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Her eyes were slightly moist as she thought of the hurdles her daughter had gone through. It was a relief for her that her daughter had attained happiness after all that suffering.

“I’ll go down to take a look.” Mrs. Mo turned and went out.

In the bedroom, only Mrs. Ye, Mo Li, and her baby were left.

Mrs. Ye went before the baby’s cot and looked at the infant. She placed her bag aside and bent down to carry her.

Mo Li was slightly nervous at this sight. Mrs. Ye seemed to detect this and said to Mo Li while looking at the child, “You’re afraid I’lll strangle her to death? I won’t. You were right, this is my granddaughter indeed. Isn’t that so?”

The infant in her arms was really tiny. To give birth to her, Mo Li did not suffer any less. Even though the pain was terribly overwhelming, she did not get a cesarean section and gave birth to her naturally.

“She really looks a lot like Xiaotian.” Mrs. Ye reached out and touched the baby’s chubby face. A corner of her heart was also melted by the adorable baby.

At this moment, she had to admit that even though she was not fond of Mo Li, she really had a special feeling towards this child.

At the thought that this infant was her granddaughter, she declared, “I’ve let Xiaotian decorate your wedding room at the old residence. After the both of you get married, you’ll live there with the child as well.”

Mo Li did not want to live together with her. She muttered, “It’s fine living here.”

“Why? You want to make me come over every day to see the child? Or is it that you intend to carry the child to the old residence to pay respects to me every day?”

Mo Li was dumbfounded and could not say a word at all.

Mrs. Ye swayed slightly as she carried the child in her arms. “Since I’ve allowed the both of you to get married, you shouldn’t have too much requirements as well. Since Xiaotian wants to marry you, I won’t say anything further. The both of you should live on well. I just never imagined that you were still alive and had even given birth to the child.”

Mo Li still remained silent. At this point, she did not know how she should reply to Mrs. Ye.

Chi Rui’er was brought into a villa by someone. She knew the district where she was in, but not who she was going to meet.

With the man beside her, she cautiously entered the living room.

Before her, a woman with a good figure stood at the center of the living room. Her short hair was neatly cut, and her petite body appeared extremely slender. Chi Rui’er had never seen her before.

“You go out,” Xu Youran said to the man beside Chi Rui’er.

“Yes, Missy.”

Xu Youran pointed to the sofa. “Ms. Chi, have a seat.”

Chi Rui’er went forward and sat down. “You are?”

“I’m your life’s savior,” Xu Youran answered. “If I hadn’t saved you, you would have been immediately convicted of murder. Followed by that, the prosecution would take charges against you in court. If they successfully charge you for murder, then I don’t have to tell you what would happen. It would be the death penalty for sure. So, tell me, am I not your life savior?”

Chi Rui’er hesitated for a moment, then responded, “I know you’re my life savior. But, I don’t know you. Why did you save me?”

“It’s alright if you don’t know me. As long as you know the Jin family, that’s fine.” A smile curled up on Xu Youran’s face. “Since I saved your life, you’ll work for me from now on. If you don’t listen to what I say, I can let you go back to jail and get the death penalty. What would you choose then?”

Although Chi Rui’er did not like being controlled by others, it was apparent that she had no choice this time.

“I’m naturally willing to follow you and work for you.”

“Very well.” Xu Youran asked, “You know Jin Qingyan right?”

“Umm. I do.”

“Since I saved you out, I’ve already investigated everything about you in depth.” Xu Youran continued, “As long as you do exactly what I say, you’ll live well.”

Chi Rui’er could sense that what she wanted her to do had something to do with the Jin family, so she stated directly, “Jin Qingyan doesn’t contact me anymore. Although I know the Jin family, it’s only on the surface. We don’t have a close relationship.”

“But from what I know, Jin Qingyan loved you.”

“That was in the past. He no longer loves me. We haven’t contacted each other for a long time already. Also, he’s not fond of me now,” Chi Rui’er confessed frankly.

“Whether he’s fond of you now is not the main point.” Xu Youran continued, “His parents are divorced, did you know that?”

Chi Rui’er shook her head. “I didn’t. They don’t report this kind of family issue on the news.”

“Then, that’s fine. You don’t have to think about other issues. I won’t let you do something impossible either. Since Jin Qingyan is not fond of you now, I don’t think he’ll fall in love with you again.” She stood up, her arms folded as she stared right at her. “Who I am isn’t important to you. Who you are isn’t important to me either. From now onwards, you just have to act according to what I say. Otherwise, you won’t be able to move an inch forward.”

Chi Rui’er looked up at her and realized that this woman’s gaze was ice-cold. Although she was a woman, she easily caused others to develop a fear towards her. Chi Rui’er could only nod and reply, “Umm. I know.”

“Alright, you can go back. I’ll call to notify you of anything to be done.” She pointed to the phone on the table and remarked, “This phone will be our only method of contact. Don’t use any other phone to contact me, do you get that?”

Chi Rui’er reached out and took the phone. “Okay.”

As she left this place, Chi Rui’er was in a blank state of mind.

When she reached her front door, Chi Rui’er could hear Mrs. Chi sobbing uncontrollably in the house.

Seeing that she had returned, Mrs. Chi’s eyes widened and she walked towards her. “Rui’er, are you fine now?”

“Umm. Someone saved me.” Chi Rui’er looked at her and asked, “Why were you so silly as to confess at the police station?”

“I panicked, okay? Right. Who saved you?”

Chi Rui’er shook her head. “I don’t know her. She’s a woman around the same age as me. She made me work for her. I don’t think it will be anything decent.”

“Rui’er, let’s get away from this place, shall we? Let’s go somewhere nobody knows us.”

“Although this world is big, where can I run to? We can run away, but the police will put us on the wanted list. If that happens, I might even be shot dead. I’d rather work for her and try to live on. Mother, the house that I used to bury Xu Jingwen was bought by me. If you live there, I’ll probably be unable to go home to see you often next time.”

“No, Mother won’t go anywhere,” Mrs. Chi said resolutely. “Now, I don’t have anything but you. I want to stay by your side.”

Chi Rui’er gazed at her mother in pain and responded, “Alright. Since you want that, then stay by my side.”

Thinking back to the past, she never had a good life to begin with. Even after various struggles, this fact remained so.

If she had grabbed hold of Jin Qingyan back then, then everything else after that would not have happened, right?

She could only blame herself for being blind and ignorant. For missing such a good opportunity and giving up the seat that had been meant for her to someone else.

Chi Rui’er returned to her own bedroom and laid down on the bed, her exhausted gaze fixed on the ceiling.