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All eyes were on Tao Zi as she dropped to the ground on her knees immediately. “Please spare my life, Young Sir. I was wrong.”

Everyone stared at her in extreme shock and disbelief. “How dare you poison Ms. Mo!?! Who was the one who put you to it?” the butler questioned.

“No one did. It was just a moment of folly. Please spare me, Ms. Mo!”

Glaring at her from above, Ye Xiaotian questioned further, “If no one instigated you, then let me ask you, why did you contact Weiwei so many times? You’re just a servant who’s not her friend or related to her in any way. Why do you have to call each other so often?”

Tao Zi was momentarily at a loss for words. After several seconds of silence, she raised her head slowly and answered, “Sis Weiwei and I are friends. We’re just contacting each other like normal friends do.”

“Looks like you don’t plan to tell the truth, do you? You actually still have the guts to beg me to let you off. Someone, send her to Mount Heyuan!” Ye Xiaotian sneered.

The butler quickly berated, “Quick, spit the truth!”

Unsure of what awaited her on Mount Heyuan, Tao Zi insisted on remaining tight-lipped and answered, “No one instigated me, I did it all out of my own accord. I was jealous of Ms. Mo for being adored by Young Sir, whom I fancy very much.”

Putting his hands behind his back, Ye Xiaotian walked towards her slowly and warned, “Mount Heyuan is where I breed my snakes. When I dump you there, I reckon the snakes would definitely enjoy feasting on you. Well, you’re young, after all, your flesh must be tender.”

Everyone else stood rooted to the ground in shock. Pangs of panic engulfed Tao Zi as she turned pale as a sheet.

“Bring her away,” Ye Xiaotian instructed.

“Young Sir, I’ll speak up, I’ll tell the truth!” Tao Zi exclaimed while struggling to break free, clearly scared soulless. “It was Sis Weiwei who put me to it. She threatened to tell you that I stole from her and send me to prison if I don’t do what she says. Young Sir, please spare me,” she confessed.

“You’re so silly. You should’ve come to tell me when she first threatened you. After I find out the truth, not only would I spare you from punishment, I’d even reward you. But it’s a shame you chose the wrong path. No matter who instigated you to do this, you still did it in the end. Thus, I can’t let you off easily for sure. Send her to the police station,” said Ye Xiaotian.

The butler gestured to the bodyguards and ordered, “Bring her away.”

“Young Sir!” Tao Zi cried as she was dragged away forcefully while the rest remained standing in silence, not daring to utter a single word.

Staring at the crowd before him, Ye Xiaotian warned, “You’ve all seen what happened to her in the end. Just perform your job well and do what you’re supposed to. There are surveillance cameras everywhere in this house. Don’t think you can get away with committing any sordid acts. Don’t be a smart aleck, for your ingenuity might just be the cause of your own downfall. Okay, that’s all for today. Go back to what you’re supposed to do.”

“Yes, Young Sir,” the servants chorused.

“Young Sir, do we call Ms. Sun to come here?” asked the butler.

“No need for that. Relay my instruction to the rest. No one is allowed to let her enter this house in the future, hear me?”


“You may take your leave too.” Ye Xiaotian held Mo Li’s hand and headed upstairs.

When they returned to the bedroom, Mo Li remained silent while Ye Xiaotian said, “Do you think I would let her off just like that?”

“Yes, I do think so,” Mo Li answered in admittance.

Keeping his eyes fixed on her, Ye Xiaotian said, “No, I won’t. I was the one who gave her fame and success. Since I have the ability to do that, I naturally have the power to destroy her too. I must make her pay for doing something so outrageous to you.”

Mo Li felt her heart skip a beat. At this very moment, she felt extremely flattered – she did not expect him to stand up for her.

“What do you plan to do?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. In all, I won’t deal with her with the same method she used to harm you. But, I’ll make her realize that you’re not to be messed with,” said Ye Xiaotian, holding her in his arms.

“Okay,” Mo Li agreed with a nod.

Little did she expect that Ye Xiaotian would be prompt at taking action.

The next day, news of Sun Weiwei being a drug addict were splashed across all media platforms such as Weibo, online news portals, newspapers, as well as all major tabloids and magazines. She was also exposed to be involved in sexual relationships with her superiors, and photos of her scandalous affairs were all leaked.

All sorts of insider gossip and dirt on Sun Weiwei’s scandals quickly spread like wildfire.

Meanwhile, Sun Weiwei was completely thrown off guard by the sudden exposé. Her management agency frantically began to pull their public relations and offered to bribe the person who leaked the news with a large sum of money in an attempt to get him to retract the news and apologize, but to no avail. Their efforts were futile.

The matter was soon blown out of proportion and became the greatest scandal of the year.

On the same day, Sun Weiwei’s works were stopped from broadcasting. The variety programs that she took part in filming for were all temporarily cancelled, and sales of her new album took a tremendous plunge. In addition, all the commercials she starred in were terminated by the advertisers and sponsors.

In other words, Sun Weiwei’s entertainment career took an unexpected turn for the worse and was thrown into jeopardy within just a single day.

Yet, she still could not figure out who the culprit behind the leak was!

Realizing that matters were getting way out of hand, Sun Weiwei decided to call Ye Xiaotian for help.

Ye Xiaotian answered her call.

“Brother Xiaotian, have you seen the news? Please hurry and save me.”

Without beating around the bush, Ye Xiaotian said bluntly, “Sun Weiwei, I’ve brought all of these upon you. This is the price you have to pay for trying to poison Mo Li. I won’t let you die, but I’ll make your life a living hell.”

He then hung up on Sun Weiwei, who was utterly dumbstruck.

She hurriedly tried to call Tao Zi, but the latter did not answer.

Sun Weiwei sprawled onto the ground in distress, feeling as if her world had come crashing down on her.

“Sis Weiwei… what did Mr. Ye say?”

“He found out about the plan I hatched to harm Mo Li. So…” Sun Weiwei answered feebly, unable to recover from the shock.

“So Mr. Ye was the one behind this,” said the assistant, who immediately understood the situation.

“That’s right. I’m at the end of my rope, there’s no way out for me now.”

Unsure how she should comfort her, the assistant said, “Given Mr. Ye’s character, he definitely won’t let you off. Sis Weiwei, what are you supposed to do now?”

Sun Weiwei’s initial fury grew into an uncontrollable rage upon hearing her assistant’s words, which were like fuel added to fire. Trembling uncontrollably in anger, Sun Weiwei immediately gave her assistant a tight slap across her face. “Could you stop reminding me of it so intentionally!?!” she snapped.

The assistant clutched her face and stared at Sun Weiwei before giving her a slap back. Sun Weiwei was dumbfounded.

In the past, her assistant would never have had the audacity to slap her.

However, not only did she now have the guts to, but she also even vented all her pent-up frustration that was caused by Sun Weiwei and proceeded to slap the latter a few more times.

“How dare you hit me? Take a good look at the sorry state you’re in now. Sun Weiwei, you’ve brought all of these upon yourself. If you dare order me around again, I’ll expose you to Mr. Ye and tell him about how you poisoned Bai Ranran to death. If he finds out about that, I suppose he will punish you in an even more severe manner than just ruining your career.”

“Are you getting too brazen and biting the hand that feeds you!?!” Sun Weiwei hollered, her ears still ringing from the impact of the slap.

“So what if I am? If you dare treat me the way you used to in the past, I can’t promise I won’t spill all the secrets I know about you to the public,” the assistant sneered.

Sun Weiwei was exasperated beyond words. She was on the verge of becoming deranged and hysterical from the multiple blows she suffered in one go.