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“Why do we have to come clean? Wouldn’t it be better to just keep hiding it?” said Long Tianze.

Shaking her head, Mei Yangyang said, “I think I should do something about it, instead of sitting back and not doing anything at all.”

“Okay, let’s eat first then.” Long Tianze began digging in. Mei Yangyang would often have to vie with him for the food every time they ate together. Long Tianze would often say that it’s more appetizing that way.

They polished off all three dishes and half a bowl of rice each, after which they played a round of Scissors, Paper, Stone. Long Tianze lost the round and thus had to do the dishes.

Hugging her knees together, Mei Yangyang sat on the couch and recalled her conversation with An Xiaoning in the afternoon.

Although they were physically miles apart at the moment, she could sense that An Xiaoning would rather be lonely and stay in the hospital by herself than let Mei Yangyang leave Long Tianze to accompany her.

She understood the misery An Xiaoning felt deep down. Although the latter had been living each day to the fullest by enriching herself, it was still rather sad to be nursing a pregnancy alone overseas.

Thus, she decided to take things into her own hand and come clean with Long Tianze after giving the matter some thought.

“Let’s come clean,” Long Tianze said sternly as he sat down beside her after doing the dishes.

Mei Yangyang turned to face him and said, “Hubby, I hope you won’t lie to me. You should know what it is that I want you to be honest about.”

“Honey, give me a hint so I know what you’re referring to.”

“The matter about Sis Xiaoning,” Mei Yangyang blurted.

With raised brows, Long Tianze answered, “I guessed right. But, could you first tell me, what made you want to talk about this?”

“Because I saw her with my own eyes,” Mei Yangyang replied, giving his nose a pinch.

Her answer was rather ambiguous.

It could mean that she had seen Gu Xiaoning living opposite them, or she could also be referring to An Xiaoning, who was currently overseas. Long Tianze automatically assumed that it was the former.

“You saw it?” Long Tianze heaved a sigh of relief before continuing to speak, “Since you’ve already seen it, I shall be honest with you. That’s right, your sister is still alive. Jin Qingyan managed to resuscitate her.”

Mei Yangyang was momentarily speechless, disappointed that he did not tell her the truth.

“Why aren’t you talking?”

Pursing her lips, Mei Yangyang answered, “Nothing, I just feel like she’s different from before.”

“She’s suffering from amnesia. Couldn’t you tell?”


Mei Yangyang felt her blood begin to boil. He was an accomplice!

“Oh.” She managed to calm herself down and did not wish to speak further.

“You haven’t confessed to me yet. What is it that you’re hiding from me?”

“I don’t think you need to know anymore.” Mei Yangyang put on her slippers and headed upstairs straight away.

“Honey!” Long Tianze frantically chased after her, unsure why she suddenly got upset.

Just as Mei Yangyang sat down on the bed in the bedroom, Long Tianze pounced on her and pinned her down beneath him.

She could not move an inch at all.

“You’re crushing me!”

“Tell me quick, what is it that you’re keeping from me?”

“I’m not telling you. Long Tianze, why must I tell you the truth when you can’t even be honest with me?” Mei Yangyang retorted, clenching her jaw.

“I already told you, didn’t I?”

“But what you said wasn’t the truth.”

Mei Yangyang would have definitely told him the secret she was hiding if Long Tianze had chosen to admit his at this juncture. However, he still continued to deny vehemently, “It’s true. There’s nothing I can do if you don’t believe me.”

Mei Yangyang decided not to come clean in the end.

“I was just bluffing you. I’m not hiding anything from you.”

“Oh, I see. Well done, you little liar. Watch how I punish you!” Long Tianze said as he straddled her and began tackling her.


One hour later, Mei Yangyang began begging for his mercy.

“Hubby, please have mercy on me!”


Mei Yangyang continued to plead to him, but to no avail. At last, she decided to kick Long Tianze a few times. The initially high-spirited Long Tianze was subjected to physical abuse by his wife.

Mei Yangyang finished it off by beating him into a pulp.

At last, he had no choice but to succumb to his wife and give her a full-body massage.

Mei Yangyang laid in bed while Long Tianze kneeled down to give her a back rub and a feet massage. “Honey, on account that we’re lovers, may I stop here for tonight?”

“No, continue massaging me for half an hour.”

Thus, Long Tianze gathered all his energy and became her masseuse for the night.

Jin Qingyan tried to call Long Tianze a few times but could not reach him. Thus, Jin Qingyan decided to go look for Long Tianze personally.

As soon as he entered the living room, Jin Qingyan found that Long Tianze was nowhere in sight even though the latter’s mobile phone was sitting on the coffee table.

“Where’s Tianze?”

“He’s upstairs.”

“Got it.” Jin Qingyan made his way upstairs, only to overhear their conversation coming from the room as soon as he reached the second storey.

“Honey, how do you feel? Comfortable?”

“Go harder. Did you not eat or what?” Mei Yangyang complained.

“I’m already going very hard. Why are you still not satisfied? Forget it, I’m not doing it anymore.”

“Okay, okay, this is fine. Look how irascible you’re getting just because I chided you a little. Are you asking for a beating?”

“It’s so hard to please you.”

“Jerk, where are your hands going…”

Jin Qingyan was dumbfounded upon hearing their conversation from outside the door. Just as he was about to go downstairs, he bumped into the servant, who asked, “Mr. Jin, why aren’t you going in?”

The two of them quickly put on their clothes.

After getting dressed, Long Tianze opened the door and was immediately greeted with the sight of Jin Qingyan.

“When did you arrive?” Long Tianze asked.

Jin Qingyan burst into laughter and began mimicking Long Tianze, “I was here since ‘Honey, how do you feel? Comfortable?’”

“I embarrassed myself. What are you here for?” Long Tianze asked.

“You didn’t answer all my calls. I was wondering what happened. Turns out you were getting it on.”

“Haha, I was giving my wife a massage. Do you want one too?”

“No. I came to ask you if you wanted to join me for a gathering tonight.”

“Do I get to bring my wife?”

“It’s up to you.”

“Count me in then, I’m more than happy to have fun at night.”

“It’s settled then,” said Jin Qingyan as he proceeded to make his way downstairs.

“Are you leaving now?”

“Why? Do you want me to stay?”

“No, screw you.”

Long Tianze returned to the bedroom and said to Mei Yangyang, “Take a shower and change into a set of clothes. I’ll take you to have some fun tonight.”

“Who’s going to be there?”

“Qingyan didn’t tell me.”

“Okay then.” Mei Yangyang opened her closet and picked out a Qipao before asking him, “Shall I pair this with a cardigan?”

“Sure. But why does this cardigan look so familiar?”

Mei Yangyang smiled and said, “Sis Xiaoning gave it to me.”

“Oh, no wonder it looks so familiar,” Long Tianze said in epiphany.

“Sis used to wear this cardigan all the time. Now it’s my turn,” said Mei Yangyang as she walked towards the bathroom.

After taking a warm shower, she changed into the Qipao and put on some makeup and red lipstick. Mei Yangyang pulled her hair back into a ponytail and stood in front of the mirror to gaze at her fresh look, which was rather eye-catching.

“You’re so beautiful,” Long Tianze praised, gazing at her in awe.

“Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Long.”

They looked at each other and smiled. Long Tianze reached out to hold her hand and said, “Come, let’s go show them how stunningly gorgeous you are.”

Little did Long Tianze know, Mei Yangyang actually had an ulterior motive for dressing in that set of clothes. Both the Qipao and cardigan had been donned by An Xiaoning, as well as her hairdo for the night.