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The gathering was held in a large private room in Entertainment City.

By the time Mei Yangyang and Long Tianze arrived, everyone was already present in the room. To Long Tianze’s surprise, Jin Qingyue had also turned up.

He was momentarily stunned at the sight of Jin Qingyue, who had gotten way chubbier since the last time he saw her.

However, due to the fact that her features were attractive to begin with, Jin Qingyue did not become hideous despite having gained so much weight.

Jin Qingyue was initially reluctant to turn up, but Jin Qingyan insisted she come along for some fun, thinking that she needed an outlet to relieve her stress and just relax.

Mei Yangyang shifted her gaze to the spot beside Jin Qingyan where An Xiaoning’s clone was seated.

In fact, her outfit for the night had already caught Jin Qingyan’s attention.

It suddenly struck his mind that the woman he loved had once donned the outfit Mei Yangyang was dressed in.

“Let’s welcome Oppa Long and his newlywed wife as they make a stunning appearance!” Ling Ciye welcomed them warmly with an applause.

“His wife?” Jin Qingyue asked in astonishment.

Ling Ciye nodded with a sheepish grin and said, “Mhmm, they’ve been married for some time now.”

Jin Qingyue was rather disgruntled to hear the news. “Why isn’t there a wedding?”

“We don’t plan to hold one yet at the moment,” Long Tianze answered as he held Mei Yangyang’s hand and took a seat.

To Jin Qingyan’s surprise, Mei Yangyang had been appearing rather calm and composed since the moment she saw An Xiaoning.

Long Tianze gave her a nudge and said, “Isn’t that your sister? Go say hi to her. She’s lost her memory and doesn’t remember who you are.”

Mei Yangyang turned to face Long Tianze and chuckled sarcastically. In fact, it was already rather obvious from her actions that she was aware of the truth. Yet, Long Tianze failed to sense anything from her unusual behavior.

Mei Yangyang turned around and greeted Gu Xiaoning, “Do you still remember me?”

“This is Mei Yangyang, she used to be your sworn sister,” Jin Qingyan said gently.

Mei Yangyang felt an urge to punch Jin Qingyan at the instant that she heard his words. Since when was she sworn sisters with this imposter?

However, she managed to curb her anger.

Instead, she responded with a smile before grabbing the microphone and proceeding to the song selection station to pick a song. “Let me kick off the party with a song dedicated to you guys.”

“A round of applause please!” Long Tianze exclaimed, urging his friends to cheer for his wife.

The crowd broke into applause while Mei Yangyang selected an old song, “999 Roses.”

“The past has vanished like wind, infatuation is hard to understand, bidding you goodbye and drowning my sorrows in wine, your blurred figure continues to linger in the candle light. Your features can’t be seen and all I see is a photo of you standing alone…”

Mei Yangyang was extremely absorbed in the mood while crooning the song. Gazing at Long Tianze, she would sometimes smile at him and, at other times, she would appear extremely stern and solemn.

After the song ended, Mei Yangyang handed the microphone to Long Tianze and said, “Come, sing for us.”

Long Tianze accepted her offer and picked a song by Elva Hsiao: “Confession.”

Standing in front of Mei Yangyang with the microphone in hand, Long Tianze began to sing, “I’ve always been confident. Usually, I would never fear to speak my mind. Yet, when I’m around you, I just can’t help but feel shy. Why have I become like this? My body won’t listen to my mind, I’ve never felt this way before…”

Mei Yangyang burst into smiles upon hearing his cover of the song. Jin Qingyue, who was sitting not too far away, stared begrudgingly at the pair of lovebirds, who were gazing at each other affectionately. She could not help but feel awkward and ill at ease.

She felt awkward not because anyone had embarrassed her, but because she felt like she should not have turned up that night, especially since she had gotten so much chubbier.

Staring at Long Tianze, Jin Qingyue recalled the past and began to find herself extremely foolish for not ever realizing how brilliant Long Tianze was before. Yet, the very same man seemed extremely attractive to her now.

Unfortunately, she often gave him the cold shoulder while he was wooing her in the past. Now that he had already gotten married, she could not help but deeply regret her silly decisions.

It was just her luck to be so ill-fated.

Jin Qingyue stared blankly at a corner and thought to herself, Will I ever meet a good catch again in this life?

After Long Tianze’s song ended, he immediately exclaimed, “Let’s welcome Qingyan and his female company to have a dance!”

Jin Qingyan stood up amidst the constant cheering from his friends and held onto Gu Xiaoning’s hand. Noticing that she appeared rather nervous, he assured her comfortingly, “It’s alright, I’ll teach you.”

She was akin to a newborn who needed to be taught everything all over again.

Mei Yangyang whipped her phone out to see that she had an incoming call from “Beautiful Babe.”

“Who’s Beautiful Babe? Is she from overseas?” Long Tianze asked.

“Someone I know, obviously,” Mei Yangyang answered straight away.

She swiped to answer the call and placed the mobile phone beside her ear. “Hello.”

“I hear classical music in your background. Where are you?”

“I’m at Entertainment City. There’s a karaoke here, remember?”

“Oh, who’s there?” An Xiaoning asked.


Just as they were speaking, Ling Ciye cheered loudly, “Qingyan, kiss her!”

Feeling nervous and afraid that An Xiaoning had overheard Ling Ciye, Mei Yangyang quickly asked, “Have you eaten?”

“Yes. Is that woman there with him too?”

“Um, yeah.”

An Xiaoning fell silent all of a sudden.

“I feel like spilling the truth,” Mei Yangyang said frantically.

An Xiaoning knew what she meant and immediately stopped her, “You mustn’t do that, this is not what I want. I would rather not have such a superficial relationship, lest it becomes a burden to me. I’m trying to cleanse my soul now. To me, he’s becoming more and more distant. Yangyang, we will definitely meet again one day. I’m very certain of that. I don’t wish to seem like a loser when I see him again. I’m going to get some rest. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Mei Yangyang said over the phone.

She proceeded to end the call.

Her heart sank after the conversation. Noticing that she seemed to be upset, Long Tianze asked, “Who was the person who called? What did you guys talk about?”

Mei Yangyang shook her head and stared at the couple dancing in front of her. “Nothing much.”

“Just who was that person?”

“A friend of mine.”

“Which friend? Why am I not aware that you have such a close friend?”

“A childhood friend who had gone to live abroad,” Mei Yangyang said, brushing him off with a lame excuse.

“Oh, I see,” said Long Tianze, who took her word for it.

With a nod, Mei Yangyang continued, “She’s pregnant now. I said I wanted to be the Godmother of her child, which means you’ll be the Godfather.”

“You acknowledged a godchild without asking for my opinion?” asked a dumbfounded Long Tianze.

“So what if I did? We’re very close friends, even closer than family. I don’t need to seek your approval before deciding. If you don’t wish to be the godfather, so be it. I’m definitely going to become the Godmother, anyway,” Mei Yangyang said in all seriousness.

“I didn’t say I don’t want to. I just think it’s too abrupt to become her child’s godfather out of the blue when I don’t even know her personally.”

“You’ll get used to it. Do you understand how it feels to be unable to speak your mind?” Mei Yangyang lamented while leaning her head on his shoulder.

“Just speak whatever’s on your mind. Why aren’t you allowed to do so? Is someone forcing you to keep mum?”

“Idiot.” Mei Yangyang let out a humph and did not say anything else.