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“Come here.”

An Xiaoning went forward and said in a low voice, “What are you doing here?”

“I came especially to look for you,” he said. “Get on, I have something to say to you.”

An Xiaoning waved goodbye to Mei Yangyang, then went around the car to sit beside the driver’s seat.

“What do you want to say?”

“There’s a lot I want to say. What’s this on your face — what’s wrong with your skin?”

“It’s on purpose, to prevent people from recognizing me,” An Xiaoning said. “After all, I’m your Godsister now, and the young mistress of the Jin family. If others were to find out I’m working as a crew member, it’ll probably end up on the news.”

“You must have a lot of time on your hands, leading such a comfortable life that you have to find something to torture yourself with.”

“No, I wanted to gain some experience. There’s still a few days left, and I’d have been here for a month, then I won’t be staying here anymore.” An Xiaoning asked again, “You came especially to look for me, what exactly is the matter?”

“I’ve broken up with Chi Rui’er awhile ago, do you know that?”

“Yes, I know, what’s wrong?”

The corner of Gu Beicheng’s lip curled into a smile. “How did you know?”

“Qingyan told me.”

Gu Beicheng queried again, “Do you know where Chi Rui’er is staying now?”

“Don’t know.” An Xiaoning pointed out, “I don’t know her personally, how would I know where she’s staying?”

As she said those words, Gu Beicheng gave her a significant look. “As your Brother, I have a duty to tell you what you don’t know, isn’t that right?”

“What exactly are you trying to say?”

“You probably didn’t know that Jin Qingyan has another mansion — it’s huge and has a wide land area — the kind which could even fit an airport inside.”

“I’ve guessed it before. But I didn’t expect it was that huge.”

Gu Beicheng reached out his fingers and hit her brain lightly. “Fool. As his wife, you don’t even know where your biggest property is. Let’s go, I’ll show you.”

He fired the engine and started driving.

“You’re not on good terms with him. If you go to his place, won’t you be chased out?”

“Aren’t you here?” Gu Beicheng darted her a glance. “I’m bringing you there, not just for you to see your own house.”

“Then for what?” She could vaguely guess what he wanted to say.

“You’ll know when we arrive.” Gu Beicheng accelerated the car. It flew on the streets.

The car stopped at the entrance of a high-class housing estate. An Xiaoning saw the name of the estate — Wei Ni.

Gu Beicheng parked the carked in front of a huge gate.

He remarked, “Your front gate is lavish, isn’t it? This place is a lot bigger than the villa you live in now. To think my Brother-in-law is so insincere, he doesn’t even let his own wife live in here.” Yet he let Chi Rui’er move in. Interesting.

“Since we’re here, let’s get off and take a look.” An Xiaoning got off and Gu Beicheng followed closely behind.

Standing before the main gate, she reached out to press the doorbell. A moment later, a young man in uniform came to open the door. Seeing the both of them at the door, he immediately nodded in acknowledgment. “Young Mistress.”

“Uh.” She headed inside. The young man backed off, and a hint of laughter flashed across Gu Beicheng’s eyes.

The mansion was boundless, but looking at its structure, An Xiaoning indeed believed that it was a lot more majestic than the villa she was living in.

Although her footsteps had landed on this piece of land, she felt she had nothing to do with it at all.

It was as if she was looking at a luxurious place through the eyes of a stranger.

Heading towards the largest villa, they were at the doorstep when the sound of a woman laughing heartily and a variety show screening in the background drifted from inside.

An Xiaoning looked in. The back of someone’s head popped out from the sofa, but the face could not be seen.

A maid saw An Xiaoning’s presence and became visibly shocked.

“Young… Young Mistress, what are you doing here?”

An Xiaoning did not speak — the woman who was originally laughing quietened down momentarily. She stood up from the sofa and looked towards their direction.

When she saw that both An Xiaoning and Gu Beicheng were there, Chi Rui’er looked very uncomfortable.

She did not speak, and An Xiaoning spoke first, “Ms. Chi, how is it living here?”

Her expression suggested that she already knew Chi Rui’er was living there, but in actual fact, she was completely unaware of it. She only knew Jin Qingyan had arranged a place for her to stay in. She never expected that he had arranged for her to stay there.

It was clear that Chi Rui’er was of considerable importance to him, far more important than she was to him.

Taking a deep breath, An Xiaoning understood then that the situation was quite terrible — not as optimistic as she had imagined it to be.

The marriage was bona fide, yet it did not happen because they were truly in love.

Her previous marriage with Shi Shaochuan was like that, and this one was the same.

If she had the chance for another marriage, she did not want it like that anymore, putting herself in a passive position.

“Quite good,” Chi Rui’er answered. “I was the one who begged Qingyan for a place to stay. I’d wanted to stay in the same house as both of you, but he arranged for me to stay here. I hope Ms. An doesn’t mind the inconvenience I’ve brought.”

An Xiaoning clasped her hands tightly; her face remaining unchanged. “Ms. Chi, just call me Mrs. Jin. I’m not a single woman anymore.”

Chi Rui’er’s face froze, then she nodded, slightly embarrassed.

Gu Beicheng did not say a word through all this. An Xiaoning stood there, not feeling that she was the lady of the house. On the contrary, she felt that Chi Rui’er was.

At that very moment, she felt like she was an uninvited guest.

So, after staying for only a few minutes, An Xiaoning left in a hurry.

Sitting in the car, she looked out of sorts and oddly felt a little upset.

“Feeling upset?”

An Xiaoning remained stubborn, “No.”

Gu Beicheng saw through her words and explained, “I brought you here to give you some mental preparation in advance. Your husband has someone else in his heart.”

An Xiaoning forced a smile. “So am I supposed to thank you? After a day at work, I’m quite tired. I want to go back.”

“I’ll send you back.”


She leaned against the car seat and, after a while of driving, the car entered the road leading to her estate. As he was about to drive in, An Xiaoning stopped him. “Just here is fine.”

She pushed opened the door and got off, then waved goodbye to him.

She left immediately.

Reaching home, she went upstairs to bathe after she had eaten.

She was in a blank state of mind and didn’t want to think about anything at all.

Waking up from a nap, she looked at the time — it was only past nine at night.

She got bored and casually took a book to read, yet her mind was not on the book at all.

The more she flipped through the pages, the more uncomfortable she felt.

She got off the bed and stood in front of the window. Pulling open the curtains, she noticed the patter of rain outside.

His car was nowhere to be seen in the courtyard.

The spacious courtyard seemed a little empty. Thinking back to the mansion at Wei Ni Estate, it was incomparable.

The flash from a pair of headlights faintly projected from the main gate into the courtyard.

Very soon, his Bentley pulled in slowly.

An Xiaoning closed the curtains shut, turned around, and continued to sleep.