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After having a nice warm bath and changing into a set of pretty clothes, Chi Rui’er put on some makeup and slung her bag over her shoulder, getting ready to go out.

“Rui’er, where are you going?”

“Mother, I’m going out to shop for a while, I won’t be eating dinner at home.”

Mrs. Chi felt slightly ill at ease. “Come back soon.”


She retracted her gaze. After her divorce with Gu Dongcheng, her driving license had been revoked as well. Now, she could only take a taxi out.

On the way, she received Xu Youran’s call for her to go to a mahjong house, where she would meet the target she was to get close to.

Only after Chi Rui’er persistently asked who the target was did Xu Youran finally reveal the target’s name.

Chi Rui’er stiffened in shock. Never would she have expected that the target she was to get close to was Jin Qingyan’s father.

What she meant by her words, Chi Rui’er already understood fully.

She had become a mere tool for others to make use of.

But yet, she could do nothing about it.

The taxi drove towards the mahjong house and, after twenty minutes, she came down from it. Wearing a face mask, her bag slung over her shoulder, she entered the mahjong house.

“May I know which room the senior Mr. Jin is in?”

“He’s in room 203 on the second floor.”

“Thank you.”

Chi Rui’er hurriedly made her way towards the second floor.

At the doorway of room 203, she took a deep breath and mentally prepared herself. She already had a vague idea of what she was going to say to him, but she still had to plan out how she would say it.

After preparing herself for two whole minutes, she gently pushed the door open and looked into the room.

At first glance, she noticed Mr. Jin.

Behind him stood a group of emotionless bodyguards. She leaped past them into the room and saw that a rich lady seated beside Mr. Jin had won quite a huge amount but was too embarrassed to leave just like that. Seeing that Chi Rui’er had entered, the lady hurriedly got up and said, “She can play for me first, I’ll go to the washroom.”

Although that was what she claimed, she even took her wallet with her and only left some starting money on the table. Seeing this, Chi Rui’er knew it was a good opportunity as she did not have to use an excuse to invite Mr. Jin out. That helped her to save trouble as well.

She removed her face mask, and Mr. Jin immediately recognized her. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to look for someone.” She smiled in embarrassment and started the mahjong game.

Mr. Jin did not say anything else either and continued to play as well.

During the game, Chi Rui’er intentionally stretched her foot out towards Mr. Jin and, after touching him lightly, she appeared slightly embarrassed.

Throughout, Mr. Jin had felt her foot touch him at least five times. His face showed he was slightly annoyed.

The waiter came to refill tea for them, and the teacup that Mr. Jin had emptied was full again. Chi Rui’er sat there watching, and an idea came to her head.

There were some drugs in her bag that had been prepared for Xu Jingwen a long time ago. She did not throw them away previously and casually put them into an inner compartment of her bag. Thinking of this, her face changed and she discreetly dabbed some of the drugs with her finger and flicked it into Mr. Jin’s teacup.

As her movements were subtle, nobody at all realized what she had done.

Looking at Mr. Jin empty away the teacup, Chi Rui’er felt secretly happy inside. After two rounds of mahjong, the rich lady who claimed to have gone to the washroom indeed did not return.

Chi Rui’er won a game and lost another, so she did not lose too much money.

The other two players did not want to play on and stood up to leave. Mr. Jin noticed that his head was dizzy and did not feel good, so he did not get up and sat there to rest.

The bodyguard behind him asked in a low voice, “Do you want to go back now?”

“Wait a while, I don’t feel well.” As he rubbed his temple with one hand, he noticed that Chi Rui’er had not left either and asked, “Why aren’t you leaving?”

“Uncle Jin, actually, I came to look for you. I have something to say to you, can I speak to you in private?”

“You’re looking for me?”

“Yes. It’s something very important.”

Mr. Jin signalled the bodyguards behind him to leave. “All of you wait at the doorway.”

“Alright.” The bodyguards went out and closed the door.

“What is it? You can speak now.”

Chi Rui’er gazed at him tenderly and said, “It’s like this. Aren’t I divorced? And I lost my child too. I’ve been pretty short of money and my mother isn’t in good health, so I really need money now. I didn’t know who else to ask, so I thought of you.”

Mr. Jin felt the situation was ridiculous. “You want me to lend you money?”

“I won’t let you just lend me money for nothing, I’ll repay you with something else.” Chi Rui’er leaned towards him. “Is that okay?”

“How will you repay me?”

Chi Rui’er removed her coat, revealing her innerwear. She looked like an innocent rabbit who could pounce on him eagerly anytime, and she whispered lightly, “What do you think I can repay you with? Anything is fine.”

Mr. Jin eyed her chest and asked, “How much do you need?”

“Not a lot, a hundred thousand dollars.”

Mr. Jin responded incredulously, “A hundred thousand dollars isn’t a lot?”

“It’s a lot to me. But to you, it must be just peanuts. Uncle Jin, please? I already said I’ll repay you in any manner.”

Mr. Jin hesitated for a moment and replied, “Of course I can lend it to you. But I want to know, how long will you repay me with your services?”

Chi Rui’er laughed coquettishly. “It’s not easy to count for how long. But, is the number of times fine?”

“What you’re doing is equivalent to selling your body, you know that right?” Mr. Jin darted a glance at her. “Forget it, I’ll just give you the money. It’s not a loan. But, you have to sleep a hundred times with me.”

Chi Rui’er frowned. “That makes me look too cheap.”

Mr. Jin grunted, “You came here to find me yourself. If you’re not willing, I won’t force you either.”

Chi Rui’er made it seem like she was put in a spot. She thought for a moment, then replied, “I really lack money very badly. Since it’s like this, then I’ll agree to it.”

Mr. Jin felt exceptionally pleased inside. “Alright. This is what you said.”

Although he was past the age of fifty, he still had to satisfy his own needs in that area.

Moreover, after his divorce with Mrs. Jin, he was lonely as well. He didn’t even have someone to talk to.

Thinking of this woman’s young body, Mr. Jin felt that it was more of a transaction between them. Since it would be the same, or even riskier if he found other women at a hotel, then this would probably be better.

He openly looked at Chi Rui’er and pinched the meat at her cleavage. He chuckled as he asked, “Why didn’t you ask Qingyan for money?”

“He won’t lend it to me.”

Mr. Jin did not say anything more. He turned around and unbuckled his belt. “You can serve me once first. Let me see how good your skills are.”

Chi Rui’er nodded, then served him with her utmost effort.

After it ended, she received a check for a hundred thousand.

Her stomach was growling when she returned, and she thought of having a good meal to reward herself.

At the entrance of the hotel, however, she met a long-time acquaintance whom she had not seen in a long time.

It was Jin Qingyan, and she watched as he went around the head of the car to open the door of the seat beside the driver’s. Gu Xiaoning, dressed in a pink coat and light-colored jeans, got down from the car thereafter. She went to his side and they leisurely made their way to the entrance of the hotel.

Chi Rui’er stood there not moving as her gaze fixed on the two of them. She initiated a conversation with them, “It’s been a long time. The both of you are still so loving, how wonderful.”

Her tone was obviously sour and full of sarcasm.

If it had been An Xiaoning, she would have immediately rebutted her with an even sharper comment. But Gu Xiaoning stared at her with innocent-looking eyes and darted a glance at Jin Qingyan beside her, not returning a single word.

“Um-hmm.” Jin Qingyan acknowledged her words with a curt reply, holding Gu Xiaoning’s hand as they walked into the hotel together.