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Lowering his voice, Long Tianze said, ”When I heard the child’s name initially, the first thing that came to mind was ‘friendship’ followed by ‘feelings’. I also thought of two other words.”

“What is it?”

“You Qing, the ‘Qing’ in Qingyan’s name. I just felt like the child’s name was strongly related to Qingyan. It feels like he was born out of love between her and Qingyan.”

“She named the child ‘Youqing’ based on her definition. Whatever you just said is purely coincidental,” said Mei Yangyang, who did not think of that.

Long Tianze chuckled and said, “She knows best if it’s purely coincidental or not. I must tease Qingyan about this someday. It’s definitely going to be interesting.”

“Have you got nothing better to do? Go to bed. I’m returning to the bedroom too,” said Mei Yangyang, poking his forehead with her finger.

“Now that you sisters have reunited, I’m going to be alone in this empty room. Hais…”

Mei Yangyang returned to her bedroom in high spirits. An Xiaoning was lying in bed and browsing through Mei Yangyang and Long Tianze’s wedding photos.

“You guys took so many photos. They look great.”

“We took this a while ago. See, the kids are in the photos too,” Mei Yangyang explained as she sat down beside her after removing her slippers.

“They look really nice. Yangyang, let me try on my bridesmaid dress.”

“It’s in my closet. I’ll bring it here.” Mei Yangyang hurriedly scurried to the dressing room to bring her the bridesmaid dress.

“It looks amazing, I knew I could trust your taste,” An Xiaoning exclaimed in awe and approval of the dress.

“Sis, Tianze told me just now that he thinks there’s another meaning behind the name you gave your son.”

An Xiaoning looked up at her and said, “It is exactly like what I explained.”

“No, he said that you meant something totally different. He even said you chose that name because of Qingyan and that the ‘Qing’ in Youqing’s name is the same ‘Qing’ in ‘Qingyan’.”

An Xiaoning smiled in amusement and said, “He’s reading too much into things. Those things didn’t cross my mind when I was thinking of a name. I only realized it… much later. But I didn’t bother changing it.”

“Oh, I see. Sis, you’re the bridesmaid for my wedding tomorrow. You’ll definitely bump into him there. If you show up at the same time as Gu Xiaoning, I reckon there’s going to be a lot of confusion and an uproar. By then…”

“I knew this day would come long ago. I’ve prepared myself for it. Don’t worry.”

An Xiaoning changed into her bridesmaid dress and stood before the mirror to look at herself. The dress fit her perfectly.

She changed out of the dress and laid down beside Mei Yangyang before saying, “I’m the real An Xiaoning. What’s there to be afraid of?”

Hugging her arm, Mei Yangyang said, “That’s true. I’m just afraid tongues would wag once the matter spreads around.”

“I can tell you’re more worried than I am.” An Xiaoning gave her a pat on her hand and said reassuringly, “It’s alright, we’ve shut down the clothing store anyway. Besides, didn’t I tell you to block the secret passageway to my house in Dongpo Road and sell the house? So, I’ll just bring Youqing back to the Gu family mansion after the wedding tomorrow. We’ll live there from now onwards.”

“Sis, are you not going to buy a house?”

“Nah, I’m not going to anymore. It’s better to live in my maiden home with the rest of my family. Youqing won’t be lonely that way, either.”

“Speaking of that… Xiaoxi seems to fancy Youqing a lot. She keeps asking to sleep together with him.”

“Don’t mind that. I don’t mind the two children sleeping together either,” An Xiaoning teased.

“Of course I won’t. They’re going to be childhood playmates, so they have to build their friendship since young. Perhaps it can blossom into something more special when they’re older.”

“Are you suggesting that we become in-laws?”

“Sis, don’t you want that?”

“Of course… I do! Xiaoxi is pretty and adorable. Youqing will definitely fancy her.”

“Hahaha, look how far ahead of ourselves we’ve gotten.”


At this moment, while carrying her teddy bear in her arms, Long Xiaoxi pushed open the door of the room An Youqing was staying in.

An Youqing, who was seated on the bed, quickly got down at the sight of Long Xiaoxi entering. A smile formed on his face as he greeted her smilingly, “Sis Xiaoxi.”

Long Xiaoxi stepped forward and said in her baby voice, “Brother Youqing, I want to sleep with you.”

An Youqing was at a slight loss for words. Staring at her chubby cheeks full of baby fats, he answered, “Your mother will be angry when she finds out.”

“She won’t, she won’t. I’ve already asked Mommy, she said I could sleep with you.”

“Come with me then.”

Long Xiaoxi followed An Youqing, who was a year and a half older and a head taller than her.

Due to her petite stature, she could not climb up the bed no matter how many times she tried. Just as she was trying to make a final attempt, An Youqing hugged her from behind and lifted her onto the bed.

It was clearly an easy feat for him, since he did it so effortlessly without even letting out a single pant.

Gazing at An Youqing while seated on the bed, Long Xiaoxi praised him, “You’re nicer to me than my own brother. He doesn’t carry me at all and we even fight sometimes. He bullies me all the time and never gives in to me.”

An Youqing removed her slippers for her and said, “I’m your brother too. Your parents are my parents and my mommy is your mommy. We’re family. You’re younger than me so you’re my little sister. I won’t bully you.”

“Little sister? I’m already in lower kindergarten. Everyone in class has to call me Big Sister regardless of whether they’re older or younger than I am,” Long Xiaoxi said with pouted lips.

“Are you the leader of your class?” An Youqing asked in surprise.

“Yes! So stop calling me Little Sister from now on.”

“What do I call you then? Do I have to call you Big Sister too?”

“No… you may just call me by my name.”

Just as Long Xiaoxi was about to remove her clothes, An Youqing quickly stopped her, “Don’t take off your clothes, just keep them on to sleep.”


For the rest of the night, An Youqing was constantly disturbed by Long Xiaoxi, who kept clinging on to him and wrapping her arms and legs around him like a koala.

She kept talking to him non-stop.

For example, “Brother Youqing, you smell so nice. Are you wearing any perfume?”

“No, Mommy said children are not allowed to use perfume.”

“My mommy doesn’t allow me to either. But, I often sneak inside her bedroom to spray some on myself. Take a sniff of my scent, do I smell nice?”


Another instance would be “Brother Youqing, you look so much like my Uncle.”

“Who’s your uncle?”

“The one who lives right opposite me. His name is Jin Qingyan.”

“Does he have a nickname?” An Youqing asked.

“Yes, Daddy often calls him a fool.”

“Oh yes, your daddy is right.”

“Right? I think so too.”


An Youqing did not sleep well that night.

He still could not fall asleep even when Long Xiaoxi was already fast asleep beside him.

He had used the word “Daddy” countless times before, though he had never once addressed his biological father with that term.

He could not get used to the fact that he was about to meet his biological father very soon.

It was his first time meeting his father in the flesh, though he had seen photos of him online in the past.