her mother where she had buried Xu Jingwen’s body.

But now, everything was too late.

After doing an autopsy, the coroner confirmed that Xu Jingwen had died of suffocation.

This coincided with the conclusion An Xiaoning had derived from analyzing Xu Jingwen’s birth characters.

In addition to this, the process of the crime Mrs. Chi had described was not valid as everyone found out that Mrs. Chi had heart disease and, even though she was not that much shorter than Xu Jingwen was, she had claimed that Xu Jingwen was standing when she strangled her. Hence, Mrs. Chi could not have been the one who killed her.

As a result, the main suspect was fixed as Chi Rui’er once again.

Just when An Xiaoning and the other members of the special team felt that there would be a huge breakthrough in the case, suddenly, Pan Zhenghui brought a bad news to them.

He asked them to stop the investigation of Xu Jingwen’s case and to pass this case over to the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit.

These words left Ma Jianguo and the other three unable to comprehend the situation. They demanded an explanation from Chief Pan, but Pan Zhenghui remained dumbfounded. It seemed like he had difficulties he was unable to express, and at this point, he indeed had an urge to die as well.