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Jin Qingyue decided to leave early before the gathering even ended. Throughout the night, she did not sing a single song.

She returned home to her empty bedroom.

Shi Shaochuan had been brazenly staying out every night ever since the conflict they had previously.

Jin Qingyue laid in bed wide awake and unable to fall asleep.

She could not wrap her head around why almost every woman around her was able to grasp their true happiness, yet she had to suffer such a terrible fate.

She began to compare Mei Yangyang’s svelte figure to her current plump and rotund self. Her figure had become so hideous within just a little over a year.

Women ought to love themselves before they earn the love of others.

Fortunately, her disastrous marriage was going to come to an end very soon.

Things would be great then.

She was so close to starting her life anew.

Jin Qingyue began to feel at ease after reassuring herself with happy thoughts and soon managed to slip into a peaceful slumber for the rest of the night.

It lasted ’til the next morning, where she was jolted awake by the sounds of Shi Shaochuan returning home to get a change of clothes.

“It’s already past seven yet you’re still sleeping. Are you a pig?”

“That’s none of your business. I’ll sleep however long I want,” Jin Qingyue retorted.

“I’m just showing you concern as your husband. You’re already so fat and you still sleep so much. You’d better watch out for a sudden death.”

“Hah… don’t worry, you’ll die before I do,” Jin Qingyue gibed while putting on her clothes in an unhurried manner.

Just as Shi Shaochuan got dressed, the butler began knocking on the door frantically. “Young Sir, something has happened.”

“Come in,” Shi Shaochuan yelled.

The butler quickly entered and said, “The officers from the Property Tax Authority are here. They’re asking to see you.”

“They’re looking for me?” Shi Shaochuan shot Jin Qingyue a glance before making his way downstairs.

Jin Qingyue was filled with joy and quickly got out of bed to follow him downstairs.

“We received a report about you, Shi Shaochuan. After some investigation, we’ve collected sufficient evidence from your company records to charge you with tax evasion. The total tax revenue amounted to more than 10 million dollars. We’re now going to bring you back for further investigation.”

“Who was the one who reported it?” asked a flustered Shi Shaochuan.

“We can’t tell you that. Take him away.”

Shi Shaochuan was thus arrested. Jin Qingyue watched him being taken away before turning around to go upstairs.

She opened her closet and began packing her clothes into her luggage furiously without breaks.

After packing all her belongings, she made her way downstairs.

“Young Madam, I heard that Young Sir is undergoing investigations because he had been reported by someone. Young Madam, you must save Young Sir this time,” the butler said worriedly.

“I’ll do my best to save him,” Jin Qingyue answered smilingly.

She began walking towards the entrance, keeping her eyes fixed on the road ahead.

After exiting the gate, she looked up into the sky, grinning from ear to ear.

Meanwhile, Jin Qingyan had begun taking action just as Shi Shaochuan had gotten arrested. The board of directors and shareholders of Shi Shaochuan’s company had all heard of the latest news. Due to the presence of gaps and omissions in the company accounts, the company was currently facing a crisis. The Jin Corporation is offering a high price to acquire the company. The board of directors called for a meeting and came to a consensus to sign the buy-over agreement within just two days of confirming that Shi Shaochuan had been charged guilty for tax evasion.

Jin Qingyan had also instructed for the news to be leaked to Shi Shaochuan, informing him that the directors and shareholders had all cast a unanimous vote to strip him of his leadership position in the company.

Upon hearing that the Jin Corporation had acquired his company, Shi Shaochuan knew right away who it was that reported him.

There was no use being angry at this point.

Jin Qingyue filed for a divorce and produced the evidence of Shi Shaochuan committing adultery repeatedly. She requested for full custody of the child as well as for the majority of the marital assets.

Shi Shaochuan only realized after hearing about her filing for a divorce that she had planned all of this from the start.

He understood that Jin Qingyue had lost all feelings for him and wanted him to end up with nothing.

He tried to contact Jin Qingyue through his lawyer to no avail.

That goes without saying. It was impossible that Jin Qingyue would want to visit him at this point, let alone answer his calls.

She signed up for a weight-loss program and set her mind to regaining her prenatal figure.

She managed to lose seven pounds within just three days of starting the slimming program, which came at a hefty price tag.

She sat in a cafe, appearing more radiant and healthier than before.

Opposite her was the woman Shi Shaochuan had an affair with, Liu Xiaomi.

“Do you know what plight Shi Shaochuan is in now?”

Shaking her head, Liu Xiaomi answered, “No, I don’t think I need to know either.”

“I’ve always known of your existence. I didn’t look you up earlier simply because I thought it’d be easier for me to gather evidence of his adulterous acts that way. I’ve already filed for a divorce in court, and he’s currently locked up for tax evasion. Due to the fact that the revenue evaded is a rather large sum, he’s probably going to be sentenced to a few years in jail. I came to look for you to tell you something,” Jin Qingyue said slowly.

“What is it?” Liu Xiaomi asked.

“You’re very young, and you’re still a university student. There are plenty of guys in college whom you can get to be your boyfriend. Yet, you chose to be a homewrecker. Although you may not admit that you’re one, you’ve actually become so. You’re not after money or status, you just want to be with him. I don’t know if your brains are fried or what, but I’d like to tell you, you’re such a silly girl. Do you know what happened to his previous lover? She’s dead now, though I wasn’t the one who killed her, obviously. So, I just came to tell you this, if you don’t respect yourself, you’ll be the one regretting and suffering in the end,” Jin Qingyue said with a smirk.

Staring at her, Liu Xiaomi nodded and conceded, “I understand.”

“You’re so young and beautiful. Why do you have to reduce yourself to living like this? Life is short, you ought to make the best out of it and live an exciting life. Otherwise, you’re only going to realize when you’re older that you’ve achieved nothing in the end and wasted your time and youth.” Jin Qingyue stood up and continued, “It’s up to you to decide if you want to take my advice or not. I just felt the need to give you a piece of my mind. Goodbye.”

“Wait a minute, Ms. Jin.”

Jin Qingyue stopped in her tracks and turned around to look at her.

Liu Xiaomi stood up to stare at her before saying, “I’m going to take your advice and stop contacting him from here on. But, I’d also like to tell you something. A man can only hurt a woman if she loves him way too much, to the point that she’s become too soft-hearted and would forgive him easily just after hearing his sweet nothings. So, a man can’t hurt you unless you ask for it yourself.”

“You’re right, a woman should live for herself instead of allowing herself to be objectified by a man and to become his accessory,” said Jin Qingyue.

Jin Qingyue then grabbed her purse and left. Upon getting into her car, she began to recall her actions in the past and felt an urge to go back in time to slap some sense into her own head for being so foolish back then.

“Ms. Mo, here’s some milk for you,” said the servant, serving her a glass of milk on a tray.

“Okay. What’s your name?” Mo Li asked as she grabbed the cup of milk.

“My name is Tao Zi.”

“Alright, you’re dismissed.”

Just as Tao Zi left, Ye Xiaotian entered with another glass of milk. “I’ve decided not to go to work today.”


“I want to stay at home to accompany you.”

Mo Li lowered her head to take a sip of the milk, only to discover that it was still as bitter as before. She reached out to grab his glass and said, “Let me have a sip of yours.”

“Why? Does mine taste better?” Ye Xiaotian asked, handing her the glass.

Mo Li took a sip of his glass of milk and found that it tasted normal, unlike hers. “Yes,” she answered smilingly.