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An Xiaoning could no longer stay still. She called Pan Zhenghui directly to ask what was going on.

Pan Zhenghui then explained, “It’s like this, the higher-ups called me directly to make me pass the case for the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit to take over. Their reason is that they don’t want you to be involved in the case, and they will hand over other cases to you.”

“I need a more convincing reason, not this.” An Xiaoning felt that there was something fishy going on. Her voice turned deeper as she demanded for an explanation, “Chief Pan, tell me the truth. What exactly is the reason that Chi Rui’er’s case has been passed over to the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit?”

Pan Zhenghui knew as well that if he did not reveal the truth, An Xiaoning would not let it go so easily. If that were to happen, he would have even greater losses. He knew An Xiaoning’s character a little, and she was definitely capable of leaving because of this. The police force would lose a talent like her.

“I’ll tell you the truth then. When the higher-up said to pass the case to the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit, I was strongly against it because it’s obvious that the case is becoming clearer. There’s no need for the other side to continue investigating it already. But the higher-up said, the investigation of this case has been forcefully stopped by Head Officer Xu. I only heard about it from others too, that Chi Rui’er and Army Commander Xu’s youngest daughter Xu Youran has close ties. I’m afraid… Head Officer Xu is Army Commander Xu’s eldest son.”

An Xiaoning was rather astonished. How did Chi Rui’er, who had an ordinary status, get close to Army Commander Xu’s daughter?

It was really an impressive feat. Having not seen Chi Rui’er for a few days, she now found that Chi Rui’er seemingly had quite a backing.

“So… passing the case over to the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit is just a cover. The real motive is to get Chi Rui’er out of here, then spend a little money to compensate Xu Jingwen’s family. This case will pass just like that,” An Xiaoning could not help but respond with a sneer. “Since it’s like this, then I won’t say anything else. I’ll be resting for my pregnancy from now on, so don’t bother me about work for the time being.”

She then hung up the call on him. Within the police station, whoever dared to hang up on Pan Zhenghui and show him attitude, they were the boss. Not only did An Xiaoning dare to do so, she even dared to speak that bluntly to him. Pan Zhenghui was sitting around, feeling anxious but helpless at the same time.

He tried calling back An Xiaoning, but found she had switched off her phone.

Pan Zhenghui was slightly infuriated too, and sat there sulking. Just then, Serious Crimes Investigation Unit Team Leader Zhang knocked on the door and entered his room.

“Bureau Chief, what do we do about Xu Jingwen’s case?”

Pan Zhenghui darted a glance at him, his eyes spurting with fumes. “Why don’t you call Head Officer Xu and ask him directly? Get him to ask his father, what exactly we should do!”

“Chief, what’s the matter? Why are you flaring up over this?”

“Can I not flare up over this? Because of this issue, Team Leader An is very unhappy. Alright, I’ll call Head Officer Xu. You go out first.”

Officer Zhang nodded. “Yes.”

After brewing his emotions, Pan Zhenghui called Xu Yang to explain the situation.

Xu Yang expressed that he already knew about it because his father had called him to tell him, but he never expected that this would infuriate An Xiaoning. He maintained that this matter still had to be handled accordingly, and that he would personally call An Xiaoning to explain the situation.

With his words, Pan Zhenghui became much more assured.

At eleven at night, An Xiaoning just switched on her phone when Xu Yang gave her a call.

“Ms. An, I’ve called you many times. You finally switched on your phone.”

“If there’s anything Head Officer Xu wants to say, just speak.” An Xiaoning did not beat around the bush either.

“Bureau Chief Pan has told me about Xu Jingwen’s case. I know what you think about it, but sometimes, people think that just because we are in a high position, we can decide many things. Only we ourselves know, however, that a lot of things are out of our control too.”

“I get what you are trying to say. Even though I can’t stand some things, I know that the world works like that. If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up first then.”

“Wait, wait…” Xu Yang enquired, “You’ll continue to work for the police force right?”

“This issue can wait until I give birth. The condition is that the members of the Special Investigation Unit don’t have to be ordered around by the Serious Crimes Investigation Unit anymore. Give them their own cases. If there’s anything that can’t be handled by themselves, I will assist them.”

An Xiaoning knew that what Xu Yang had said entailed that Xu Jingwen’s family would be settled with money.

“Okay, I’ll arrange for that.” Xu Yang heaved a sigh of relief. In the police station, there was no other officer like An Xiaoning who could easily solve cases using her special abilities.

Moreover, when An Xiaoning joined the police force back then, he was the one who invited her on behalf of the police force. He definitely could not allow this to be ruined by this incident.

An Xiaoning ended the call with her face showing her displeasure. She already knew that in the police station, no matter which higher-up was leading it, there was always unfairness and a dark side to everything. It was only a matter of how much there was to it.

If one did not have the power to change society, they could only adapt to it.

Coming down from the bed slowly, An Xiaoning stood by the window and watched the starry night sky. Her hand slowly moved to her stomach. In there was their child. It was their third child.

She raised her hand with her phone in it and slid to the message segment. She looked at the screen and tapped it lightly. There were a dozen unsent messages in there.

Looking at the content of these messages, she felt agonized inside. Her finger landed on the “delete” button and she deleted all of them.

She then took out her camera and deleted the numerous videos that she had recorded in advance as well.

For some reason, these were the evidence of her innermost feelings.

Mo Li gave birth to a full-term baby girl.

She was plump and healthy, and looked just like Ye Xiaotian. Even though her daughter looked like him, she still looked very pretty.

Ye Xiaotian stayed in the hospital for a few days before fetching Mo Li and their child back to their house in Ming Yuan Estate for Mo Li’s confinement.

Returning back to this house, Mo Li’s status was elevated. Maybe because she now had a child, or knowing that she was of significant importance to Ye Xiaotian, the maids did not dare to disrespect her the slightest bit. Upon knowing that Mo Li was brought back here, Mr. and Mrs. Mo, as well as Mo Xun, could only accept it after much sighing.

“He didn’t say when the both of you are getting married?”

“He said when the child turns a month old, we’ll get married.”

Mrs. Mo was finally assured. “Then, how about his mother’s side…?”

“His mother probably doesn’t know that I had a child already. I think she would know about it soon.”

As soon as she finished speaking, there came the sound of footsteps approaching and the door was pushed open by Mrs. Ye.

She stood at the doorway, looking at Mrs. Mo and Mo Li inside. Thereafter, she entered the room.

Mo Li was slightly nervous and was about to get down from the bed when Mrs. Ye waved it off. “You don’t have to come down, just lay there.”

Mo Li was taken aback, and lay back to rest again. Mrs. Mo looked at Mrs. Ye and muttered bluntly, “Our Mo Li has already suffered so much because of your son. If you’re here to give her more trouble, then it won’t be necessary.”

Mrs. Ye raised her eyebrows. “No matter what, they already have a child now. We will become in-laws soon as well. Is it necessary to go head-on with each other?”

Mrs. Mo was startled by her words. From her tone, it was obvious that she would no longer intervene regarding their marriage.