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At a loss for words, Shi Shaochuan turned around to leave.

Jin Qingyue watched as the door closed and immediately felt a strong sense of relief.

Mo Li heard the sky pouring heavily once she woke up. The rain had not subsided even after an entire night. She sat up slightly and realized that Ye Xiaotian was no longer beside her.

She took a look at her watch and found that it was almost half past eight in the morning.

She lifted the duvet and took look at her child, who was sleeping soundly in the cot.

Mo Li had woken up multiple times throughout the night to feed her daughter and thus did not get a good night’s sleep.

After washing up in the bathroom, she was served by the servants with some dishes on a tray. “Ms. Mo, here’s your breakfast.”

“Okay, leave it on the table.”

The servant placed the dishes onto the coffee table and stood at the side while holding the tray in her hands.

“You may leave first. Come up and collect the empty dishes later.”

After some hesitation, the servant placed the tray onto the table and said, “Young Sir arranged for us to prepare this breakfast spread for you. You have to finish it, it’s good for your health.”

“Yes, got it.”

The servant turned around to leave and closed the door.

Mo Li sat in front of the dressing table and put on some light makeup before taking a seat on the couch to have her breakfast.

She found that the porridge tasted slightly bitter. She would not have noticed the difference had she wolfed it down quickly.

However, she was eating at an exceptionally slow pace, leaving tens of seconds between each spoonful. Thus, after taking a few mouthfuls of the porridge, Mo Li began to find that it tasted a little different than usual.

She then placed the porridge aside and tucked into the other dishes instead.

After she was done eating, the servant entered again with a glass of milk. “Ms. Mo, here’s some milk.”

“Alright, thank you.”

Mo Li took the glass of milk from the servant’s hands and instructed her, “Clear the dishes and bring them down.”

Noticing that she did not touch the porridge much, the servant asked, “Does the porridge taste awful? Why didn’t you eat much of it, Ms. Mo?”

“I don’t feel like having porridge today. Bring it down.”


The servant cleaned up the mess and watched as Mo Li began drinking the milk before hurrying out of the room.

Mo Li took a sip of the milk, only to find that it tasted strangely bitter, just like the bowl of porridge earlier. “Could it be my tastebuds?” she wondered.

She did not want to drink the milk anymore and instead poured it into a pot of plant on the window ledge before placing the empty cup onto the table.

Mo Li then took a look at her child, who had just woken up. All smiles, she picked the child up and wrapped her in the blanket. She then stood by the window while carrying the child in her arms. The sky was still pouring.

Mo Li looked down at her child and gave her a peck on her face affectionately.

Not long after, the child fell asleep again, just like all newborns who spend all day eating and sleeping.

After placing the child back into the cot, Mo Li was suddenly reminded of An Xiaoning. There was no way Mo Li could have managed to survive if not for her help.

She decided to inform An Xiaoning that she had already given birth.

However, she discovered that An Xiaoning’s mobile number was no longer in use when she tried to call the latter.

Needless to say, she was not aware that An Xiaoning had already changed her mobile phone and number long ago.

After much thought, Mo Li decided to call Ye Xiaotian instead and asked him to find out An Xiaoning’s mobile number from Gu Beicheng.

She finally managed to get An Xiaoning’s mobile number after much hassle.

She was completely unaware of what An Xiaoning had just gone through lately, since only very few people knew about it.

An Xiaoning was resting in bed right after receiving a dose when she received Mo Li’s call.

Noticing that it was a call from an unfamiliar local number, An Xiaoning hesitated for a moment before picking up. She remained silent and waited for the caller to speak.

An Xiaoning finally let her guard down upon hearing Mo Li’s voice.

“Mo Li, we haven’t spoken to each other in ages.”

“Yeah, Xiaoning, where are you now?”

“I’m overseas now. How have you been lately?”

“Great. I returned to Xiaotian’s side. He decided to bring me home after finding out that I was still alive. The child is born. It’s a girl. We’ll be getting married once the child is one month old,” said Mo Li.

“Congratulations, it’s been hard on you. You’ve finally found your happiness. I’m really happy for you,” An Xiaoning congratulated her from the bottom of her heart.

“Thank you. Actually, you’re the person I’d like to thank the most. If it weren’t for your help, I wouldn’t be here today.”

An Xiaoning expressed assent and said, “It was nothing. Don’t mention it. I’m really glad that you’re getting married soon. But it’s a pity I won’t be able to attend your wedding. I’ll have to remain abroad for a long period of time.”

“It’s alright, no worries.”

“Mo Li, do you still detest him?” An Xiaoning asked slowly.

“After all that pain and suffering, there are still scars that time can never heal. After so many twists and turns, I’ve returned to square one and gotten back together with him again. I’ve loved him and hated him before. In fact, I don’t quite know what I’m feeling now, though I do wish I could go back in time and change some things. I just hope life will be good from now on.”

“That’s right. There’ll always be an end to suffering, no matter what. I hope you will have a blissful life from now onwards.”


A smile formed on Mo Li’s face as she ended the call.

One would truly grow only after many trials and tribulations in life, which will enlighten oneself. Only after experiencing suffering would one actually come to realize that growth is truly about learning to overcome ordeals and setbacks.

Happiness is bound to come soon after struggling through so much pain and suffering.

Although Mei Yangyang and Long Tianze had yet to hold a proper wedding, Long Tianze still abided by the traditional marriage customs.

He still proceeded with the proposal and betrothal gifts.

The betrothal gifts were selected according to the rules Mei Yangyang’s family was accustomed to. Long Tianze gave Mr. Mei a betrothal sum of 88 thousand dollars as well as other gifts.

On the day of the proposal, Mei Yangyang was moved to tears as Long Tianze handed her all his savings as well as all the property under his name. He also swore to treat her well for the rest of their lives.

Mei Yangyang responded by promising to bear him a few children and build a family of their own.

Long Tianze was over the moon. Ever since they had gotten married, they were head-over-heels in love with each other and were practically inseparable.

Long Tianze would return home every day after work. Today was no exception.

After getting off from work, he drove straight home.

He changed into his home slippers at the door before zooming towards the kitchen, only to be greeted with the sight of Mei Yangyang cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

He inched forward gleefully and picked Mei Yangyang up in his arms. “Hey, beautiful, I’m home.”

“Put me down, quick. We may begin eating once I’m done cooking this dish,” said Mei Yangyang, who was holding a spatula in hand.

Long Tianze did as she instructed and helped to carry the cooked dishes out of the kitchen.

Mei Yangyang removed her apron after completing the last dish and proceeded to bring it out. She then sat down opposite Long Tianze on the dining table.

“Before we dig in, I’d like to talk to you about something.”

Noticing the stern expression on her face, Long Tianze asked in surprise, “What’s the matter?”

“I’ve been keeping something from you, and I know that you’re also hiding something from me. After dinner, let’s come clean with each other, alright?” she said calmly while looking at him.

Long Tianze squinted and answered, “You know that I’m hiding something from you?”

“Yes. Nothing can escape my eyes. I know all about it, that’s why I’d like you to tell me about it yourself. I’ll then also tell you what I’m hiding from you.”